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No matter you are travelling for business or vacation, you’ll be looking for a place to stay, and probably, it is unavoidable to stay at a hotel. In order to save some money, online hotel reservation is an ideal option for most people. This article will analyze some domestic and foreign online hotel booking sites.

The is a global hotel booking site which involves 19,392 hotels. There are many guests’ reviews and the price is cheap. But the 10% service fee is required in the total price, which makes it not that much cheap. So please notice this when comparing prices.

2. HRS( 全球订房网)
The HRS is a online hotel reservation website from Germany. It is quite popular in foreign countries. It has also launched its Chinese version. Credit card information is required when booking a hotel. You need to pay at the front desk before checking in.

3. Elong(艺龙)
As a well-known online hotel booking site in China, the Elong has also launched its English version. With more than 140,000 hotel information, the Elong provides 24 hours hotline service. The price is a little high and most of the hotels do not include breakfast. It only supports credit card payments and it requires consumption abroad.

4. Ctrip(携程)
Though the numbers of hotels are moderate, the Ctrip carries out some preferential policies such as cash return and the more night you stay, the less you pay policies. 24 hours hotline service is available. The price is a little high, but most of the hotels provide breakfast.

5. Agoda
As Asia’s leading online hotel reservation site, the Agoda includes more than 170,000 hotel information worldwide. Credit card payment is available. The price is moderate and most of the hotels include service fee, though the reservation process is not particularly convenient, which needs to be improved.

6. Hotelscombined
The Hotelscombined is very practical. It is able to make fast price comparison among hotels. It is a typical European and American sites website in product structure, which includes website design and data presentation.

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