Sanlitun in Beijing

100211154558kjap9kfh79ehSanlitun, also known as the Sanlitun Embassy Area, Sanlitun Entertainment Areas or the Sanlitun Bar Street, is located in the eastern area of Chaoyang District in Beijing. It used to be a small street with a few bars. Right now, bars, restaurants and shops can be seen everywhere in this place. Sanlitun has gained a reputation among foreigners, visitors and trendy locals. The bars and restaurants here offer you a cozy environment to hide away.

The area can be simply divided into 4 parts. Sanlitun northern area, also known as the The Liangma River and The Liangma River Road area, offers classy restaurants. Sanlitun West Area is also known as Worker’s Stadium. Sanlitun South Area, which is in the Sanlitun South Road, houses many lower-key bars. Sanlitun Central Area is in the heart of this area. The prices here are a little bit higher than you expect. With minimum charge, most of the bars here close late. Here are some recommendations for you.

Sanlitun North Area
The entrance here is at the Sanlitun Lu. The shops in this area are in line. There are The Tree, Boys & Girls bar, Poacher’s serving great drinks, Public Space offering great coffee in a classy and calm environment, Swing 58 providing tasty food and great entertainment, The Bookworm with a variety of English books and great coffee, The Handsome Café serving excellent Italian food, and The Golden Elephant serves unexpensive Indian and Thai cuisines.

Sanlitun West Area
The bars here includes Mix providing large space and hot dancers, Vics playing great disco music, the Outback Steakhouse offering excellent steaks, and the Havana Café with a live band performing. The entrance is at the north of The Worker’s Stadium. There are also many other on-site bars, restaurants and shops.

Sanlitun South Area
The bars here are low-key and smaller. Recommended ones are Q Bar offering innovative cocktails, the Cross Club providing nostalgic atmosphere, the Face Bar serving Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines, the Tree Bar offering great beers and pizzas, and the Pavilion Bar, a great place for sports fans to hang out.

Sanlitun Central Area
Apart from the hotels and shopping stores in this business district, there are also numerous bars. Offering the greatest disco music in the city, the Rock & Roll is behind the Comfort Inn. The Den decorated with western designs is close to the City Hotel. The Power House bar here features a live band performance and the Success is located in an interesting building.

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