Several Well-known Shenzhen Saunas Near Huanggang Border

Near the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, there is a railway station named Lok Ma Chau Station (落马洲站). A large quantity of citizens in Hong Kong will set off to Futian District in Shenzhen from this railway station if they want to enjoy the awesome massage and sauna services there. If you are interested in the best sauna in Shenzhen, then the following sauna shops you should not miss.

1. Shuidu International Health Club (水都国际健康俱乐部)

1The decoration in Shuidu was delicately designed, the health care therapists in Shuidu were selected strictly and the products in Shuidu were all from the top brands in the world. With professional therapists, tranquil and elegant environment, exquisite technique and top products, Shuidu International Health Club will let those people who pursuit perfect things find resonance.

Club services include body massage, physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, foot care and  VIP private spa. Chinese and western food, chess and card room, tea art, multi-function room, KTV, double movie theaters, football, bowling, table tennis, billiards and  Internet cafes are all available here. In Shuidu International Health Club, you can get the excellent services you want.

Address: Zhiben Building,No. 12 , Fumin Road,  Futian District   地址:福民路12号知本大厦

Tel: 8385-6666                                                                             电话:8385-6666

2. Oriental Palm Spring International Club (东方棕泉国际会所)

2Oriental Palm Spring International Club is located on the first to third floor of Jin Gang Hao Ting Podium Building (金港豪庭裙楼), covers an area of 150 thousand square meters. It’s near to Shenzhen convention and exhibition center to the north and only one street’s width away from the Lok Ma Bridge.

The club is composed of three layers. The first layer is equipped with women and men hydrotherapy pool, wet steam room,  dry steam room, multi-functional KTV room, private cinema, spa rooms and multi-functional commercial VIP room. The second layer is the leisure hall which consists of resting rooms, dining hall, Internet cafe multi-functional VIP rooms, table tennis room and billiard room. The third layer are all Chinese style and Thai style massage rooms except the multi-functional cenima.

Address: 1-3/F,Jin Gang Hao Ting,No.1001, Jintian Road        地址:金田路1001号金港豪庭1-3楼

Tel: 755-8204-1888                                                                   电话:755-8204-1888

3.Bi Shui Yun Tian International Healthy Spa (碧水云天国际健康水会)

thumb_副本Situated in the commercial building, it is a large and upscale leisure spa with the collection of sauna, entertainment, massage, foot bath, health care. With the guidance of the masaters, masseurs are professional and authentic, each of who can offer you high quality press skills.

The price are as followed: Traditional Chinese massage: 88 RMB/ 2 clocks; Thai massage: 98 RMB/ 2 clocks; Japanese massage: 128 RMB/ 2 clocks; Health care: 168 RMB/ 100 minutes.

Address: B4,Commercial Building, 7th Street, Shuiwei Village      地址:福田区水围村7街商业楼4栋

Tel: 2348-9888                                                                              电话:2348-9888

4. Grand Golden Avenue International Health Water (水景云天国际健康水会)

1Grand Golden Avenue International Health Water is located in Jing Yuan Hua Podium Building.  Due to the supreme geographical location, its traffic nearby is quite convenient. The interior environment is tranquil and comfortable.

With large space and luxury decoration, the Water will give you an enjoyful trip. Have a SPA will get a foot massage for free. Masseurs here are of professional skills, no. 8209 and 8215 are recommended. Per capita consumption is 400RMB.

Address: No.1068, Fuqiang Road,  Futian District                        地址:福强路1068号景源华庭裙楼

Tel: 0755-82530280                                                                      电话:0755-82530280

 5. Sunshine Holiday Leisure Center (阳光假日休闲中心)

4The leisure center is located in 11 Second Shuiwei Street. This place looks semi legit from the outside. But there is no fancy decoration or light, just the basic furnishings in side. It’s not for everyone but if you are not too picky and in need of a quickie, this may be a good choice.

The place was at full swing, very busy, with lot’s of people getting their feet massaged, both male and females. They can also provide HE in this club, but the price had risen to RMB218 for a massage with HE. But it is still a good choice. The massage girls in this leisure club are beautiful and the HE was good too except that the door to the room had a big window so the gal sat between legs to block the view.

Address: 11 Second Shuiwei Street,Shuiwei village                         地址:福田区水围二街11号

Tel:13510952399                                                                                电话:13510952399

6. Hui Gang Cheng (汇港城)

1Hui Gang Cheng is a large-scale international spa club designed by a Hong Kong senior designer. It’s comprehensive with dry and wet steam spa rooms, bath spa rooms, beauty slimming pavilion, health care massage rooms, resting rooms, VIP resting zone, chess and card rooms, multi-functional KTV rooms and Internet cafe.
Shenzhen Hui Gang Cheng covers an area of near 10 thousand square meters which is located between Futian Port and Huanggang Port. The traffic there is extremely convenient. Hui Gang Cheng take health and harmony, honestly developing as their concept and is devoted to offering the beat services to each consumer.

Address: Shenrong Building, 1045 Fuqiang Road                 地址:福田区福强路1045号深荣大厦

Tel:0755-83871111                                                              电话:0755-83871111

7. Shi Wai Tao Yuan Leisure Club (世外桃源休闲会所)

1376622578442Shi Wai Tao Yuan Leisure Club is the first sub-health-care leisure club which is oriented to the public nationwide. Located on the Park Street of Futian District and covering an area of ten thousand square meters, it has a supreme geographical location where is close to Fuk Man Subway Station.

The leisure club mainly provides professioal Traditional Chinese Massage, Thai Massage, French Massage, Foot Massage and Aroma Oil Massage. It’s a comprehensive club with sauna, spa, Internet Cafe, massage, entertainment and health care. Shi Wai Tao Yuan Leisure Club focuses on consumers and is devoted to helping them release the fatigue in the life.

Address: 1-2/F Imperial Court Garden, Huanggang Village, Fuk Man Road


Tel:0755-25330000                                                              电话:0755-25330000

8. Hong Shu Lin Spa Club (红树林水疗会所)

170997d773d4ee6c4d399ef2758eabe5_副本Hongshulin is an upscale club with the collection of sauna, massage and spa.  Located in the 2nd floor of Imperial plaza podium, the traffic is convenient.  Masseurs are professional and authentic. They have been trained for several years and each of them can guarantee that you can enjoy high quality service.

The price is as followed: traditional Chinese massage is 68 RMB for dual clock; Thai massage: 88 RMB/ 2 clocks; Japanese massage: 128 RMB/ 2 clocks.

Address:2/F,Imperial Plaza podium,Futian South Road    地址:福田区福田南路皇城广场裙楼2楼

Tel:8369-3390                                                                电话:8369-3390

9. Shui Yu Ming Zhu International Club (水域明珠国际会所)

1374231054314_副本Shuiyu is an comprehensive international club with the integration of sauna, massage, KTV, lobby, internet cafe, muiti-functional pool,dry and steam wet sauna, beauty, aromatherapy, table tennis, billiard, chess and card room, 3D movie and so on.

Masseuses here are beautiful and young but professional. Their techniques are good enough to make you comfortable. Now, participate in, you just pay 88 RMB to enjoy the package of 477 RMB.

Address: 1-4/F,Runheng Building,28 Caitian South Road


Tel:8299-1222                                                                电话:8299-1222

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