Several Well-known Beijing Escort Agencies

It is necessary to decide whether you need an independent escort or an escort from escort agency. If you have no idea, here are some facts which may help you make your decision.

1. Agency service is not more expensive than independent escort service, sometime even cheaper. When you know about the price of escort market, you will find it’s true.

2. Most independent escorts do not use real pictures. A large group of people firmly consider independent escort use real pics while the fact is they are wrong.  Beijing escort girls do not use their real photo to do this business due to Chinese tradition.

3. Most independent escort girl has a boss. In other words, these “independent escort girls” are another form of agency. Hence, you are just cheating yourself if you consider you have found an independent escort.

4. An agency allows you to apply for the claim when the service is terrible while you may find the independent escort nowhere after her service.

5. Finally, an agency is aimed to doing the long-term business, so they will try their best to offer the best service and earn a good reputation while an independent escort may not.

Now, if you have decided to choose an escort agency in Beijing, we are glad here to recommend several well-known Beijing escort agencies.

1. Kitty’s Escort

beijing-escorts-HedyKitty is one of the pioneering escort/outcall massage service providers in Beijing. Whether you are just planning a trip over to Beijing or already be here, simply give Kitty a call (she can only speak basic English, if you can speak Chinese and that will make your conversation efficiently), or send an email, and the agency will arrange for you an unforgettable evening with one of its ladies that filled with excitement and passion.

In Beijing, Kitty’s Escorts is a well established escort service brand. All of Kitty’s ladies are carefully selected, ensuring they are good looking, open-minded and well-mannered. The most important thing is that all of them have been well trained before working under the its team. So service quality and your satisfactions will be totally guaranteed.

Girl Types and their rate:

beijing-escorts-xiaolinNext Door Type

The rate of Next Door Type Girl  for 1 shot session(within 1 hour) is 700 rmb, including taxi fee, no hidden charges.  Some of them provide 2 shots session(within 2 hours) and you need to contact Kitty for further inquiry.

Model Quality Girl

The rate of Model Quality Girl for 1 shot session(within 1 hour) is 1000 rmb, including taxi fee, no hidden charges. Some of them provide 2 shots session(within 2 hours) and you can email Kitty for further inquiry or booking.

beijing-escorts-RivaTop Models

The rate of Top Models  for 1 shot session(within 1 hour) is 1500 rmb, including taxi fee, no hidden charges. However, these girls are available sometimes. You have to contact Kitty for further inquiry or booking.

Tel: +86 159 0155 7624



 2. Fiona In Beijing

3332No matter you want to meet a lady for a romantic candlelight dinner,  or go some sightseeing, or something more cosy like enjoying a cold glass of champagne under some soft music, you only need to give a phone call to Fiona, she will make arrangements for you to meet up with one of her lovely ladies to share a memorable evening of fun and excitement together!

Fiona in Beijing is one of the Beijing service providers with a group of girls. You can call Fiona and tell them which type of girls you like, they will arrange a girl for you according to your requirements.

image36If you want an escort who can give good girlfriend feel, you can choose Bess. Bess is a cute sensuous girl with really great feel and touch. If you are a boobs lover, Lulu is a good choice. She is good-looking and wild.

The advantages of Fiona are that Fiona doesn’t push or oversell her girls which are nice. Fiona speaks English as well as her girls. This maybe a good new for foreigners who know limited mandarin. However, the disadvantage is Fiona has non-standard pricing ( For reference: The rate for FULL service is 1000rmb. Overnight packages starting from 12 midnight to the next morning 8 a.m is 2000rmb. ) and you never know what you get in terms of service. If you do not like the girl she arranged, you need to pay the girl 100 taxi fee.

Tel: +86 1358 191 6890



3.  Maria Beijing Massage

sisiAs one of pioneering massage service providers in China, Maria has run a successful business in this field for over 10 years. So you can get a wider selection, for there are so many girls of different kinds working under her.

Three sorts of girls are available – next-door type girls, model quality girls and foreign girls (not Chinese).

Next-door girls: They are open-minded, well-mannered and eager to make friends with gentlemen, so they easily take you as their boyfriends and give you a real GFE which you are busily engaged in seeking.

rongrongModel quality girls: They have excellent looks and figures, most of them come from Art Schools, high-end nightclubs and model agencies.

Foreign girls: Maria built up a wonderful team consisting of dozens of foreign talents over the past few years. Most of them are European, Russian and American.

1362365721816The advantages are that prices are fixed and rather cheap (usually 500 + taxi 50 for ST), girls are young (18-24 range), more spontaneous and playful. However, the drawback is that Maria tends to send any girl for any name, whoever is available (of course, pictures are fake, as for all other providers). If you do not speak Mandarin, you’d better contact Maria by e-mail.

Tel: +86 139 1124 6512



4. The Best Outcall Massage in Beijing

photo1If you are going to Beijing and wondering how you can spend your time here, contact this agency and they will arrange for you to have a memorable evening filled with fun, excitement, and passion. You can hire any of their beautiful girls to your hotel for a wonderful massage or they can accompany you for dinner, sightseeing, party, dance, and so on. All their ladies are good looking and well-mannered.



Services and Rates:

Complete Full Body Sensual Massage: 1 Hour of Sensual Service  RMB 500 + Taxi Fee Both Ways

Deluxe Full Body Sensual Massage: 2 Hours of Sensual Service  RMB 800+ Taxi Fee Both Ways

Overnight Body-to-Body Sensual Massage:  8 Hours of sensual service  RMB 1200 + Taxi Fee Both Ways

16hvnfaThe downside is this agency’s talents usually lack of looks. In my humble opinion, just average appearance and looks a bit old. Another downside is they don’t have many girls to choose and change, so they’ll have to change their names from time to time pretending they have got so many stocks in hand. You will find out this trick after demanding several different girls.

Tel: +86 135 5288 5100



5. Fantasy Angels in Beijing

201321220611616652Fantasy Angels is an escort agency offering outcall services in Beijing. Its girls are all young. Their age is between 18 and 28. Most girls are office ladies, KTV girls, beauticians and part-time girls who want to make extra money and new friends. Their services are available for 24 hour each day, so you can call it or send SMS at anytime of the day or night. It will help make arrangements to meet up with one of its lovely ladies to your hotel to share a memorable evening with you.

Rate: 800 RMB for 90 mins

1500 RMB for overnight

If you do not like the girl it arranged, you only need to pay the taxi fee and it will arrange another girl till you are satisfied. Don`t trust the girls pictures they provide, they are from Japanese models, nothing to do with the girl that will show up in your room.

Phone: +86 13651223962


Warning: You will never find a escort agency in Beijing that will show real pictures and send really the girl you select. Most time they will send girls matched to your requirement most. If the agency you select is good, they will send beautiful and young girls to you. While a bad agency usually send ugly and old girls to you. Keep in mind that, call a escort girl in china is like a lottery, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.

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