Several Famous Dishes in Suzhou

Suzhou has a long history of culture. One of its famous various cultures is the food culture. After several thousand years’ development,  there have been 12 major categories and  more than 1200 famous varieties in Suzhou food. It is not a easy job to introduce all the categories and varieties of Suzhou food. However, there are several famous dishes which are strongly recommended in Suzhou.

1081. Sweet and sour mandarin fish

Chinese name: 松鼠桂鱼

Sweet and sour mandarin fish is made of mandarin fish (Siniperca chuatsi, also known as stone mandarin fish). It is the traditional dishes of Matsuzuru. There has been a history of more than 200 years since this dish was created. Now it has been famous at home and abroad, is one of China’s most famous dishes.

A recommended restaurant to enjoy this dish: Xiehe  Restaurant  (协和菜馆)

Address: Phoenix Street No. 15, Canglang District, Suzhou


Tel: 0512-65117830

2.Bi Luo shrimp

Chinese name:碧螺虾仁

109Bi Luo shrimp is the traditional Suzhou dishes. It takes shrimp meat as main material and spring snail as ingredients.  Spring snail is a kind of famous tea which originates in suzhou. Its  color, flavor are regarded as being unique among the various kinds of  tea. This dish features with the scent of tea and the delicate flavors of shrimps.

A recommended restaurant to enjoy this dish: The old Suzhou Tea Restaurant (老苏州茶酒楼)

Address: Shiquan Street No.658, Canglang District, Suzhou


Tel: 0512-65291988

3. Watermelon Chicken

110Chinese name:西瓜鸡

Watermelon Chicken takes fat hen as main raw material. The chef puts the chicken into the watermelon, adding the chicken soup together with  sliced ham, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and broth. After several minutes’ steaming, a delicious dish will be on the table.

Watermelon Chicken is one of Suzhou’s traditional seasonal dishes. It’s delicious and fragant. The nutrition of this dish is rich. It can nourish both Qi and blood, strengthen your body, take care your spleen and add your appetite.

A recommended restaurant to enjoy this dish: Songhelou Restaurant(松鹤楼菜馆)

Address: Eunuch Lane No.72, Pingjiang District, Suzhou


Tel: 0512-67700688

4. Barbel Lung Soup

Chinese name: 鲃肺汤

111Barbel Lung Soup is the traditional dish of Suzhou Mudu Mansion Restaurant. It uses the lung of spotted grouper together with ham, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The fish liver is fat and tender, floating on the surface of the soup. The soup is clear and the taste is excellent. It is another seasonal dish in Suzhu.

A recommended restaurant to enjoy this dish: Suzhou Mudu Mansion Restaurant(木渎石家饭店)

Address: Zhongshi Street No.18, Mudu town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou


Tel: 0512-66261351

5. Stewed Turtle

Chinese name: 白汁鼋菜

112Stewed Turtle is cooked by cutting soft-shelled turtle into blocks, adding Chinese yam, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ginger, salt, wine and other sauces. It is tonic and has the function of nourishing Yin and cooling blood. This dish is one of the traditional Suzhou dishes and enjoys a long-time reputation.

A recommended restaurant to enjoy this dish: Songhelou Restaurant(松鹤楼菜馆)

Address: Eunuch Lane No.72, Pingjiang District, Suzhou


Tel: 0512-67700688

If you have the chance to go to Suzhou, do not forget to enjoy these delicious dishes!

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