Relaxing Yourselves at No.9 Spa Club

It is a good news that now you only need to spend 199 RMB on group purchasing and can enjoy a sauna package which is worth 241 RMB in No.9 Spa Club. From Sunday to Thursday, you do not need to make an appointment. Both bus and subway can send you directly there. Delicious food and considerate service are waiting for you!

Group Purchasing on:

About No.9 Spa Club:

thumbFounded in 2009, No.9 Spa Club is located in the central business area of Guangzhou. It is situated on the 4th-7th floor of Zhong Tai International Plaza and cover an area of near 50 thousand square meters in total. As one of the largest spa leisure club in Guangzhou, No.9 Spa Club combines spa healthcare, aroma spa, dining, beautify, hotel rooms, entertainment area and large-scale children park etc.  It is a good place for relaxation of your mind and body.

What can you enjoy in No.9 Spa Club:

1. 24-hour neat sauna (ticket can be used only from Sunday to Thursday)

2. Luxury Buffet

3. Free ice-cream, fruits and drinks

4. 24-hour available soups and noodles

5. Functional Spa massage pools, dry steaming, wet steaming and showering

6. Luxury resting rooms, outer space sleep warehouse

7. Luxury Cinema (14:00-2:00)

8. Children Park

9. Multi-functional Gym

10. Free WIFI

11. 10% discount of service fee

Purchasing Notification:

1. Ticket Valid Time: 2014-03-01 to 2014-12-31

2. Each ticket only can be used by one person once

3. Only people with ID cards are allowed to get in.

4. Buffet available time: 7:00-10:30,11:30-14:00,17:30-21:30

Night Snack time: 23:00- next morning 02:00 (From Sunday to Thursday),23:00- next morning       03:00(Friday to Saturday) .

5. Ticket is valid within 24 hours after you verified it.

6. Free Bath robe, towel, bath dew, shampoo and lockers are available, but disposable clothes are not included in the ticket so you need to pay extra money for them.


Delicious Food


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Spa Area





Entertainment Area



Children Park



Football Bar



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