Recommendation of Hong Kong Pickup Bars

Have you ever confused about where to find hot girls and have fun at night during your stay at Hong Kong? Your confusion will disappear when you come to the pickup bars in Hong Kong. You only need to buy a drink and sit there, hunting for your favorite girls. If you have no idea of any pickup bars in Hong Kong, do not worry, we will make the recommendation for you. 

1. Bar Amazonia

1381107868581Bar Amazonia is a new hangout spot for rugby lovers who also have a thing for rock’n’roll. Rugby games are shown on several wall-mounted plasmas every night while the live band stirs up the heat from 10 p.m onwards. Happy Hour Drinks is 12 noon – 9 p.m every Monday. It lives sports daily and live music 8 p.m to 6 a.m daily. It’s popular for Filipine & Thai Gals.

Address:15 Luard Road,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 31058990                                   电话:852 31058990

2. The Bridge Bar

1384244003453Located on the Lockhart Road, the heart of Wanchai’s famous bar district, the Bridge is an allround pub, opens 24 hours every day of the year. It is close to other well known bars like BAR109, Joe Banana’s, Mes Amis, Coyote, Amazonia, Carnegies, Old China Hand, etc. It’s where a lot of the Fil Gals hang out after the deed is done and often they are up for more. If they like you and circumstances are right you can get a great deal.

Address:G/F, 109 Lockhart Road,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 2865 5586                                  电话:852 2865 5586

3. Escape

1381108755357Escape occupies an area of 7050 square feet and is the largest bar in Wan Chai. Once stepping into it, you will be impressed by its 9 meter long island bar and the glow of the unique, state-of-the-art LED stage back drop display aptly called ’The LED Wall’. With seating for 200 people and standing for 300 people, the sophisticated and modern design of Escape is the setting for some of the very best in service, entertainment and atmosphere in the area. Thursday – Saturday a great selection of girls, Fil, Thai, Viet, Africa, Indo etc.

Address:64 Jaffe Road,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 2143-6030                             电话:852 2143-6030

4. Hari’s Bar

1Hari’s Bar is on the mezzanine floor of Holiday Inn Golden Mile. Located in bustling downtown, the whole bar is surrounded by ground glass windows. It’s a good place to enjoy scene of hotel lobby and prosperous Mody Road. Bands also play live music here. Various kinds of cocktails are available for clients. Come to enjoy generous happy hours.In addition to the “usuals”, you will occasionally find Mongolian, Korean, Angolan, Russian Gals.

Address:Mezzanine Floor, Holiday Inn Golden Mile, 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon City


Tel:852 2369 3111                       电话:852 2369 3111

5. Joe Bananas

2Joe Bananas has long been one of the most popular hangouts in Wan Chai, it’s reportedly also one of Hong Kong’s best pickup bars. It attracts a wide range of people during its various incarnations throughout the day, from area office workers of all ages for its popular weekday lunch buffet (HK$73) and after-work drinks, to a more youthful crowd that begins to loosen up when a DJ starts spinning electro, funky house, hip-hop, and retro at 10 pm. Wednesday is Ladies’ Night, with free drinks for women from 9 pm to 2 am.

Address: 23 Luard Rd Wan Chai Ground fl, Shiu Lam Bldg,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 25291811                      电话:852 25291811

 6. Neptune II

3Neptune II has become one of Wan Chai’s landmarks through so many years’ operation. It is a well known party bar but not get really busy until night. DJs and live band play music from current hit songs to the best of the 80s. It does get busy at weekends, visitors from all over the world enjoy happy hours together, dance and drink freely. All your entertainment needs will be met at Neptune 2. If you have never been to Neptune 2, you really need to go at least once. There are lots Thai, Fil, Indo, Viet, China, Columbia & more gals.

Address: 98 Jaffe Rd,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 2865 2238                     电话:852 2865 2238

7. Neptune III

4Neptune III, formerly was Dream II, is located on Lockhart Road near the White Stag and Devil’s Advocate. The predecessor of NEPTUNE 3 DISCO is Neptune disco and Neptune 2 disco. All the Directors of Neptune disco and Neptune 2 disco have come together again to create NEPTUNE 3 DISCO. There are lots of gals hang out here. Take extra care here to clarify cost of ladies and their drinks before you agree to anything!

Address: No. 42-50 Lockhart Road,  Wan Chai


Tel:852 2370 0699                     电话:852 2370 0699

8. Spicy Fingers

5Spicy Fingers offers some of the best cover bands in Hong Kong. At around 10 pm Spicy Fingers transforms itself from a pub to a live music venue with a Filipino band playing a wide range of popular music. The band is very good and, if you prefer sitting and listening to the music, rather than dancing, you won’t be disappointed. This Bar offers gals are available for those inclined.

Address: 78-82 Jaffe Road,  Wan Chai

地址: 灣仔謝斐道78-82號

Tel:852 2861 3588                     电话:852 2861 3588

9. Sticky Fingers

6This is a good bar with a good live band playing music from 10pm till late. Beers are cheap on tap until 10pm every night. Located next to Starbucks, foreigners would like to have a drink there. Beautiful ladies are around the floor and will be happy to join you for a drink. A talented Filipino band plays rock and roll hits for the tiny dance floor.

Address: Empire Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon City

地址: 尖沙咀麼地道66號帝國中心

Tel:852 2369 8988                     电话:852 2369 8988

10. Agave

7Agave in Wan Chai is a bar restaurant offering a menu of a vast selection of high quality tequilas and creative dishes from Mexico. Ingredients are imported from Mexico. Main color of decoration is red and orange exhibit Mexico’s hot and enthusiasm. Signature dish is Fajitas and Molcajetes, full of Mexican flavor. A casual, inviting atmosphere as well as authentic Mexican cuisine and wonderful tequila make Agave popular among local and foreign people. Occasionally, a cute gal at a good price, however it is most famous for it’s best in HK selection of Tequilla.

Address:Shop C-D, G/F, 93-107 Lockhart Road,  Wan Chai

地址: 灣仔駱克服路93-107號地下C-D商鋪

Tel:852 28663228                     电话:852 28663228

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