Nightlife Guidance of Haizhu District

With the opening of the 114th “Canton Fair” held from Oct.15 to Nov. 4 2013 , a large group of businessmen will gather in Haizhu District to attend this great event during the daytime. When the night curtain falls, they may have no idea of their nightlife. There is a brief nightlife guidance  which concerns dining, sauna, bar and KTV may help them experience the colorful nightlife in Haizhu District. 

Hotel Near the “Canton Fair” in Haizhu District

11. Royal Garden Hotel  合晋帝苑酒店

Address: No.12, Chigang Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区赤岗路12号

Tel: (020)84147888


13819721179642. She & He Aparatment Guangzhou Pazhou Poly Apartment  她他会酒店公寓(琶洲保利世贸店)

Address: 510 Building D, Poly Apartment, No.1000 Xingang East Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区琶洲新港东路1000号D座510(国际会展中心南侧)

Tel: 020-66638778 15220002221

电话:020-66638778 15220002221


1381913236476Address: Area C, Canton Fair Complex,681 Fengpu Zhong Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区凤浦中路琶洲国际会议展览中心C区广交会威斯汀酒店

Tel: 020-89181818



Restaurant in Haizhu District

thumb1. Aquacotta   现代意大利

Address: 69 Binjiang East Road, Haizhu District


Tel: 020-34258159


13800888294402. Pin Rui 268   品锐·268

Address: NO.268, West Binjiang Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区滨江西路268号

Tel: 020-84418016


thumb (1)3. Le Grand Bleu   蓝韵法国餐厅

Address: NO.124 Gexin Road, Haizhu District.

地址: 海珠区革新路124号

Tel: 020-89559601



Sauna in Haizhu District

13642671369961. South America Leisure Hall  南美休闲会馆(滨江西路店)

Address:No.16, Hai Ming Street, Bingjiang West Road,  Haizhu District


Tel:  020-34345540 28377777                    电话:020-34345540 28377777

x1375436713536.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zbVaxSAaju2. Haisha Health Center  海莎健康中心(现改名叫海星桑拿)

Address: 3/F, Block A, Huahai Building, No.232, Jiangnan Avenue

地址: 海珠区江南大道中232号华海大厦a座3楼

Tel:  020-84414213                    电话:020-84414213

3. Anshang Shuitang Spa Club   岸尚水堂水疗会

1375433352155Address:No.28 Nanzhou Road,  Haizhu District


Tel:      020-34259500                                    电话:020-34259500


KTV in Haizhu District

04c01bb42f042fee2bec518a9431d48a1. Jin Kuang KTV   金矿KTV

Address:4/F,308 Dongxiao Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区东晓路308号四楼

Tel:  3429 8388

电话:3429 8388

thumb2. Singer KTV     星歌会

Address:3-4/F  Kairongdu International, 3 Shiliugang Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区石榴岗路3号凯荣都国际大酒店3-4楼

Tel: 020-66672999


3. New Base  新聚点KTV

thumb (2)Address: 4/F Xin Du Hui Square,1290 Dongxiao South Road,  Haizhu District

地址: 海珠区东晓南路1290号新都荟广场4楼

Tel:  020-66310999



Bar/Club in Haizhu District

thumb (1)1. The Clock   时光吧

Address:  No.23  the Pearl River Cultural and Creative Arts Zone, Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu District


Tel: 020-34487877


thumb2. Suns Bar  尚酒吧

Address:  Room A25-26 Zhujiang Cultural and Creative Arts Zone, Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu District


Tel: 020-89779056


thumb (1)3. Pastoral Bar   田园牧歌酒吧

Address: 97-99 TIT  Creative Park, 397 Xin’gang Middle Road, Haizhu District


Tel: 020-87992345 13826277792

电话:020-87992345 13826277792

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