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Shanghai which enjoys a good reputation in Chinese gourmet circles, boasts one of China’s most characteristic and distinctive cuisines, this city is covered with delicious food and restaurants from all over China. Various kinds of local food have distinctive and special taste. You’ll notice that most Chinese restaurants in Shanghai all present different kinds of features. So during your Shanghai Tour, you can not only appreciate the beautiful sceneries but also enjoy the local food culture, the Shanghai Food is really different from other cuisines from the other places in China. The followings are the top 9 featured restaurants in Shanghai.

1. Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant

18Features: It is located at the cross of Bejing Road and Guizhou Road and with a history of nearly 86 years since 1922. Gongdelin is the most well-known vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai. It is especially popular for the vegan dishes such as vegetarian chicken, duck and pork. The monk meat food all is extractive design and made by bean curd. You can have excellent meal at reasonable price there.

2. Xian Qiang Fang

19Features: It mainly serves Shanghai style dishes, which feature exquisite, creative, fresh, fragrant and delicious. Besides its dishes, the restaurant is famous for its unique design and decoration, which shows you the typical and luxurious Shanghai lifestyle in 1930s. The unadorned floor, wooden tables, cane chairs, hollowed-out doors and windows, all of which create the in-store overwhelmed by a holiday atmosphere elegant with classic simplicity. The most unique is that there are performances of opera and Pingtan in the evening.

3. M on The Bund

20Features: M on The Bund offers unparalleled views of Pudong and the Bund. The food has been described as “eclectic European” and has strong Turkish, Lebanese, French and Italian influences. Great care is given to freshness, quality and presentation. There is an excellent selection of wines to complement your meal and the dessert, especially the pavlova is superb. If you can’t get a table, enjoy the scene at the very cool bar. Conde Naste magazine considers it one of the best 100 restaurants in the world.

4. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

21Features: Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant is the most famous snack store at the City God Temple Snack Square. You can often find a long queue in front of the gate all of whom are right for the restaurant’s featured steamed bun. Shanghai people would like to rank it as the No. 1 snack around their hometown.

5. Meilongzhen Restaurant

22Features: Meilongzhen is specialized in Chuan spicy dishes. This is a restaurant full of local custom and with the architecture of ancient style. There are many halls for dinner and each has different style: “Longfeng” “Meiyan” “Baihua” “Shuanglong” “Fenghuag”; all of them are the symbol of honor, luck and flourish. Inside the hall there are flowery palace lanterns, elegant wall paintings and vivid basso-relievo.

236. Laokeliao Shanghai Cuisine

Features: Laokeliao Shanghai Cuisine is known for its professional series of Shanghai dishes. If you want to feast the most authentic Shanghai dinner, come strolling at the prosperous Fujian Rd. (M) and you’ll soon find Laokeliao.

7. Lao Zheng Xing

24Features: This is one of the oldest Shanghai Cuisine restaurants. With simple and elegant decoration as well as traditional local Benbang dishes, it is popular with local senior citizens. Fried prawn, stir-fried eel and Ba Bao La Jiang are recommended.

8. Club Jin Mao

25Features: Club Jin Mao was originally opened as a private membership club in 1999 catering exclusively to its invited members and the Hotel’s in-house guests only with authentic and exquisite Shanghainese cuisine. The elegant Chinese art deco decor, private club atmosphere, breathtaking views of the entire city, and personalize service gain public recognition locally and internationally. Because of the popular demand, Club Jin Mao is now opened to the public.

9. Shanghai Classical House

26Features: Shanghai Classical House opened in 1875. Main dishes are “Eight chili sauce”,”bad bowl”, “salt and pepper ribs”,”Big Bird shrimp reference” and so on. Many famous people from countries have been eaten there. There are more than 30 private rooms which can hold 800 dining together. Cuisine Features: Shanghai cuisines, Eight-Treasure Duck, Sea cucumber in shrimp sauce, Pork with preserved beancurd.

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