Oil Massage with Extras in Caobao Road and Longming Road

There are a lot of oil massage places you may find in the crossroad of Caobao Road and Longming Road, if you would like to get the comfortable and professional oil massage in Shanghai, then you will know that the most ideal place are in CaoBao road and Longming road, as it has a great selection of joints run mostly by Fujian or Zhejiang people and you can get an excellent selection there.

You can find many funny things that you never can tell in this road. Just off the corner of the fairly busy intersection, there are many massage places with lights blinking and tacky gold shining so bright it makes no secret of its presence. There are really a number of massage places along Caobao road near Longming Road, in these massage places, You can lay naked face down while a girl touches you from on top using oil. You then get flipped over and worked over until you are finished. The price of these oil massages is also not expensive about 200rmb.

The Following are some popular Oil massage places in Caobao Road and Longming Road, if you like, you can have a try.

1. Yun Shui Wan Leisure Club(云水湾休闲会馆)

a_副本This club is located in Caobao roadm, the environment is elegant and nice, and the service is enthusiastic, it is really a leisure place to go. The massage room is also very nice and comfortable. There are 8 massage technicians in this club, they are all very beautiful, young and professional, they can provide MY(roaming), TY(push oil), XT(breast massage), TT(hip massage) and some normal massag eservice, the price is about 238 for 70 minutes. The service attitude of these massage technicians is really very nice.

2. Da Tong Da Foot Massage(大桶大足浴(龙茗路店))

b_副本Da Tong Da Foot Massage is a foot massage agency chain in Longming Road Branch. It has good environment and professional technicians. Group purchase has many avtivities: foot massage+full body acupressure massasge cost 79rmb for about 110mins, and a bottle of essential oil is free; foot massage + essential oil open back cost 139rmb for about 120mins. Applying fresh ginger on the knees,sandbag, and heating pads are free.

3. Gold Beach Foot Massage&Healthcare(金海滩按摩养生保健)

c_副本It is a Korean massage club located in Xuhui District, it has opened for 3 years, there are more than 10 massage technicians in this club, The massage technicians are young, beautiful, warm, enthusiastic and professional. This massage place is not big but it is very warm. The massage technicians’ fingering is accurate which make the customers very comfortable and relaxed. The couch for massage is much bigger than others, they can also provide many special service such as MY(roaming), XT(breast massage), TT(hip massage), TY(push oil) and so on, and you can really enjoy yourselves at this massage club. The price is also very reasonable for about 228rmb.

4. Jin Zhi Meng Healthcare Club(金之梦养生会馆)

d_副本This healthcare club located in Minhang District. It has a warm and elegent environment. It provides good services and professional tachnicians, it seems that there are no any special service in this massage shop, but you will still feel really comfortable and relaxed. Though the price is very reasonable, group purchasing will have more discounts.

5. Jin Shui Healthcare Club(Longming Road Branch) (金水养生会馆(龙茗路店))

e_副本Jin Shui Healthcare Club is a healthcare agency chain in Shanghai, and this branch located in Longming Road. The environmrnt is warm and the the technicians are very professional. You will feel relaxed in this club. Group purchasing have many discounts: Traditional Chinese Massage costs 49rmb; Essential Oil Open Back costs 98rmb. Customers can enjoy free desserts.

6. Jun Hao Sauna Club(骏豪桑拿俱乐部)

f_副本The Jun Hao Sauna Club is not new, but till now they have very less western customers. They have around 60 girls there (most time around 40 in the house, between 20 and 30 for selection), They have 22 rooms, all connected to a soapy area, where you will be entertained with a hot and horny nuru massage as a “starter”. When you come there, they will first guide you to the 3rd Floor, than to the locker room. All the decoration is high level and similar to a 5 Star Hotel.

Caobao Road or Longming Road in Shanghai will be an excellent place if you’re exploring some best oil massage place and can also speak some Chinese. As something important, it also needs to have a good attitude and treat these girls with respect when they provide you an oil massage.



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2 thoughts on “Oil Massage with Extras in Caobao Road and Longming Road

  1. pander

    I will be staying at Holiday Inn Pudong Nanpu between 21th – 27th Sept 2013.
    Any spa or massage parlour to recommend which nearby this hotel or within walking distance?

    1. adminadmin

      If you want some real good massage,My recommandation is Yilin Blind Massage(Pudong) ,DTD Foot Massage( Dongfang Branch) :

      If you want special massage with HE,I suggest TEQULLA Massage:


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