Several Great Bars in Datong Mill

datongmill-shanghaiDatong Mill, begins from Soth Chengdu Road in the east to the No.1 Ruijin Road in the west, near the Middle Yan’an Road viaduct to the north and close to Julu Road to the south, is devoted to creating a mood oasis in the busy city center.  It is the leisure ark in Huaihai District.  You can get there by taking bus lines, such as Line No.48,127,311,925 to Shimen No.1 Station. No matter on noon break time, quitting time or other spare time, once you stepping into Datong Mill, all your  annoyance and stress will go away.  What is waiting for you is the endless leisure time. Going to the bars in Datong Mill will be your brilliant choice. Here are several wonderful bars in the Datong Mill.


1. Scuba Diving Bar 思酷巴潜水主题酒吧

1Founded by senior diving coach Jachey Lee, Scuba Diving Bar takes diving as its theme. In the bar, hundreds of professional diving equipment, pictures and videos are exhibited, and most of the pictures and videos are taken by Chinese diving lovers. Everybody can experience the memoir of diving here and feel the freedom of heart brought by the blue sky and sea.

Address: Room 5148 Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


Tel:021-53868958                        电话:021-53868958

2. TT Club

2TT Club is located in the Datong Mill with clean and cosy environment. Its decoration lays emphasis on the European style which is dignified, graceful, elegant and fashionable. The waiters and waitresses are handsome boys and cute girls who provide high-quality service. On each Friday and Saturday, there are the performances of Les.

Address: Inside Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


Tel:13701908865                         电话:13701908865

3. Lost Bar 迷失吧

3Lost Bar is a distinctive bar located in the Datong Mill. It has exotic music and exotic performances. A wide range of drinks are avaliable here, among which THE PRINCE&ME is highly trcommended. The waiters and waitresses are all friendly with kind service attitudes. With decent prices and cosy environment, lost Bar is a nice place for you and your friends gather together.

Address:Room 5148 Building B1, Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


4. Yes Club

1Are you still looking for a bar where handsome boys and beautiful girls hang out? Come to Yes Club and find your ideal girl or boy! Located in the Datong Mill, Yes Club is a great place possessing cool boys and girls. With decent drinks, excellent services and cosy environment, you will be lost in the Yes Club.

Address:Inside Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


Tel:6426 6808                                电话:6426 6808

5. Club Zg

2Located in the Datong Mill, Club Zg is a quiet bar, even a little bit desolate, but the interior environment is extremely nice. Concise design etherealizes for the shining lights. The winding hangers, mosaic metope, comfortable sofas and capicious dancing hall are all prepared for distinctive you. If you want a quiet bar, Club Zg will be your perfect choice.

Address: Room 5102 Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


Tel:021-53828182                               电话:021-53828182

6. Only Leisure Bar   Only休闲酒吧

only leisure clubLocated in the Datong Mill, Only Leisure Bar usually leaves consumers an impression of quietness and a nice place to sit and chat. The environment is clean and cosy. Drinks are decent, fruit and snacks here are free sometimes. It will be a not bad choice to invite some friends to chat and drink here on the weekend.

Address: Room 5176-5178 Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District

地址: 卢湾区巨鹿路158号大同坊5176-5178室

7. Palace Club   Palace酒吧 

palcae clubPalace Club is located in the Building B1 in the Datong Mill. It looks like a splendid underground palace, bright and shining. Setting yourself in the Palace Club will make you feel like being in a royal bar where is full of the atmosphere of luxury and noble. In the Palace Club, you can hear the best HipHop and R&B, enjoy various drinks and chat with cool boys or sexy girls. It offers you the royal treatments.

Address: Room 5165 Building B1, Datong Mill, 158 Julu Road,  Huangpu District


Tel:13818920811/ 13918393000                               电话:13818920811/ 13918393000

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