Restaurants and Bars in Tianzifang

Tianzifang, situating in Taikang Road 210 Lane, is an arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China.  Historically Lane #248 was a key entrance that, in order to gain access to the commercially developed area, required walking about 50meters through whilst be surrounded by local residents’ life, including bicycles, hanging laundry, etc. until finally emerging in the ‘new’ area.

Western and Chinese culture are blending and crashing here, blinking with passion everywhere.  It keeps the Old Shanghai styled architectures, and bringing innovation at the same time. Various distinctive restaurants and bars are showing their charms, which has been attracting a number of people here. If you want enjoy the stylish flavors, Tianzifang is definitely your best choice.



Jianguo West Road–No.27, 96

Shanxi South Road–NO.17, 41, 146,786

Chongqing South Road–NO.36, 986, 933

Metro: Entrance 1, Dapuqiao Station, Metro Line 9


Lapis Thai(Tianzifang) 藏珑泰极(田子坊店)thumb (2)

Address: 14 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-64733989

Description: Situating in Tianzifang, Lapis Thai fuses modern and old-styled elements together, trying to create a unique and delicate atmosphere, the shanghai shikumen architectiure brings a strong nostalgia flavor to customers. It offers authentic Thai cuisine which has been improved to appeal the public.  All the materials are strictly selected and imported from Southeast Asia, guaranteeing the authentic tastes. Tom Yam Kung is really worth a try.

GLISMATTEN 健康蔬食瑞士火锅屋thumb (2)

Address: 9 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District

地址: 卢湾区泰康路248弄田子坊9号

Tel: 021-54658008

Description: The country style decoration makes it outstanding at the first sight in Tianzifang, the atmosphere is as cozy as at home. GLISMATTEN aims to provide customers with the most authentic cheese fondue, and the rich cheese flavor will filll your nostrils before walking in. Pizza and cakes are available here, you can also enjoy the sunshine on the second floor.

Esther’s Bear(Tianzifang) 泰迪之家(田子坊店)thumb (5)

Address: 23 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-54658008

Description: Esther’s Bear is a teddy bear-themed restaurant, specializing in Thai cuisine in Tianzifang. Walking into it, what you can see is teddy dolls and decorations, it’s almost a paradise of teddy bear. It covers 3 floors, the 1st floor only arranges 2 desks for customers to have some drinks; you can make teddy shaped food by your own on 2nd floor; 3rd floor provides dining service for you, Thai tea is the feature.

En Grill & Bar宴thumb (2)

Address: 20 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-54660857

Description: En Grill & Bar is a Japanese restaurant, it provides you with the most authentic cuisine, featuring in Sushi, Sashimi and Charcoal fire barbecue, kinds of Japanese alcoholic drinks are available, hoping to make you appreciate unadulterated Japanese food. It provides compartments on 2/F and a balcony on 3/F. Coupled with the elegant and comfortable environment, it is a good place to go.

Lotus Land Indian Restaurant 莲池印度餐厅thumb (9)

Address: 12 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 274 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-54652743

Description: Throwing off a strong exotic emotional appeal with Nepal styled decorations you can see everywhere, Lotus Land is a restaurant specializing in a full range of Indian Food. The chef came from India, providing you with decent Indian cuisine. They elaborately choose the spices from Nepal, trying to make you feel the most traditional Indian food. You can sit on terrace to have a relaxing time.


Alley Bar 弄堂酒吧thumb

Address: 258 Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District

地址: 卢湾区泰康路258号

Tel: 021-54650813

Description: It is a stylish bar, sharing quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  Situating in an Old Shanghai Styled alley, this place is small but decent, hoping to make it cozy for customers to enjoy themselves. The decoration is retro, featuring in wooden windows and individualized furnishings. Alley bar has its magic power, it is a  good place for a stop.


Address: 38 Jianguo Milddle Road 155 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 13788923099

Description: This cute little stand is discreetly built into the main thoroughfare in Tianzifang near NY Style Steak & Burger and Kaiba Terrace.Rambler will draw you in with its affordable drinks, a solid menu and, above all else, a welcoming atmosphere. It doesn’t even have a sign above the makeshift bar – you have to glance at the menu to see it’s name: The Rambler. It was decorated full of exotic feeling, and relaxing music are playing to make you feel ease.

Friends Bar Friends酒吧thumb

Address: 25 Tianzifang, 155 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-64150860

Description: This is an authentic American style bar in Tianzifang, bringing you with relaxing atmosphere, warm service and a full range of drinks. It is so decent that has been attracted so many customers, including lots of foreigners. You can choose to enjoy at the bar counter outside, or having fun with everybody inside. This place is not big but warm with cozy music playing, hot and cold wines are recommendable, cocktails are worth a try.

Memory Club 尚床吧thumb (1)

Address: 1 Tianzifang, Taikang Road 248 Lane, Luwan District


Tel: 021-64182212

Description: Covering an small building of 3 floors, it concludes a cafe on 2nd floor and a bar on 3rd floor. Walking along the wooden stairs, you will see a teeny-weeny balcony with plenty green pants fill your eyes. A small compartment is hidden on the corner, wooden furnishings create it stylish and noble, full of the literature flavor. The 2nd floor is a cozy cafe. And the bar on 3rd floor is the highlight, three red high beds are placed to add the comfort and pleasure moment for customers.  More spacious compartment are available here.

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