Pudong Mongering & Other General Info

33Want to share my personal mongering info and experiences in Shanghai with the community. I’ve lurked on this and the other semi-defunct site for a while, so it’s time to give some info back again. I made a rundown post of sorts on the other site a couple years back so figured I’the update that (some new info and some info that hasn’t changed) and share directly with this community since this site has provided me so much invaluable info. Most of this is just personal experience in Shanghai. I don’t claim to be an expert, so please feel free to correct any misinformation on locations, prices, etc. If any of my info is wrong.

Again, respect and thanks to the man ‘IloveShanghai’ – not sure if he’s on this particular forum / site but when I began mongering here, his posts on the other site got me started right.

My background: I’ve lived in Shanghai for almost 6 now, the first year and a half in Puxi and the rest in Pudong. I started mongering after moving to Pudong, since in Puxi, I generally pulled tail from bars, clubs and KTVs. Most of my mongering these days is in BBSs and call-home girls which I’ll explain why later. I’m Chinese, but I was born and raised overseas, however I am conversant in Chinese. This probably needs to be kept in mind because it influences the ways local girls will interact with me versus perhaps a non-Asian person won’t doesn’t speak very well. It’s easier for me to ghost into situations.

Apologies in advance if my post is long and goes into some details that many will take for granted. I just wanted to thorough and also since there are also always many guys newer to mongering, I hope it can answer a lot of little questions I had when I started out, but that the old-hands took for granted or never mentioned. Rereading the post, some stuff is a little bit ‘how-to’, sorry about this if its windy, but I just wanted to aggregate all my thoughts into one post.

In Shanghai, I mainly monger with local girls, so this will only cover local Chinese girls. A cultural note: China still tends to be a very conservative culture. Even if a particular individual (the working girl in this case) doesn’t consider herself to be conservative (even if she’s into all sorts of kink) , they won’t let on to it unless you’ve already developed a pretty trusting relationship. In China, the system runs on ‘guanxii’ or relationships and the same goes for Chinese working girls. It usually takes a bit of time / a few visits with a working girl here before she’ll fully open up to you. This goes for things like anal, bdsm, barebacking, or other activities. Also, if you find a working girl who can provide these, they will often repeatedly make you promise and reassure them that you will not share this about them, as they will lose face and be looked down upon by their colleagues. You also see this when you hear stories about your friends’ local girlfriends. Often their kinky side starts to show up after the relationship starts to develop and they feel a level of trust to reveal this side.

Pudong Barbershops (BBSs)

I do much of my Shanghai mongering in BBSs these days as I really like the saunas in Macau and save my sauna money for those. I also have slowly developed a network of girls (KTV, massage parlor) that I call to come over to my place for LT, so if I go out for adventures, it’s mostly to BBSs or HE massage places. In Pudong there are a few streets (list below) with decent concentrations of BBSs. I don’t venture outside of Pudong for BBSs, so I’ll just focus on those on the east side of the river.

The BBS experience for those who haven’t been is a ‘raw’ experience. Generally it’s a small hole in the wall windowed room half-assedly dressed up to barely look like a hair salon. It may or may not have tinted glass (most of the ones I know don’t since they want to show the wares inside). Inside the window, there will be 3-8 girls dressed to attract exactly what they are trying to attract, usually sitting semi-circle around the room on sofas, barber chairs or seats. Once you go in, you will be greeted by one of the girls. They work on a rotating system, so whichever girl is up at bat, will generally greet you by asking if you want a massage: ‘An muo ma? ‘ or ‘Qiao Bei ma? ‘. You can take her if you like, or simply choose another girl that you like better. Once you pick a girl, you are then led into one of the fuck- rooms (often behind a locked door in the back or upstairs). Some BBSs go so far as to have their rooms concealed behind a fake wall. The rooms run the gamut from rat-trap, to 2-star Chinese motel room, honestly speaking. If you are used to fucking in a Sauna or your 4-5 Star hotel room, you are in for a shocker. The first time I went to a BBS, and subsequently found that it was one of the worst ones I’ve ever been to cleanliness-wise after having been to many others later, I still vividly remember how ‘ghetto’ it was. The more you go though, the more desensitized you become, for better or worse.

Once you are inside the room, the service is generally the same. The girl will usually start with a BBBJ for a few minutes. Afterwards, she will slip on the condom and then its onto full service time. Most BBS girls are not extremely proactive. It even seems that some of them want to do the least amount of work possible, so don’t expect any amazing GFE / PSE sex unless you’ve built up a rapport with a girl and she’s into you. Some will start out riding you for a little bit, but most end up wanting you to be on top or from behind doing most of the locomotion. Once you are done, it’s just clean up, dress, pay and time to leave. Some girls that will not blow customers, and so will get paid the cheaper price for FS but no BJ, in this case they will just fondle you til your hard in place of the BJ. Some girls will only blow customers with a condom on (but they expect the same price as BBBJ girls). I’ve also asked girls if they would blow me to completion, but some have said its too tiring but they would blow and HJ combo if it was ok. It just depends on the girl and your rapport with her. If you want to milk a BBS for the most, you typically need to build a rapport with a girl over several visits. Then she will loosen up and also be more inclined to please you as you will become one of her “regular” customers and a more “stable” source of income. If you want more consistent performance or more guarantee of a girl doing what you want and expect, you are better off heading to a sauna where things are more relaxed. BBSs are pretty much about wham-bham-thank-you-ma’am. In a BBS, your time limit is about 20-30 minutes depending on the place, after which if they feel things are taking too long, they may ask you to buy another block of time. If you like things really slow, head to a sauna, you’ll get more bang for the buck than if you take multiple time blocks in a BBS. Although, if you want to bang one girl, then immediately pick another to bang, or after a 20 minute rest / walk outside, then BBSs can be your thing.

If you are going to a BBS for the first time, I guess the best piece of information that you can bring with you is knowledge of price. Also, leave your expectations for a super clean place at the door. The prices that I have generally been paying are as follows.

BBBJ +FS 150-200 RMB (some girls won’t go for BBBJ and will only do it with a hat on)

Only FS 120-150 RMB (some girls just won’t blow customers – but they will tell you inside the room)

Some BBSs will try to charge foreigners 200rmb for FS and 300rmb for FS+BJ. You can generally get them to go for the normal 200rmb all-in price if you politely tell them that you always pay 200rmb and are willing to walk out. If you really want her and she won’t budge, you can splurge, but as said on the forums, it reinforces this bad habit and practice among the working girls. These girls shift around shops and talk to each other so this bad practice spreads.

The lower prices were at BBSs a bit further from the city center, or where the girls are a bit lacking in looks and presentation. I have local friends tell me they can sometimes negotiate it down further, but those prices don’t bother me so much, I’the rather pay a reasonable price and have the girl be happy and perform better. I also went to a BBS closer to the city center with a local friend where we each paid 150 for FS and BBBJ, where the quality of girls was pretty good, so again I may be paying a 50 RMB premium on top of locals.

If you want to walk in like you know what you are doing, just open the door, walk straight in, smile and ‘nod when they ask you if you want a massage, or say, ‘qiao bei’. This is pronounced ‘Chow Bay’, which directly translated means ‘knock back’, like the old style fist knocking on back type of massage. And pick one of the girls that you like by pointing at her, or else the girl on deck in their rotation will get up to service you. I’ve read that some of the girls will freeze up if they aren’t used to foreigners. I guess my strategy would be to minimize the time spent in the main reception room, where all the girls are waiting. If you look like you know the routine, I believe that even if the girl has reservations, she will be more willing to go with you into the back than if you look unsure about the process and price. Remember, the price cap should be 200 RMB (for FS and BJ (covered or not depending on the girl). If asked, just say 200 RMB like that is what you pay all the time, which is what people who live here pay (or less). Try not to let your penis take over the negotiations at this point, or you might end up paying more if they want to try to squeeze and extra one or two hundred RMB out of you.

Overall, in BBSs, you can expect to find the following ratings for the girls: (all subjective)

Bodies: 5-9.

Faces: 4-7.

Ages: 18-35+

Be nice to the girls and they will be nice back, and please don’t overpay and mess up pricing for everyone else.

Pudong BBS Streets (some of this info is already around the forums, but I still included for consolidation):

1. Fangcao Lu (Beicai district, south of Century Park)

Location: Directly south of Century Park and south of Longyang Lu.

Directions: It’s about a 2 minute walk from the Fanghua Lu Metro Station on Line 7. Exit the station, walk south for half a block and turn east onto Fangcao Lu.

The BBSs on Fangcao Lu are all located between Hunan Lu & Baiyang Lu. There are currently 12 BBSs spread out on this street (more concentrated towards Hunan Lu). This is my favorite BBS street due to the variety of shops and girls. The quality of girls is not bad and you can find many girls that are 18 to 25. I have a few regulars here that give really good service. Prices here are 150 for FS. 200 with uncovered BJ. Time is typically 30 minutes though I rarely go that long.

2. Yinshan Lu (Jingqiao)

Location: One block north of Yangao Zhong Lu, between Yunshan Lu and Zaozhuang Lu in Jinqiao District.

Directions: There’s not a metro station super close, but the Yunshan Lu Metro Station on Line 6 is about a 10 minute walk. Exit the station and walk south on Yunshan Lu, turn east onto Yinshan Lu. The BBSs are located halfway between Yunshan Lu and Zaozhuang Lu.

There are about 5 BBSs on this street. There used to be more but a couple closed down. There are 3-4 concentrated on the north side of the street next to the big hotel (only one) on that street. They are nestled behind the small small park / grove. There are one or two on the other side. This used to be my favorite street until the couple regulars I had moved away. The girls here have gotten a bit older, but there are always fresh girls turning up, so I still visit now and then. Prices here are 150 for FS. 200 with uncovered BJ.

3. Eshan Lu (West of Century Park)

Location: Eshan Lu between Pudong Lu and Nanquan Lu. It’s the Tangqiao district relatively near the Nanpu Bridge and directly east of Century Park about 5 blocks.

Directions: It’s near the Lancun Lu Metro Station on Line 4. Exit the station and walk north along Dongfang Lu one block and turn west onto Eshan Lu.

This street has changed a bit, so some of my info may be off since I haven’t hit one of these ones for quite a while. The one place I used to go to is now a noodle shop. Many of the BBSs look to be rebranded as foot massage places. There are about 3 that still look more obviously to be BBSs, but there is a high concentration of shops with skimpy clad BBS-looking girls, but with the shop advertising foot massages. I suspect these are just guerilla BBSs but I haven’t tried one to confirm. I suspect all it would take to find out would be to walk into one and ask if they ‘qiao bei’ or not. I guess I should just take one for the team and pop in. One funny thing I like about this street is that there are a couple Mahjong dens filled with old people in plain site.

4. Yinghua Lu (Century Park)

Location: Yinghua Lu between Baiyang Lu and Haitong Lu a couple blocks directly south of Century Park.

Directions: It’s near the Century Park Metro Station on Line 2. Take exit 2 from the station and walk south on Haitong Lu for a block, turn east onto Yinghua Lu. The four BBS will be on the north side of the street nearer to Baiyang Lu.

I don’t frequent this street too often as they do price fixing on this street as far as I can tell. The prices were 200 rmb for FS and an additional 100 RMB for BJ, so 300 RMB for BJ + FS, or 200 RMB for FS alone. In the past I’ve tried charm and negotiation, but found no girls that are willing to budge on the price. This may have changed in the last year or so, but I haven’t been back to haggle more. The reason for the prices is that this street is sandwiched between two international business hotels and is within walking distance of the Shanghai International Expo Center (not World Expo site). So, they get a lot of foreign visitor traffic. Overall the service on the street was not bad when I tried. The places are on the cleaner end of the spectrum and the girls were not too bad – there were very cute and skinny girls there a while back. This is not a bad street to break into / try out the BBS scene if you are a little bit wary or squeamish of trying out a BBS. And I suppose the 100 RMB premium is not so bad if you are traveling in and want something quick and convenient. Just for some of us based here, we can get a little bit cheaper travelling 5-10 extra minutes to a more local area.

5. Others.

My friend have told me about a BBS street near Qixia Lu, near Pudong Ave – this would be near the Dalian Lu Tunnel, but I have not ventured up to take a look, so if anyone has info, would love to hear it.

There are also many places with one or two BBSs scattered here and there, so get out there and explore.


So I kinda stopped going to Shanghai saunas about two years ago since my work brings me to Macau every couple of months. The Macau saunas and level or services truthfully ruined the Shanghai sauna experience for me. I basically save my money for the Macau saunas since they are quite a bit more expensive (but worth it). Now if I monger I mostly hit BBSs or call up the network of KTV girls or HE massage girls that I’ve built up and have them come over to my place. I used to go to the three most popular saunas in Pudong: Bodi, Merrylin and Sacrosa. Do a search on those if you are looking for a Pudong sauna, I did enjoy them very much when I went. I do want to try the Merrylin since I have not been since the renovation. If I go, I’ll post up a report.

For newcomers, I’ll give a general sauna rundown instead of reviews since my info is outdated and there are many great sauna reviews on here.

If you want to try a sauna, they all run on the same general system. Once you make your way into a sauna, you are shown in from the reception desk into a community locker area. I’m not sure if some of the higher end saunas have private locker areas, but none that I’ve seen so far. You are given a locker and wristband key and there you strip down until you are butt naked and your clothes and other items are stored in the locker, and you get a pair of slippers. There will probably an attendant or two standing nearby and waiting for you / watching you undress, it’s never pleasant but get over it. You are also provided a ziplock-ish type plastic bag to put belongings you want to take inside with you, generally mobile phone, cigarettes, lighter, & glasses. You are then taken to the shower area where there are semi-private shower stalls. Your ziplock bag of belongings will be taken by an attendant to be returned after you shower. There you shower (wash your ass crack out well). You can also request a disposable toothbrush / shaver if you are not offered one. If you need to go to the bathroom, before the shower is probably the best time to do so. After your shower, you are directed to the drying area where you will be given a towel to dry yourself and there will be attendants to help you dry your back if you require so. You are then given the sauna’s customer spa-wear set: cotton shorts and cotton robe-type top with tie strings, and a dry set of slippers. You are then lead to a private or community waiting room (if all private ones are full) where you will be asked to wait for them to prepare the lineup or to prepare your girl if you booked ahead. You are offered a drink (tea, soda, water) but you can also order beers or other menu items if you like. The rooms generally have a reclining seat, ottoman, towel blankets, end table and tv. I’ve waited up to 45 mins in the waiting room before on busy days, and I’ve heard of longer periods, so it generally pays to go during slower hours or to book your girl ahead of time once you’ve found one you like or have been recommended by a friend. I’ve heard of longer waiting periods, which would suck. Once you are ready or they are ready for you, the attendant comes in and fetches you. You are then brought to the lineup which is different for each place – some have a ‘fishbowl’ room of girls behind a window (regular glass, not one-way) , or a large room with a small stage where the girls line up. If it’s super busy, sometimes they may bring a selection of one or a few girls directly to your room to pick. Pass and wait if it does not suit your taste. Once you pick your girl, she leads you to your private room. If it’s a soapy massage place, it will be a bedroom attached to a large open shower type room with its own massage table for the soapy / wet massage. If it’s a non-soapy place, it’s just a room with a queen bed and nightstand.

If you go with the flow, the girl will take you through the standard operating procedure. For soapy, the first half is you are seated on a split stool and your girl will wash you down. Then it’s onto the soapy massage table, where she will lather you up and give you a soapy slippety slide massage (covered ad nauseum in this forum so I won’t go into too much detail). After this you are dried off and led to the bed area where the script converges with non-soapy places.

Once on the bed, the girls will go through the general script (also covered ad nauseum on this site, so I’ll be brief). Cat lick massage, booby massage, deep anal rimming, fire and ice BBBJ (cim if you want) , and then boning time. You are free to go off script at any point. Generally the girl needs to please you, otherwise she fears that the customer will report or complain that their reasonable requests were not fulfilled, and she will be fined or have her pay deducted.

A note on timing: I used to try to go earlier in the day. After or around lunch time. Some saunas will have an early-bird discount (before 5 or 6pm?) , little to no wait time (though there are fewer girls than peak period) and the girls are fresher since they are at the start of their shift. Just my two cents.

Shanghai KTVs

While not to everyone’s taste, my friends and I love KTV and we still swing many girls out of KTVs (both freebies and paid) – I’the say the company you go with dictates how much fun a KTV will be. KTV is basically a hostess services in a private karaoke room that can cater from two people up to large party ‘VIP’ rooms. You are given a private karaoke room furnished with wraparound sofa around a large LCD Karaoke screen, and then you order alcohol to drink with your friends and the girls you pick. Some, but not all, of the girls are available for paid short or long-time take homes. I’the venture to say that most of the girls are down to hang out and go home with a guy if they like him. I have met almost no prudish KTV girls, or least where it wasn’t a thin act at hard to get. It is still a business and they want repeat customers and know they need to provide services sometimes to keep customers, or if they just want to have a good time for themselves. Many of the girls do not consider themselves full-on working girls, so many are willing to go home as freebies if they like you and you treat them nicely. Over the years, I’ve developed a nice list of KTV girls who I can call up to go party with (usually fuck them for free at the end of the night, but the guys pay for the tabs if we go to bars or clubs) , can call for paid ST / LT (some want money, some want small gifts so they do feel as much like hos) , and some even booty call me or my friends if they are lonely, bored, horny, drunk, or all of the above. It does take time to develop some of these relationships, but if you are here over the long haul, it’s a good option to consider. A note about KTV girls as girlfriends: generally it’s a lot of trouble and not worth it to date a KTV girl. The one’s I’ve dated even over short term have been pretty unstable and also really clingy (again, could just be my selection of girls). Just not worth the trouble for the sex, even if she likes it up the ass or is a freak. I prefer to keep them at arms distance and keep it a bit more professional: money or small gifts, no strings attached clearly communicated – we are friends with benefits. No message bombs, calls at work during the day, or drunk calls or banging on door at 3-4am.

Also, written in the forum before, the main draw of KTV is the social aspect of it. Especially if you have clients, customers, guests or friends who you may not want to reveal your mongering ways to (or vice versa). It’s a much less hardcore atmosphere. No one is ever pressured to bring a girl home. That said, I still prefer going with a group of friends rather than for business, so we can really cut loose. Mongers may ask where the value is in KTVs. It’s more about the social experience than just straight to sex. For my friend and I, it’s a place with alcohol, girls, fun, games and no pressure, where we can hang out, get sloshed, and take a girl home if we want or try to at least if its not pre-arranged. For guaranteed take-home girls, you have to ask the mamasan to specifically bring in lineups of take-home girls. Bringing a girl home from KTV can also be subtly and secretly arranged with the girl without letting anyone else know either if required – you could agree to meet down the street or after your customer or friends have left.

In short, I’ve found KTV to be a great avenue to meet good looking young local girls who may or may not be paid-take-home girls (as in some will go for freebies). Overall, out of girls that you will meet in BBS, Sauna, happy ending massage / spas, KTV girls will tend to be the most attractive and most numerous of the lot, sometimes with from 300-500 girls working on busy nights at the larger places, most aged 18-25. Almost all of the KTVs we like are in Puxi.

Other extras, while mostly unavailable during the World Expo period, many KTVs have brought back topless / full nude (the KTV girls strip) dances and games, and topless / nude round-robin lap-dances at the end of the night. These activities have come back and are a big sell point for the KTVs that compete for our business. Some KTVs have portable pole-dancing poles they can set up if you want a show. Obviously the girls are not nude the whole time, just when the mamasan announces a topless / nude dance for a song. Once the drinking has started, there is usually generous groping going on around the room with or without the girls’ clothes.

The general procedure is about the same at most KTVs. You and your friends arrive and a hostess will show you to your room. We generally book ahead since we have some usual spots we like and know the girls & mamasans well, tried and true places, but you can also show up cold. If you show up for the first time somewhere without booking ahead, just take some time to talk to the mamasan / manager to clear up the costs on everything. Sometimes if we are trying out a new place for the first time, we will give them a flat price we want everything to be (excluding girl tips) so that we can try the place out and come back if we like it. We haven’t had any bad experiences being conned, but most of our group speaks Chinese well to fluently and we explain the prices we expect and the competing places that we go to. When we have had arguments, it’s usually on account of them putting charges on the bill that we already said we didn’t want to see on there, such as mixers & juices. Nothing huge, but more about principle, if they expect to ever see our faces or our money again.

After you arrive in your room (size based on how many people in your party) you are generally asked if you would like to start seeing girls or what you would like to order to drink. We usually order alcohol and then ask them to start bringing the lineups of girls in. You can chill for a little bit too if you want to talk to your friends or customers, and they will bring in the ubiquitous fruit plate.

The lineups of girls starts to come in and there are generally about 15-20 or more girls per lineup in the places we go to. Most KTVs feature a large U-shaped sofa arrangement around a center table (s) and the girls will stand in front of the sofa in a lineup for selection. They will generally go down the line introducing themselves by where they come from. ‘Sichuan’, ‘Hunan’, Chongqing’, etc, etc. If someone sees one they like, they point to her and she will come and sit next to the fellow. If no one sees anything they like you just say ‘thank you’ and the lineup exits to make room for the next lineups. They will generally keep bringing in fresh line ups provided they have enough girls. If someone is picky and can’t find a girl after several lineups, they can sometimes (depending on the place) go to the holding pen where all the girls are waiting and hanging out and see if they see one they like. Also, if in the beginning you have already picked a girl, but see one you would much rather have, it’s ok to switch out girls. We usually try to do this within the first 20-30 minutes, otherwise we might give the girl a small 100-200 RMB tip to ‘get lost’ if its been about an hour. If you keep a girl for longer, you generally will need to full tip her to switch her out. Most mamasans have a group of girls they generally like to work with or who they feel provide good services so they will bring their ‘favorites’ first, so sometimes it doesn’t hurt to see if there are new faces in the crowd. The sweet spot for arriving is around 7:45-8:15. Most groups arrive around that time and on a crowded night, the lookers tend to get picked very quickly. By going earlier you generally get to see the best lookers. Unless its not busy, after 9:00-10:00 the selection becomes thinner, since many already have sat down with a customer. Preferences are subjective so you might be able to see several you think are hot at that time though. Around 11:00-11:30 some of the good looking ones who have been picked first may start rotating out if their customers leave early, and they can be rotated back into the lineups for parties that show up late, or for guys who came late and haven’t found a girl yet and are just chilling and drinking.

The rest of the evening, after everyone is settled in and more or less has a girl (or two or three) is that you can have your girls sing songs, play dice games, play group drinking games and dance if you want (naked at some places). The evenings start out pretty chill, but as people start getting tipsy, the party usually picks up, unless you are with customers who are more reserved in which case you can keep things chill. The mamasan will pop in and out of the room (she has to rotate around her rooms) and toast everyone and play some games for a little bit before moving on. There is a DJ girl who is kind of the bartender and cleaning girl for the room. She makes and servers drinks, can help select songs, do requests like get cigarettes or more drinks, etc. At some places there is a waiter who doesn’t do very much except deliver the alcohol to the room and come by every hour or so with hot towels for wiping faces and hands. We hate having to tip this guy but it just goes with the territory. Also, some KTV places have private bathrooms (attached to the room or nearby) while others have community bathrooms. In the community bathroom there is almost always a bathroom attendant who turns on the faucet for you and hands you a towel. He usually also has gum and candy on a tray if you want a piece. We usually tip this guy 20-50RMB for the night depending on the level of the place. One unsettling thing they often do too is that while the customer is at the urinal, they will come up behind you and start giving you a shoulder massage while your peeing. I used to say,”please, no thanks”, but just gave up after awhile and put up with it now. It’s part of the service. Just don’t freak and turn around and punch the guy.

That’s pretty much how the night goes. We usually start around 8:00pm and it can go until 2:00am or later at some places. Sometimes if the girls are cool, we may leave earlier and take the whole group to a club or bar to keep partying outside. It depends on the girls though, some love to party, some are more homebody.

Can you go to KTV with just two people? Yes you can, our friends and I have gone to KTV as a duo on several occasions and it can be just as fun, although typically we go in groups of 3 – 6 people. It depends on who your partner in crime is of course, and also the girls that you select and how wild by nature they are. We just try to get the girls to drink more early on to loosen things up.

There are also some Japanese and Korean style KTVs that also cater to single travelers. These sometimes have a community room where all the single guys can sit in private sofa stalls with their girl – this means the karaoke singing is public too. Not my style, but if you are traveling solo, this can be an option. Many of these offer the take-home option, although I don’t have as much experience with these places.

That said, KTV is not for everyone, I’ve met guys who hate it or don’t understand it, or would rather be in a bar / club / lounge chasing tail. To each his own.

Don’t stress about language. If you are relaxed and having fun, the girl will relax and have fun too and you can get some chemistry going. I’ve brought many customers and foreign friends who don’t speak a word of Chinese, who have swung freebies from their girls.

There are a few different tiers of KTVs, which are generally broken down by the class / appearance of the girls they employ. To keep it simple, I’ll break it down into three general tiers, which are tied to price, and I won’t talk about other KTVs which focus on Japanese or Korean clientele.

Average price for a night out for 3-4 guys: (good news is, prices haven’t changed much for the past few years as competition is fierce among KTVs)

Alcohol: Two bottles of (Circle One: Black Label, Chivas, Ballantines, Other comparable) whisky, with mixers (Green Tea in our case) 1800. 2000 RMB.

Mamasan Tip: 300-400 RMB.

Server Girl / DJ: 300 RMB (she is there all night.

Waiter: 100 RMB (he is in and out)

We’ll say 2800 RMB divided 4 ways is 700 RMB per person.

Then add your girl tip on top of that, it generally comes out to about 1000-1200 RMB per person.

Here’s a bit more on the different levels of KTVs. Prices of alcohol and extras will go up or down according to the quality of girls in stock and their sit down tip price.

1. High Class: These KTVs feature ‘model’ quality girls who are generally taller and slim. Generally these girls will be dressed in ball gowns, or may wear their own dresses or fashionable clothes, which are generally more ‘elegant’ than the general chick-on-Huai Hai Road population. I have only been to a couple of these places and don’t have much desire nor occasion to go to these. These cater to high-end business people or high-rollers neither of which describes me. You could bring a VIP customer here, if they expressed they were into KTV and you weren’t sure if they liked to ‘cut loose’ or not. Generally the atmosphere is more chill, and it looked like it would take a lot more effort to get the party a little rowdy, at least when I’ve gone. I would not go unless someone else is footing the bill.

Girl Tip Price: 800-1000+

2. Middle Road: These KTV girls run the gamut from 5-9s in the looks and body department. These are by far the most numerous KTV establishments in the downtown / central areas. Usually they have the largest selections of girls (up to hundreds) and you are bound to find something that you like unless you are very picky or go late after most of the best-lookers have been picked. We’ve had very rowdy parties in these places. My friends and I frequent these the most.

Girl Tip Price: 400-600 for sit down.

3. 2 Buck Chuck: These KTVs are also numerous in the city and can be found both inside and outside the central areas. Girls here are very hit and miss IMO. Sometimes you find a diamond in the rough but I’ve found the girls here to be either farm-fresh, older so as to not be eligible in the Middle Range KTVs, or perhaps lacking in the looks or manners department. Still fun though.

Girl Tip Price: 200-300 for sit down.

Take Home Prices for KTV: If you wind up wanting to take a KTV girl home, you generally negotiate with her while still in the room. Or if you want some privacy, have her go with you to the bathroom (they generally have to escort you to the bathroom and wait for you there) so you can ask her in the hallway. KTV offer short time or long time. They usually open quote at 1000-1500RMB (I usually burst out laughing if they open with 1500rmb) for short time, but this can be negotiated down to as low as 500RMB depending on if they are into you or not (most will wind up staying over-night since my bed is cush). For long time, I’ve heard opening quotes for 1500-2000RMB, again can be negotiated down depending on your charm, I’ve not paid more than 800rmb for LT with a KTV girl – just my personal limit for them take it or leave it. Again, I’d say the trick and game would be to try to charm the KTV girl into going home with you for free ‘as friends’, however if you want a sure thing, then money always talks. Always always ask before you leave the place – or else you might think she likes you and in the morning she asks you for money when you thought it was a freebie. One problem is with going to the usual places we like is that my friends and I will sometimes have a rep as the girls all talk, and it’s harder to swing freebies from the girls unless they are brand spanking new.


I’ve come to really enjoy anal, but it takes some work finding it as it’s not as plentiful as in some other unnamed Southeast Asian countries. You also have to poke around (literally) for it and may sometimes need to throw some cash at it to get it. I’m only going to address local girls in this section. I’m sure the Pinay, Thai and Viet girls here are more ‘advanced’ in this aspect, but I don’t have first hand experience in Shanghai, I don’t do the freelancer circuit in bars like Manhattans, but there are many users on the forum who can fill in here for those who are looking for more info on that.

In BBSs, I’ve only found four girls who do anal so far. Each one has always wanted extra money for it. The two ones I see regularly I tip them an extra 100rmb, so 300rmb total for BJ, FS and anal. Both refused on my first couple visits with them, but then relented, so again, I think it takes time to build relationships and for the girls to get comfortable with you to get to the good stuff here. I always tell myself that since I’m their regular I should just ask for it to be included it for normal 200rmb, but I always go soft-hearted when I am pounding them full-force and full-speed in the rear and don’t ask them when it’s time to pay.

I’ve found more KTV girls who are willing to do, or at least try anal, but only a couple who have been willing to do it on the first time together, so it does take some time and money to find out which KTV girls are more freaky. I’ve been with quite a few KTV one-nighters who let me go ‘two in the pink, one in the stink’ on the first time but wouldn’t let me do the real deal. These girls would eventually go for it I’m sure, but again, you’the have to wine & dine them or take them out a couple times.

I believe most of the local FLs working outside the clubs / bars (like at the bund) will be down for this since they are more used to servicing foreign clientele than perhaps some BBS or KTV girls. I also usually don’t go the streetwalker-outside-of-bar thing, but my first anal experience in Shanghai was one night I was pretty drunk and I walked up to one of the better looking ones standing outside and said ‘hi, anal? ‘. She said yeah, and being drunk and excited I agreed to pay 800 RMB (I was drunk) for a single popper in the pooper. We took a cab to a ghetto ass 50 RMB short-time ‘motel’ and did the deed. Then, being drunk, I agreed to drop her back off at the bar before going home. I’m a good guy like that when I’m drunk.

Usually before I ask a BBS, Sauna or KTV girl if she is willing to do anal BBS, Sauna or KTV girl, I’ll creep in on her backdoor with your thumb or finger and massage it and slowly try to finger her. If she doesn’t jerk up or scream in surprise or if she seems like she likes it, I go ahead and ask.

Multiple Girls

Still haven’t found that porn-scene experience with two Chinese girls in Shanghai yet – have tried in BBSs, Saunas, and even double girl KTV take homes. I suspect I may need to try the non-Chinese girls in Shanghai for this. The Chinese girls I’ve met won’t typically engage in girl on girl action – maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or just selecting poorly. One girl will typically just massage or kiss your body while you are boning the other girl. Then switch wrapper and switch girl. In sauna, you can request a BJ while the other girl rims you, but that’s about as kinky as I’ve seen with sauna girls = (. Or they both lie there. Generally though, if you want more than one girl let your girl pick the other girl for a threesome, that way they are more likely to have worked together before, or are friends and it will most likely make for a better experience. I’ve noticed the girls to be a little more reserved than when one-on-one too, probably having to do with face issues in front of their friend / coworker and wanting to seem conservative. Sigh.

Happy Endings / Massage Parlors

Happy ending (HE) places are located most everywhere throughout the city. How to differentiate one from a regular massage place? There are some tell-tale signs to look for. Typically the first tell-tale sign from far away is the store’s signage. Most will have the words Massage and Spa together in their title – ‘Spa’ being the keyword. Another dead-giveaway is that there will be (in addition to Chinese) Japanese and / or Korean wording on the sign. If you can’t tell the difference between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese writing, just Google it I guess. These are the 20-meters-away signs of a happy ending place. Once you get nearer to the front door / window, the second tell-tale sign will be that the girls are typically dressed in black miniskirts, black pantyhose and black high heels. Come to think of it, I think this has been the dress for 95-98% of the happy ending places I’ve been to. They might mix it up with a white short jacket, but generally if the girls are in tight miniskirts and showing off lots of leg in high heels, bingo you are good to go. The girls are the enticement so they will be deliberately showcasing the girls in the front window. BBS girls do not typically have a standard uniform, where much more revealing clothing and generally look more ho-ish for lack of a nicer word. Basically if the girls look sexy and a bit like uniformed sexy office ladies – it is a HE place.

Store appearance and layout also differentiate a happy ending spa from a BBS. BBSs will typically be a semi-dingy looking hole in the wall room that has a barber chair or two in front of a large mirrored wall. The focus is not cleanliness or presentation. Happy-ending spas will actually look more like a legit massage place, except for the girls in their sexy outfits. The lobby / entrance will typically be clean and have a orderly reception counter. The girls will be off to one side on a ‘nice’ couch or sofa.

Legit massage places (zero or super super discrete hanky-panky) generally won’t have their masseuses dressed up and looking skanky or too sexy. Uniforms might be loose fitting track suit type outfits to yoga wear-type clothing. Generally you don’t expect any hanky panky if you go to one of these places, or if the massage place has a very Chinese-looking theme: old Chinese style with lots of wood (like Congen Massage chain). I have been very tempted to, but haven’t directly asked a legit massage place girl to give me a happy ending, although at some places there has been ‘inadvertent’ ball or shaft brushing, maybe as a tease. I think I’ve been afraid to ask because it’s at the ones I typically go to for legit massages and would be embarrassed to show up again if I asked and was rejected.

Typical massage starts with a legit body massage (quality depends on skill of girl). This will then evolve into an ass and light or heavy (depending on your pref) asshole massage and then flip over and onto the frank and beans. Generally you will provide the girl a 100 RMB tip for a HJ during a 60-90 minute massage session. If I double up the session I will tip 200, although I don’t know if this is common practice or not. The massage itself will probably cost (depending on shop) between 180-350 RMB. You typically shower (in the room) before and after the oil HJ massage. You can generally grope the girl, though she might want a tip for taking her top or panties off (depends on girl and your relationship with her). Some girls are ok with fingering (pussy and / or ass) some girls are not – again depends on girl. If you go to a HE place near lots of expats / foreign travelers (Jinqiao and near the Expo come to mind) , expect the girls to want 300+ tip for a HE. I try to avoid these places as the girls have been spoiled.

LateIy, I’ve been able to bone several massage parlor girls in-store. This wasn’t the case a couple years back for me. I’m not sure what has changed or if it’s just been a change of luck or the economy. I used to be unable to get a massage parlor girl to fuck me in the shop, even if I offered them 1500rmb tip (more to see what their limit was, not really would have paid that) , even as one of their regular customer. One important thing I’ve found is timing. If I want to bone a HE girl in-shop, I will typically show up really late, near closing time – this seems to be the golden hour. Most of the shops will accommodate customers past closing time if they show up before. Most of the shops will close at 2am, so I will show up at 1am. After 2am, most of the other customers and employees will be gone or asleep and the girl will relax some and not worry about being heard or caught. I’ve boned quite a few HE girls and tip them just an extra one or two hundred over what they would normally get. 200-300rmb total tip (not including the massage price). Some places, the girls are more savvy and will ask for 500-600+, but everything is negotiable. I obviously I don’t pay that and never pick those girls again for a massage and tell them that and follow through to drive home the message not to price gouge. They are aware of BBSs and saunas and the prices around town for sex. I’ve had the girls tell me that there is a substantial fine from the shop if they are caught having sex on premises and also it presents a danger from LE to the shop, so this is understandable – I guess it depends on each particular shop how hard they enforce this.

Out of shop is a different story. I have quite a few Shanghai massage girls who are more than willing to come over to my place for a massage and FS overnight. Generally I pay them what I would pay for the service and tip in store, generally around 500-600 rmb (some girls will ask for more, but that is my limit) for a massage and all night FS til morning. Some extra money for cab. It is extra money for their day off or off hours. Again, it generally takes a couple visits to build up a relationship and then they are pretty open to most stuff. Have had some of the best GFE from these type girls. Just have to watch the line where they start expecting more from you emotionally – best to keep it more business. A rotating pool of girls helps so you are not constantly seeing one or two girls. Some of the girls will also pimp their friends from around town to you, so it’s a nice system if you have time to develop it. If you run into a HE massage girl that you dig, you can ask her if she’s willing to do outcall to your place – most will be down for the right price.

Lingerie / Costumes

I’m a lingerie and stockings guy and like to dress up some of the BBS girl I go to or the ones I bring home. Buy and bring your own. Amy’s Bedroom:


(no, I’m not affiliated) has the best selection I’ve found (though a little more pricey than other places) : lingerie, uniforms, toys, etc. You can also buy thigh high stockings at the Shanghai Sci-Tech Museum underground market and around town – just look for the socks and underwear vendors. If you are a high heels guy like me – you can get inexpensive trashy or nicer looking high heels at the Qipu Road (north of People Square) fashion shopping marts – have had a few girls take me take them shopping up there ‘yep, I’m still a sucker sometimes’. But it’s cheap and I make them buy slutty bedroom clothes and high heels / fuck-me-boots to wear for me. High heels are like 50-80 rmb / pair, ho-boots a little more.


I guess the two main areas of safety to worry about are related to either your wallet or your dick. To avoid being ripped off, obviously avoid scams if possible. If you are directly solicited for mongering, especially by a dude asking you if you ‘want lady? ‘, or a girl directly approaching you in a crowded touristy area to talk, practice English, drink tea, that is a huge red flag. Stay away or run away. 100% gaurantee you are going to get scammed or worse.

Once you get to your mongering destination, the biggest weapon you have against being ripped off is knowledge of prices. This forum is filled with pricing info and guidelines. Learn it and stick to it. If you haggle a questionable quote, you won’t look like a cheapy, you will just demonstrate that you are knowledgeable or experienced. And don’t carry huge amounts of cash on you if you can avoid it, I’ve never been pickpocketed or had money stolen while mongering, but its just a safety precaution from perhaps losing some money from your pocket while getting dressed in the darker rooms.

Condoms: Use them. I admittedly have barebacked quite a few BBS, KTV and HE girls and a majority were internal completion / creampies – I’m not bragging here, but using myself to illustrate that safe sex isn’t widely practiced around here, so be safe and smarter than I am. If I am doing it, then a hell of a ton of other guys are too (local and expat). Thankfully, I’ve not caught any STDs yet while in China (I get tested every 6-8 months in the states – for sanity) , but I know it’s a crap shoot and that the working girls here are not any cleaner than any other country. I started out boning KTV girls bareback while drunk and stupid, I guess that’s one danger of KTV is that you are sloshed when you go back with a girl, so judgement isn’t sound. And it’s a bad bad bad slippery slope. I still bareback with some KTV and HE massage girls that come over to my place that I’ve known for a while. I’ve had a couple BBS girls that we started to bone bareback after a while of being their regular customer – a couple told me they only do it with me, but I’the be dumb to believe that crock. I’ve had other BBS girls ask me if I want to do them without a condom for an extra 100rmb tip – on the first time we meet. BIG red flag. When I asked them about that, they said they don’t do that with just anybody, only people that appear clean or based on personal judgement. Wow, scary. Even in Shanghai saunas, I’ve barebacked a couple girls, mostly after I visited them a few times. I tell this story to illustrate that many of the girls don’t know about, don’t know how, don’t care about or don’t worry about safety. And some think they can eyeball someone and tell if that person is clean or not. I doubt I was the only guy she has done this with. So, please be safe and assume all these girls don’t know much (or even scarier – don’t care) about safe sex and the consequences of STDs.

Hope some of this was helpful to some people.

Stay safe, good luck and have fun out there. Happy Mongering!


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