Popular Sauna Clubs in Shanghai

Shanghai is becoming one of the most lively cities in China. There are a lot of foreigner like to travel in this city every year, so in a way, it promote the development of some specific field such as Sauna field. The massage and sauna in Shanghai as a relaxing way which is good to overall health of citizens or travelers.

People in Shanghai are trying to find some useful way to escape from the busy lifestyle and have a rest. Then the massage and sauna will be a good choice which can make improvements to the blood circling all across the entire body. For the visitor from all over the world, after a day’s busy journeys, you could let your legs, arms, joints, head and each part of the body take pleasure in a sauna center. Sauna is a very good process to clear up tiredness. The following are some Popular Sauna clubs in Shanghai which can truly help you get a relax.

1. Jun Hao Sauna Club

The Jun Hao Sauna Club is not new, but till now they have very less western customers. They have around 60 massage technicians there, They have 22 rooms, all connected to a soapy area, where you will be entertained with a hot and horny nuru massage as a “starter”. When you come there, they will first guide you to the 3rd Floor, than to the locker room. All the decoration is high level and similar to a 5 Star Hotel.

2. Si Yuan Sauna

The Si Yuan Sauna is owned by the same guy who also run Bodi, Xin Yu Ping, Hai Lang and 999, so it is also a upper class location. They will have a fishbowl selection of the girls. The number of girls there will not be the same all the time, so on a good day you can select out of 30 girls, but never they will have less than 10 girls. this sauna club is equipped with a wet room, so you can enjoy a Nuru massage there, so this is a good place for the soapy-lovers too. After the reopening till now they are not too busy, so you have a good chance for a second round for the same price, also most time no rush of the girls.

3. Hai Lang Sauna

The chinese name you never will remember (hai lang xiu xian hui suo), so for western it is called “wave” or “new wave”. Hai Lang Sauna offer a high class massage service and also red rope and nuru massage in shanghai. The location is clean, people are friendly and they have a lot of very beautiful sexy massage girls. Most customers are Japanese or Chinese people, could be because off our review now you will find more and more western customer there. Some massage rooms have a connected bathroom, so you can get a soap body to body massage also.

4. Heting Elite Spa

This Sauna(spa) is very clean and the facility is upscaled, compared with other sauna places in Shanghai. girls selection will be done by lineup (most time 30 girls), no fishbowl. The rooms are very nice, but you have not connected wet area there. They don`t take credit cards there, so better prepare enough cash.

5. Shanghai Hotel Leisure Sauna Club

Shanghai Hotel is on the street behind the Hilton. The environment of the Massage club on the second floor is really very nice. You just walk up to the desk and they know what you want. They can provide 650 RMB full service for about 90 minutes. Like YuPIng and others, first to the locker room, undress, shower, if you want a body scrub… then upstairs to the foot massage room. They ask you if you want something to drink or foot massage, you can just tell the massage girl to give you.


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