Most Famous KTVs in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, this city is always very busy and the people who in city are also busy. At night this city is still busy, but not as busy as the day time. Under the quiet and bright moon, the bustling phenomenon still lasts till deep night. In Guangzhou, people like KTV very much and they take this activity as one way of entertaining their guests or friends. Once you are invited to go to KTV, you should go there happily. In general, when you friends say: “Let’s go to KTV,” when they say this, it means that they are really very happy at that time, actually, the KTV is made of several private rooms and only with several people who are in good relationships, so you do not worry about that you will sing in a huge crowed. There are many famous KTV in Guangzhou, especially in some commercial streets. The following are some famous KTV in Guangzhou for your reference.


1. Music Box (堂会)

Music Box_副本Music Box has quickly become popular for its above-average audio quality, flashy ambience, up-to-date song selection and reasonable prices in Guangzhou. Compared to its Qiyi Lu Branch, the Tianhe branch boasts somewhat better décor and larger rooms.

Add: 1-3/F, Tianhe Hui Plaza, 160, Tianhe Zhi Jie, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Tel: 020-8333 3999

2. Chao Ge KTV(朝歌)

chaoge_副本Chao Ge is known as one of Guangzhou’s ‘upscale’ KTVs, with two floors of action, 60 singing rooms and a lot of high quality audio equipment. Many of the larger rooms also contain small drinking lounges. Chao Ge offers an above-average buffet, priced at 18rmb per person.

Address: Dongxing Building, 488 Huanshi Donglu, Dongshan District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020 8383 8383  

3. Top KTV (星派对)

TOP_副本Top KTV is a traditional favorite KTV place with the locals, it is known for its affordability (especially after hours), respectable sound quality and convenient transportation. However, many of its rooms are a bit crowed.

Add: Junhui Building, Tiyu Xi Rd, in Guangzhou

Tel: 020-3889 1968

4. Golden Times(金色年华)

golden time_副本In Golden Times KTV, you can see Golden revolving chandelier balls add sparkle to your golden times as you chant those KTV golden oldies in the refined lounge, or your own room from RMB 680. The daily time is from 8pm-2am.

Address: Jin Yi Bldg, No. 248 Hengfu Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Yuexiu District

Tel: 020-83580600

5. Party World(钱柜)

Party World钱柜_副本Party World is an above-average favorite with the locals. With two locations, one in Guangzhou’s Tianhe CBD and one in Ouzhuang, Party World provides a massive song bank, good audio quality and a reasonably-priced buffet, not to mention a large selection of grandly decorated VIP rooms, many of which can hold over 70 guests.

Add: SinoPec Building, 191 Tiyu Xi Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-3761 9999

6. Gold Mine(金矿)

Jin Kuang (Gold Mine)金矿_副本Jin Kuang definitely has its own character. Usually, a KTV is like a labyrinth with low ceilings and narrow passageways, but this has been totally ignored by Jin Kuang. There, the environment is simple and cozy, with an unfussy decorative style. Rooms generally contain a sofa, a TV set with a cabinet and two large tables, as well as some greenery. In addition, large projection screens have been installed in more than fifty of its rooms. Jin Kuang rooms are divided into five types, including big, medium, small, party and VIP.

Add.: 4/F, 308, Dongxiao Lu (opposite to the entrance of Xiaogang Park), Haizhu District

Tel.: 3429 8388

7. Ge Ge KTV(歌哥)

gege_副本Have you ever seen people line up for ridiculous amounts of time to book KTV rooms? If not, go check out Ge Ge. This 4-floor KTV with more than 50 rooms is bumping all day long. The prices in this KTV is cheaper than any other famous in Guangzhou such as Jinkuang KTV.

Address: 324 Changdi Damalu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020 8132 4030


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