Massage Escort Scam in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, also a city where large amount of expats live. As a foreigner living in Guangzhou, it is necessary to be careful with the various kinds of scams, like nightclub/KTV scam, tea ceremony scam, English learning scam and massage escort scams etc. Hence, the aim of this article is to help everyone learn more about the massage escort scams when you are seeking for massage escorts in Guangzhou. 

Massage Escort Scam Advertisements

imagesInternet is a great source of finding massage services, so it provides a good approach to criminals to release massage escort scam advertisements on it. Here is an example that shows how the scam proceeds.


Mr. Ma is 28 years old and needs to fly to many cities for business each month. Once, he came to Guangzhou and needed a massage escort, so he searched on the Internet. An massage ad with sexy girls’ picture attracted him.

下载 (1)He called the phone number and made an agreement on 300 RMB for massage with the massage agency. The agency asked him to pay 200 RMB in advance on the Internet. After Mr. Ma  remitted the money to the agency, he was told to pay extra 3000 RMB as the security fee of the massage girl and the money would be returned after the service. Ma did what the agency said without any doubt. However, after several hours passed, the massage escort stilled did not show up, so he called again but was told to pay more 5000 rmb for equipment. Till then, Ma realized he was in a massage escort scam.

From this example, it is not difficult to find the criminals used many excuses to ask victims to pay in advance. Hence, when you are required to pay ahead on the Internet, there is a high possibility that it’s a scam.

Outcall Scam of Massage Escort

When you are seeking for an outcall massage escort, you need to pay attention to the following several points.

1. Real pictures

Nancy6379@hotmail.com_You may find, many outcall massage escort ads use “real pics” to attract guests, but most of these massage escorts are Japanese AV, some are famous Chinese stars, and the others are pictures taken from the internet.


2. Independent Massage Escort

19380Generally speaking, a large amount of “independent” escorts in Guangzhou belong to some agencies. When you call the phone numbers, a girl speaking good English and has nice voice would pick up your phone. However, when you see the girl, you may find she could not speak any English.

3. Cheap price for full service massage

下载In many massage escort scams, the price for full service massage is quite cheap. However, when the service is over, the massage escort usually would call to her agency and tell you the former price you agreed on is wrong. You will be required to pay more. What’s more, some massage escort even do not provide massage service during the whole session.

Suggestion: You’d better ask directly for the kind of girl you want and make sure of the price/service/time you will get to avoid any problems.

Website Offering Massage Escort in Guangzhou

To avoid massage escort scams, you can check the reviews of those massage escorts in Guangzhou. Some escort reviews will be introduced here for reference.

1. Guangzhou Escort Find

2. The Erotic Review

3.  Massage Republic

Remember to read the reviews to check how their services are before you call them. Finally, we hope you can have a good experience with your massage escort.

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