Shanghai Options for Newbies

This guide is meant to give those new to the Shanghai scene a list of options for them, what to expect, and what to pay. I haven’t personally experienced every one of these venues, but 5 years of research, observing, and first-hand info from buddies have led me to believe that at least most of the info is correct and reliable. Should some of our more experienced Shanghai bro’s have anything to add, please feel free to share!

1.0 The Quick and Dirty

2.0 Apartment Girls

3.0 Freelancers – Bars & Clubs

4.0 BBS (Barbershops)

5.0 KTV’s

6.0 MP’s (Massage Parlors)

7.0 Outcall & Escort Agencies

8.0 Saunas

9.0 Safety Tips

1.0 The Quick and Dirty:


2.0 Apartment Girls

Finding apartment girls is nigh impossible if you do not speak, read, and write/type fluent Chinese. The biggest listing of apartment girls tend to be on Chinese mongering forums, like , and to properly browse that, you need to be able to read Chinese. Keep in mind that the photo’s posted in their ads are usually photoshopped, and B&S is also fairly common.

Setting up an appointment is usually done over QQ (instant messaging service in China). Each girl will have a QQ number listed in her ad, and once you find one that you like, you contact her via QQ. You’ll then either be directed to a location over QQ or through a phone call by the MMS/PPS. Most apartment girls won’t come to your location or do any sort of overnight.

Basically, think apartment girls as a slightly higher-priced BBS. While I have not personally experienced one, I’m told a session basically just consists of FS. BJ’s are up to the WG to give, and sessions are usually about 30 minutes. As soon as you pop, that’s it and it’s on to the next customer for the WG.

Pricing differs greatly with the quality of the girl. The low end can be had for about 400 RMB, and can jump as high as 1000 RMB depending on the popularity of the girl.

3.0 Freelancers – Bars & Clubs

Bars & clubs are located all throughout Shanghai, although which you visit plays a big part in whether there is any action to be had. Bars can generally be separated into 3 different types. To find locations and reviews of bars & clubs, try (most of the comments under each venue should usually give a hint on whether any action is possible). For specific areas of bars/clubs to try, check out the following areas: Xintiandi, Bund Area (Puxi side), Hengshan Road, Hongqiao ‘Laowai’ Street, Datong Mill.

Clubs – Typically consists of a younger crowd (20’s – early 40’s). FL’s will usually hang around the bar area, and civvie action is of course always possible. Great for groups of people just looking to drink and dance, although be sure to call the club ahead of time to book a table. Many clubs will also have escorts, and you’ll need to talk to one of the managers to book one. The escort will drink with you and play games, much like a KTV, but any action is typically not possible and if it is, overpriced. FLs tend to charge a bit higher here as well, so put on your negotiating hat should you decide to try your luck here. While new clubs pop up all the time (and go out of business all the time as well), some Shanghai mainstay-clubs are as follows: Muse, M2, M3 @ Park 97, Bar Rouge.

 Legit’ Bars – Exactly what it sounds like, just your average-run-of-the-mill bar. There are usually some FL’s or ‘talking girls’, but it’s mostly just a meeting place for drinks and grub.

 Talking’ Bars – These bars are usually just a big tease. They have ladies (‘talking girls’) whose job is to chat, drink, and play games with you as long as possible, running up your bar tab (they are paid a certain amount or percentage of your bill). It IS possible to take them home, but the majority will make all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t go back with you.

 FL’ Bars – This is the place to get action, and you’ll definitely know it when you see it (the most well known being Manhattans with plenty of FL’s from SE Asia). Get ready to start negotiating!

Datong Mill Bars – If you’ve been in Shanghai prior to the expo, there used to be a little strip of bars on Tongren Lu that overflowed with WG’s. Post-expo Shanghai has seen that strip of bars move to this new location, now known as Datong Mill.

FL pricing is pretty dynamic depending on what area you’re in. Expect to pay more for ‘touristy’ areas such as Xintiandi and the Bund. On average, expect to pay anywhere from 800 to 1200 for ST, and overnights can reach around 2000 (again depending on where you’re punting). Hardcore negotiation is the key here.

4.0 BBS (Barbershops)

Barbershops, or BBS, is your’ wham-bam-thank you ma’am’ kind of place. The name comes from the good old days in Shanghai, when these small shops were plentiful and typically identified by the spinning barbershop pole on the outside, along with pink neon lights on the inside and a number of ladies sitting on a couch behind the glass doors. Although post-expo Shanghai has seen a decline in the number of BBS that are still open, they’re still a fairly common sight along alleys and less-busy streets. For some specific locations, check out bro milkystain’s map.

The action usually takes place inside a small room in the BBS, with simply a mattress and possibly door/some sort of partition. The WG’s here are on average somewhat poor in quality, but it’s possible to find some hidden gems here as well. Don’t expect any type of GFE or servicing at BBS though. They’ll typically try to get you to pop ASAP, sessions are commonly less than 20 minutes, and the WG’s usually won’t take off their clothes. Additionally, they’ll try to nickel and dime you on certain activities, such as BJ’s. Finally, be careful visiting these places, especially during any type of LE crackdown, as these are the first casualties.

BBS is most likely your cheapest option in Shanghai, with pricing generally accepted at around 200 RMB a shot. You can try your luck at take-out here, but expect to pay more.

5.0 KTV’s

Firmly embedded in Chinese business culture, KTV’s are the place to go for groups of people looking for a fun environment to sing and drink with ladies, and have some action afterwards (and I’m not talking about Haoledi or Cashbox/Partyworld). They’re still pretty plentiful in Shanghai, with a good amount located around Changshou Road and Changde Road. For bro’s who have been to Dongguang, we Shanghai-ers are not as fortunate as you, and be prepared to lower your expectations if KTV-ing in Shanghai!

KTV is basically a karaoke room, where you pay a ‘room fee’ (drinks and some snacks typically included up to a certain amount) and usually, a tip for the MMS (sometimes included in the room fee). A MMS will then bring in line-up of ladies, and you get to select one (or 2, or 3, or however many you want) to accompany you for your night of singing/drinking/general merriment. Before you go too overboard in picking ladies, be aware that each one requires a ‘tip’ at the end of the night that is in addition to the room cost. If you don’t see a girl that you like, simply reject the current line-up and the MMS will keep bringing in ladies until you’ve found the one for you or if she has exhausted her supply. There are also girls who are labeled as ‘model’ caliber, simply meaning they are more popular or better looking than the average girl, and comes at a higher cost as well. At the end of the night, it’s up to you to negotiate with your girl and MMS on pricing for taking her back.

Pricing is…. pretty ridiculous now in Shanghai. Pricing used to follow the 3-5-8 rule (300 sitting fee, 500 for 1 shot, 800 for overnight, all in addition to the room cost) but now just the sitting fee is around 500 RMB, with 1 shot running around 1000 RMB.

6.0 MP’s (Massage Parlors)

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing massage capped off with a happy ending? These places are plentiful in Shanghai, and are usually easily identified by a masseuse wearing short, black mini-skirts and black pantyhose/stockings. Simply walk into one of these MP’s and say you want an oil massage, and she’ll take care of the rest! Just remember, with these places it’s usually just a rub-and-tug, no BJ, no FS.

Some masseuse will allow roaming, or even strip their top off for you during the massage. However, the majority will ask for more money for the tip. Also, the majority of MP’s will charge your oil massage separately from the ‘tip’ given to the masseuse for the HJ. There are exceptions to this though, and some of the best MP’s that offer HJ’s actually have the price included in the massage. Try Haodifang for your budget massage, Chun Kee for a great LB massage, or Hansa for something different!

In general, expect to pay around 200-300 RMB for the oil massage. Tipping for the HJ is usually around 200 RMB not including any extras, such as roaming/stripping/fingering. In the end, expect even a cheap session to run around 400-500 RMB if the HJ isn’t included in the massage price.

7.0 Outcall & Escort Agencies

You see these all over the place; websites, newspapers, craigslist, etc. Please be aware that the majority of these are pretty unreliable. Either you’ll get B&S or once your session is done, they’ll ask for something different than the agreed upon price. On top of that, pricing for these outcalls are usually fairly high when compared to the other options Shanghai has to offer. The only tip I can really give is to do your research before using an outcall service.

e quite high depending on where you find the outcall service. Individual ads on Craigslist or magazines/newspapers can range from around 800-1500 RMB, while those from websites can hit up to 3000 RMB!

8.0 Saunas

Please visit my sauna guide for info.

9.0 Safety Tips


A pretty well-known travel tip, but it bears repeating. If this is your first time in Shanghai punting, DON’T try to be the big daddy/baller/million-dollar man, as this just sets you up as a mark if you’re in a less than reputable area.


Don’t get caught with your pants down, literally and figuratively. Have an FL in a hotel room? Lock up your valuables! In a sauna/BBS/MP? Try to listen for any telltale signs of a possible problem. It really doesn’t matter where you are, keep an eye out and protect yourself and your property!


One of the most common scams involves someone coming up to you and saying they have pretty girls at a certain location for you, or that they’d like to have a drink with you at a nearby shop. Once they have you at their location, you’ll find that whatever servicing/food/drinks that you ordered are insanely overpriced. You then get trapped in a room by some thugs, who say if you don’t pay, they’ll take you hostage/beat you down. So JUST SAY NO and don’t put yourself in that situation! If you’re really stubborn and want to take that risk, at least put yourself in control by not following that person and instead, going to a location you know, such as your hotel room.

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