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The Sex in Shanghai is gentle and colorful as well as the nightlife in this city, At night, the whole spectacle is lit up in the best Chinese fashion, with neon everywhere and night markets spilling off onto the side streets. Most Sex activity in Shanghai are not legal, there are many visible public venues for sex workers in this city, especially for tourists, you can see many massage parlors and the so-called night clubs” where you can find the special sex service. Those independent escort girls or massage girls also advertise for sex service through the Internet and local classifieds. So during your trip in Shanghai, you may find that there are many different kinds of Sex you can get through the different way.


The Following I will introduce some ways to get the sex in Shanghai, it can efficiently include two main aspects, the free sex and the paid sex.

Find Sex Through the One Night Stand in Shanghai (Free Sex)

A one-night stand is a single sexual encounter with another person which could happens at any places regardless of any expectation of further relations. a one-night stand mean you do not known each other and just have minimal time to get acquainted before engaging in sexual activity. Shanghai is a great place for producing the one night stand and it has become a home to thousands of foreigners for meeting honest and caring women, since its economical success has attracted millions of young girls from around China. So it id really a nice opportunity to pick up some Girls in Those Night Clubs When You are in Shanghai such as the  BarBarossa, Guandii, Game*Bling and so on, in these nightclub, most of those girl just would like to have a One Night Stand, but some are not, you may also need to pay much money for them, so just let yourself go and live the craziest night of your life.


Looking for Sex in Some Massage Parlors, Sauna Centers

In Shanghai, you can see that Body to Body, BJ, or even BBBJ quite readily in most sauna/massage places, there are many massage parlor or sauna place can provide the happy ending service or FS, These places usually have unbelievable facilities (as in luxury)


One of the most popular Sauna and Shanghai Massage Parlor is called Xin Yu Ping Hot Spring Clubhouse(新玉屏休闲会所). It is a typical Shanghai Massage Parlor Sauna. This massage parlor is famous for a huge fishbowl area with two large windows and at least around 25 to 35 massage technicians behind the glass. In this place, you can enjoy some special services (include sex service) there.


Find Some Independent Escort Girls or Massage Girls in Shanghai for Sex Service  

The sex in Shanghai is flourishing. It is relatively easy to avoid ladies of the night if you know what to look for but in some, the sex tends to be the case everywhere in shanghai though; there are red light districts with various rackets aimed at white tourists/transients, and then there will be red light districts elsewhere for locals. In general you can find some escort girls or massage girls who can provide the sex service in some small street or small or locally-run hotels in Shanghai.


Now in Shanghai, the people will search the internet for some adult service such as escort service or erotic massage service from those independent escorts/massage girl or agencies , you may find that there are more and more genuine websites that provide adult services classifieds on the Internet to help the people especially the men to find the suitable escort girls or massage girls who can provide the sex service.


Some Protective Measures For Sex in Shanghai

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With some areas experiencing increases in diseases like HIV and syphilis, today’s sex service have added more risks, so, you should pay attention to the protective measure for sex. The unprotected sex can yield fatal results for both men and women, so in general, there are two protective measures for the men and women, for men, the condoms is really very important for them, the Common brands of the condoms are Durex (56mm), Big Boy (56-58mm), Okamoto (72mm), and Sagami (60mm), For women, the birth control pills (避孕药, biyun yao) are available over the counter without a prescription and only four brands–Marvelon, Yasmin, Diane and Minulet are available, The morning-after pill (事后避孕药, shihou biyun yao) is also available over the counter, the most common brand is Yu Ting, so just don’t ruin a perfectly good night. Be safe and get tested regularly, especially if you’re in the habit of having sex with strangers.


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