Really, massage can be a crime in Dubai?

1117As one may not know, receiving a massage performed by someone who don’t have a license may lead to jail time or deportation. No mater you hire a masseuse with no license and go to an unlicensed massage parlor, or you get a massage from a masseuse with no license outside a licensed massage parlor, you will go to prison once arrested. If you are an expatriate, you may even be deported.

If you want to have a massage, try those licensed massage centers. Do not be fooled by the women on the street giving you random offers. It is really risky to take those offers because you may be involved in a sexual crime. And sometimes, these people might even be thieves.

There was once a case about a Pakistani man who ran into some Ethiopian women at a pub in Deira, and they promised him a “nice, relaxing massage”. But when he was having that “promised service” with one of them, the other two was actually stealing his belongings. He reported to the police and then he was arrested. The women are charged with prostitution.

If you are in a closed room opposite sex who is not your partner, it is considered illegal. In this care, the man is undressed with an unlicensed masseuse, which is definitely against the law.

Together with the Department of Economic Development, the Dubai Police launched a campaign to prohibit masseuse giving out their in street, parking lots as well as residential apartments. On these cards are mainly young girls wearing sexy cloth and offering outcall services, having nothing to do with the licensed massage centers in Dubai.

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  1. annie one

    massage to the body is necessary and take a massage from masseuse is boon for those people’s who are tired from his, her works. massage give them relaxations,calmness. massage is such a good thing if it is take in proper way.


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