Massage Scams in Shanghai

shanghai massage scam2In Shanghai, like most of big Chinese cities, foreigners are ideal targets for some few scams. They are all very common and very effective. The foreigners must be careful to them, It mainly take place in touristic places such as Nanjing road, the Bund, Xintiandi, Huaihai road or some other strange streets. In general, Chinese people would not come up to you in the street if it is not for money. Then, watch out for attractive strangers with promises of drinks deals or massage deals at authentic places it usually result in big bills. Scams rarely get violent. But sometimes, the police will not handle such cases because they are frequently happened in Shanghai. The following scam example I would like to say is the most common scam -Massage Scams. They are really often happened in Shanghai this modern city.

In general, the basic massage scam story is: some friendly people take you somewhere, you have some drinks or a massage and when you want to leave they present you the bill which is way too high. They intimidate you until you pay.


shanghai massage scamI was walking alone in the Nanjing road in Shanghai. Its around 20:30. On the way back to hotel, in that time at least 4 peoples tell me about massage. And in the front of the big mall, around 3 ladies ask me about massage again. I was don’t care also, A nice cute girl approached me and offered massage for 100 rmb. but one of them can speak English and she say it is safe for getting a massage in Shanghai, only 200RMB. I was thinking for foot massage. She took a cab and we went to the place. Once we are in, she left and I sat in a small room and a girl came and the massage was over in a few minutes. Then she took the money and at this point 3 guys entered the room and they would not let me out and they beat me and thretened me to pay about 20000 rmb for the bill. Then they took my wallet and it was a horrible situation. I was there in a very bad situation and paid them 9000 rmb and came out. I could not fight with them as it was they blocked all exits and i was trapped in their place. I don’t know what can I do for this moment, I scare to go out from hotel. I want go out from Shanghai and going back to my Country.


Actually, the best thing you would do is just avoid going to such places when you are visiting in Shanghai. Shanghai is quite safe city, but such kind of elements are everywhere. There are also a lot of reputable massage places in Shanghai where the price is affordable and the service is nice. So it would be better if you yourself play it safe. If you really want to go for a professional massage. you can ask your friends which place is good. Why did you listen to someone you met on the way?

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