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Shanghai is one of the most flourishing commercial and cutural centers in China, the famous streets with characteristics like Nanjing Road, Duolun Road and any other famous streets retain the finest of the old and new Shanghai, when you walking on the streets and smelling the aroma of the gardenias, the pedestrians are endued with an agreeable and leisure feel.

1. Snack Street – Wujiang Road

21Wujiang Road is one of the most popular snack street in Shanghai. It is located in the southeast of Jing’an District and it is a good dining place for you to rest and relax after your tired shopping in Nanjing Road. There are many Chinese and foreign restaurants are clustered here, providing you with various choices. You can try various kinds of western food in Wujiang Road and feel home in the city.

2. Cultural Street – Duolun Road

22Duolun Road is a famous Chinese historic cultural street in Shanghai. It is south of Lu Xun Park and the new Hongkou Football stadium, with its back to the Inner Ring Road and the Shanghai Metro Line. Duolun Road has some of the Shanghai’s best examples of European villas and mansions as well as old Shanghai-style buildings. Many famous left-wing writers including LuXun, Qu Qiubai, Guo Moruo and Mao Dun had met here to engage in revolutionary activities in 1930′s.

3. Lovers Street – Tian Ai Road

23As a branch of the main road, Tian Ai Road is clear of traffic and its surface is not so wide. On both sides of the road, the tall chinars are flourishing and the old iron grilles are flecky ironmould. Under the cover of the old tendril climber plants, the hollowed-out grilles look like many green walls and screen pedestrian’s view. They will bring about you a sense of mystery when you wandering along this road. In the summer days, you can see many red flowers dotted on the green walls quiescent and relaxant. The Potpourri, the fragrance of leaves and the old breath attract many lovers.

4. Business Street – Nanjing Road

24Nanjing Road starts at the Bund in the east and ends in the west at the junction of Jing’an Temple and Yan’an West Street, it is a must-see metropolitan destination attracting thousands of fashion-seeking shoppers from all over the world. Now, Nanjing Road has been restructured, undergoing significant change. For shopping convenience, its eastern end has an all-weather pedestrian arcade. Big traditional stores no longer dominate the market since modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theatres, and international hotels have mushroomed on both sides of the street.

5. Shopping Street – Huaihai Road

SONY DSCIt is one of the two most famous shopping streets in Shanghai, China; the other is Nanjing Road. Huaihai Road shares a good reputation with the Nanjing Road. Compared with the more touristy Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road is more upscale, and is the preferred destination of local residents.[ Huaihai Road comprises three sections, the main section being Middle Huaihai Road in the former French Concession of Shanghai. The Huaihai Road has centralized the famous stores such as World Boutique, Printemps, Maisonmode and Huating Isetan.

6. Food Street – Huanghe Road

26Huanghe Road is a famous snack street, and local people of different ages like to visit here and taste every kind of delicious food in restaurants along this street. It has been rebuilt in 1995. From then on, it becomes a modern snack street with hundreds restaurants that serve various styles of Chinese cuisine, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Sichuan, to name a few. You can sit in every restaurant, taste the dishes, read newspaper leisurely or chat with your friends chuffed. That will be a great time in your Shanghai tour.

7. Leisure & Entertainment Street – Hengshan Road

27Heng Shan Road is a popular for its French style and the bars. With a large green land nearby and a heavy concentration of bars, the street is often called the Champs Elysee of the East. It is said that the first bar in Shanghai was opened on this street. It seems to have become a tradition of this street. Nowadays there are a lot of popular bars on this street and they are popular among both locals and foreigners. Even the decorations on the street including the railings, street lamps, benches and small gardens at the corners of the street can make you feel as if you were in a European country.

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