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not like Changping, ChangAn, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shanghai, even Danshui and a lot of other cities of China, there’s shortage of sauna scene, KTV/nightclub scene, even BBS/MP scene, etc in Beijing. – in my opinion, that’s why OKT industry’s booming here.

now the problem is how to choose, as there are so many OKTs,Beijing independent girls, sensual massage providers, old and new, and plenty of FRs, honest or fake on this board. appearently, for you bros who are not familar with all(or perhaps any) of them, it’s becoming more and more difficult to choose one(or some) to your liking in a more efficient and economical way.

so i felt obliged to spend some time making a belief guide after having tried all these OKTs down here. i think it can save your time and money in finding talent of your type. somebody maybe questions me why i know all these OKTs well. because i’ve been using them frequently treating different kinds of ‘friends’. 

of course, if you have plenty of time and do not mind paying more cab fares, just ignore this posting, because the simplest way is to call up them one by one, talent will be sent to your room back and forth, until you find the right one, just like i ever did before…

=== three interesting issues first ===

1. about picture

as we know, most OKTs have their websites, and dozens of girls with their names and pictures will usually be listed on their websites. unfortunately, they are all fake, especially when you are attracted deeply by the glorious beauties on the picture… and usually they don’t have so many girls at all, as you’ll know after calling several times for different girls…

so it’s totally a waste of time to discuss whether the pictures of these glorious beauties are genuine or not… use your head to think a bit hard: is it possible to fxck such a beauty only paying 500+100 cab fare? but to my surprise, some OKTs, even some of bros who put FRs on this board, claimed that they are definitely genuine… don’t know why… maybe the only way is when you ask for the one on the picture, you will be told that she’s not available at that time/this day/these days… they’re playing tricks on you… WTF! 

An interesting way is to send the picture of your type girl to a certain OKT and ask the OKT deliver a similar girl according to the picture you have sent, haha… 

2. about OKT’s attitude and honest

fortunately, all these major OKTs on this board are usually service-oriented and honest. so you can feel free to change if you don’t like the girls sent, only paying cab fare… actually, they have to be honest and service-oriented. If not, we bros shall blame them and down their reputation…

3. about part-time

most OKTs will tell you the girl sent just take it as a part-time job for she has a daytime job, blah, blah, blah… mostly they’re definitely not… another trick on you, hahhh…

=== three major OKTs on this board ===

1. Maria

Maria is one of the oldest OKTs on this board. she provides two kinds of talent: 500+100 next door girl, and model quality girl charging from 800 to 1500 or above.

Maria’s 500+100 cab next door girl usually above average looks, and provide Covered BJ. but some talent of hers like Yinzi provides great service and BBBJ as well, and looks tall and pretty, though a bit old…

Maria’s model quality girls have wonderful appearance, young and tall, their net height all above 168 cms. but they are usually lack of service… in my opinion, their service just passable. and no overnight option for these model talent. so if you are a service lover, please do not call for Maria’s model quality girls…

another advantage of Maria is there are a great number of girls in her hand, so seems you can always get your type girl after a good conversation…

2. Lily

Lily is one of the oldest OKTs as well. she has talent with great attitude and service. but the downside is Lily’s talent usually lack of looks. in my humble opinion, just average appearance and looks a bit old.

another downside of Lily is she don’t have many girls to choose and change, so she’ll have to change their names from time to time pretending she’s got so many stocks in hand… you bros will find out this trick after demanding several different girls…

so if you are looking for girls with great GFE and service, and do not care too much about their looks and age, Lily’s talent definitely your cup of tea.

3. Escort China – as known as Kitty

this is a very special providers, seems only pretty and young talent will be sent. one day, i even got a 15-year-old talent(real, i saw her identity card) with very nice body and tight pussy… some bros would say it’s illegal in the eyes of the PRC law, haha…

so if you are looking for a really pretty face and young body, and do not care too much about service, Escort China’s 500+100 cab pretty& young talent definitely will not let you disappointed.

the downside is lack of service as well, just passable, even though these angels are often appearing with a sunny face and friendly smile… so if you are service lover, please do not call up this OKT.

besides, Escort China also provides high quality model girls, usually charging from 800 to 1000 according to different quality. 500+100 talent and high quality model talent both have no overnight option, and only serve Asian bros, for their little pussies can not handle western bros big cocks, haha… 

however, months ago, i found in another famous sex forum, Kitty also served for western bros, but quite different girls from those who only serve for Asian bros. – service up, but appearance down.

=== ctcs of all these three major OKTs ===

Maria: 13911246512

Lily: 13552885100
http://chinagals.webnode.com - it never works for me over the past few months, but some of bros claimed they ever accessed it.

Escort China/ aka Kitty: 15901557624

The above information is from the following website:


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