Nine Scenic Spots You Ought to Visit in Suzhou

Suzhou is a paradise of travelling where exists a large amount of scenic spots. Among these scenic spots, nine of them are worthwhile to visit. In addition, these nine scenic spots have been added into the list of “World Cultural Heritage”.

1.Humble Administrator’s Garden (拙政园)

82Humble Administrator’s Garden is one of the four famous gardens in China. It locates in the Pingjiang District, Suzhou which is a famous historical and cultural city in China. Humble Administrator’s Garden is also one of the four renowned ancient gardens in Suzhou and the biggest and most well-known one among the four gardens. It is rated as a National AAAAA Tourist Attraction and regarded as “the mother of Chinese gardens”. Humble Administrator’s Garden can be recognized as the classic of Chinese private gardens.

Address:  Northeast  Street No.178, Pingjiang District, Suzhou        Tel: 0512-67539869

地址:苏州市平江区东北街178号                                                      电话:0512-67539869

2. Linger Garden (留园)

83Linger Garden which locates in the ancient Jiangnan city Suzhou, is a renowned classical Chinese garden. It is famous for its exquisite layout and a lot of rugged stones. In China, it is known as four famous gardens together with Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Summer Palace and Chengde Mountain Resort. In 1997, it was listed into the ”World Cultural Heritage”. In 2010, Linger Garden developed into the list of National 5A Level Tourist Attraction.

Address: Linger Garden Road No. 338, Jinchang District, Suzhou     Tel: 0512-65579466

地址:苏州市金阊区留园路338号                                                        电话:0512-65579466

3. Lion Grove Garden (狮子林)

84Lion Grove Garden is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou. For the time being, it has 650 years of history. It locates in the Garden Road, the northeast part of Suzhou. Lion Grove Garden is named for its hundreds of rugged rocks which look like lions and a classic story. It is said that Buddhist monk Weize got improvement in Lion Rock of Zhejiang Tianmu Mountain. After he passed away, people named the garden “Lion Grove Garden” with the purpose of memorizing him. Additionally, there are two resemble gardens in Chengde Mountain Resort and the Summer Palace.

Address: Garden Road No.23, Pingjiang District, Suzhou                        Tel:  0512-67272428

地址: 苏州市平江区园林路23号                                                              电话:0512-67272428

4. Mountain Villa (环秀山庄)

85Mountain Villa locates in Jingde Road in Suzhou. It only occupies an area of three acres. Mountain Villa is a classical garden famous for its rockeries and can be regarded as the representative of the mountain gardens. In the garden, the rockeries and buildings almost occupy three-quarters area of the whole garden.  In 1988, it was listed as the national key cultural relics protection units and at the end of 1997, it was listed as a world cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational Heritage Committee.

Address:  Jingde Road No. 262, Pingjiang District, Suzhou             Tel: 0512-65225756

地址:苏州市平江区景德路262号                                                     电话:0512-65225756

5. Canglang Pavilion (沧浪亭)

86Canglang Pavilion was built in Song Dynasty. Now, it locates in the south part of Suzhou where near San Yuan Fang. It has the longest history among all the gardens in Suzhou. Canglang Pavilion was scholar Su Shunqin’s private garden which was founded in Song Dynasty. It covers an area of 1.08 hectares. There is a river going through the whole garden. It reflects the scene and creates thousands of beautiful images. The layouts of Canglang Pavilion are harmonious with the nature. It is regarded as the four famous gardens in Suzhou together with Humble Administrator’s Garden, Linger Garden and Lion Grove Garden.

Address: Canglang Pavilion Street No.3, People’s Road, Canglang District, Suzhou

Tel:0512- 65194375


电话:0512- 65194375

6. Garden of the Master of Nets (网师园)

87 Garden of the Master of Nets is the represent of artistic and cultural medium-sized garden works. It was built in 1174 and was named as “Fisher’s Land” at first. In 1765, its name was changed into “ Garden of the Master of Nets”. The owners of Garden of the Master of Nets changed for several times, but most of them are learned poets. They craved their poems onto the stone tablets and left them in the garden. After several times’ decoration, the garden finally turns out what it looks like now. Garden of the Master of Nets is a typical private garden which combines gardens with houses. It was one of the national key cultural relics protection units and the world cultural heritages.

Address:  Street Lane No.11, Canglang District, Suzhou     Tel:0512-65293190

地址:苏州市沧浪区银杏桥北阔街头巷11号                          电话:0512-65293190

7.Garden of Couple’s Retreat (耦园)

88Garden of Couple’s Retreat was formerly named as “She Garden”. It was founded at the beginning of Qing Dynasty and located in a small lane in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The garden covers an area of 12  acres and can be divided into three parts. The middle part of the garden are the dwelling houses and the east and west parts are flower gardens. In 2000, Garden of Couple’s Retreat was listed into the “World Cultural Heritage”. In 2001, it was listed as the National Key Protection Units. You will not experience the essence of the Garden of Couple’s Retreat unless you visit it on person.

Address:  Little New Lane No.7, Pingjiang District, Suzhou     Tel : 0512-67271767

地址: 苏州市平江区小新巷7号                                               电话:0512-67271767

8. Garden of Cultivation (艺圃)

89Garden of Cultivation locates near the Golden Gate in the northwest of Suzhou. It was founded in 1522 and covered an area of five acres. The whole garden take a pool whose  area accounts for one-fifth of the garden as the center. Its layouts are natural and succinct without and sophisticated  ornaments. Its value of arts is far higher than any other gardens built in Qing Dynasty. The garden has been listed as the “World Cultural Heritage”. In 2006, it was included into the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units list.

Address: Wenya Lane No.5, Jinchang District, Suzhou     Tel:0512-65240423

地址:苏州市金阊区文衙弄5号                                          电话:0512-65240423

9.Retreat and Meditation Garden (退思园)

90Retreat and Meditation Garden  was built from 1885-1887 in Qing Dynasty. It locates in Tongli Town, Suzhou and covers an area of 9.8 acres. The structure of the garden can be divided into two parts. The east part is the dwelling area and the west part is an area of gardens. The layout of the garden is like a compact melody which has a prologue, a climax, the ups and downs and the ending.   Retreat and Meditation Garden is the most famous private garden and the only world cultural heritage in Tongli Town.

Address: Yunli Road No.919, Wujiang, Jiangsu Province     Tel:   0512-63439000

地址:  江苏省吴江市云梨路919号                                        电话:  0512-63439000


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