Recommendation of Affordable Massage in Singapore

In Singapore, there are a large number of renowned massage parlors, but massage service in these massage places are not with low prices. If you are searching for great massage services with cheap prices, there will be a list of several affordable massage parlors in Singapore.

1. Healing Touch (River Valley Branch) 

imagesAt Healing Touch, each person believes that making a profit should be secondary to the primary purpose of any business, which is first to satisfy customer needs. This is why while much of the spa industry in Singapore is driven by hard selling, it insists on being service & customer oriented, not sales driven.  The service fee in Healing Touch is reasonably affordable. Coming to Healing Touch (River Valley Branch) you will experience the charm of it.

Address: 5 Tank Rd, Nagarathar Bldg #01-01/02,  River Valley

地址: 坦克路5号,Nagarathar大厦01-02号

Tel: 6737 0147                                           电话: 6737 0147

2. Heart Springs Spa (Serangoon) Pte Ltd

1Established in 2002, Heart Springs Spa is a professional beauty spa as well as massage parlor which offers facial treatment, body massage and spa therapy. Body massages include Aroma Therapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Herbal Compress Massage, Slimming Tui Zhi Massage, Back Massage, and Head & Shoulders Massage. The prices are affordable. Back Massage costs $32 for half an hour and Ear Candling charges for $34 per 30 mins.

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd, #03-25/26 City Square Mall, Singapore 208 539,  City Central

地址: 新加坡吉真那路180号,城市广场3楼25、26号

Tel: 65 6509 1035/6509 1036                                           电话: 65 6509 1035/6509 1036

3.  Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

2Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage is a traditional Thai massage parlor which provides foot, neck and shoulders massage, traditional thai massage and aroma thai massage, etc. Conveniently located in Raffles Place, Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage is a very popular and luxury massage place. All staffs of Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage are professional and qualified. The damage is not high. Massage for 30 mins only costs you $38.  Compared with other top-grade spa, it’s more cheap with high-quality service.

Address:  49A Boat Quay, Singapore 49838,  Raffles Place

地址: 新加坡驳船码头49A

Tel: 65 6536 3306/9337 3715                                         电话: 65 6536 3306/9337 3715

4. Yang Xin Dian Reflexology


1375699330430Located in People’s Park Complex, Yang Xin Dian Reflexology is a traditional Chinese foot massage parlor. Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology. Foot reflexology is “pressure therapy” and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. The massage service in this shop is cheap and affordable. A 1 hour massage with shoulders only charges for $25.

Address:  1 Park Road, #03-12/25 People’s Park Complex, Singapore

地址: 新加坡公园路1号,珍珠坊购物中心

Tel:  6536 6587                                           电话:  6536 6587

5. Spa Elements

1376361734677Conveniently located along Orchard road, Spa Elements specializes in massage therapy that relaxes, rejuvenates and restores each client. Its fundamental believe is that everybody deserves a great massage, and strive to make it available readily. Spa Elements provides facials, slimming , hair removal and body scrubs and wraps. The prices are also affordable. Body massage only charges for $59 per 60 mins.

Address:  2 Orchard Turn, #B1-30 ION Orchard, Singapore

地址: 新加坡商乌节湾,乌节弯B1层30号

Tel:  65 6738 3788                                           电话:  65 6738 3788

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