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Basic Information

A lot of Shanghai Sauna center also offer a service called vip-massage, royal massage, romantic massage a.s.o.. there are also a lot of center, that are only specialized on this kind of vip-massage. because of chinese law, it is not easy to find out, which center offer the service you are looking for, because every shop will only publish the legal service. so best way, you follow the recommandation you find on our page. a vip massage will be available between RMB 350,- and RMB 1000,- for one hour. two girls massage sometimes only 400 RMB more. in this locations very less western customers, so the girls will speak no or only very less english, but this is no problem, because they know very well, what you are looking for. some massage center employ more than 50 girls and have more than 30 massage rooms.

Short “dictionary” for your special Sauna Service in Shanghai

Sometimes you will read about some special service in a chinese sauna center, but you will not know what you have to expect, if you book that, so we will explain some of the most popular services here:

Nuru Massage (Body Slight Massage)

The nuru massage comes from Japan, but comes popular all over the world over the last years.While you are on a air mattress,  the girl will use a gel called “nuru” (japanese for “slippery”) to rub your entire body with her sexy body. the gel is transparent, extremely slippery, don`t smell and also tasteless (made of a deep seaweed), so nothing will disturb you to enjoy the body to body feeling.

In Shanghai a Nuru massage is available for example in: Hai lang sauna or Jun hao sauna

Red Rope (helicopter service)

If you get the red rope service in a Sauna, the girl will take some red bands (this is where the name come from) and fix them on the ceiling, than she first will take a seat inside, than turn around and hang over while she serve you with her mouth. most fun is, she will thrill in the band, than suck you and release the band, than turn around automatically, while she still keep in contact with you and same time you will have a great view to her body.

In Shanghai a red rope service is available for example in: Hai lang sauna or FeiTian Sauna

Fire and Ice

fire and ice service is standard in the most saunas in shanghai. the girl will take some water in her mouth and while she go over your body, she will suck and gargle with the water. she will use alternately hot and cold water (this is why the service is called: fire and ice), so that it will release much more feeling than only lick your body.

In Shanghai a fire and ice service is part of the massage in nearly every sauna.

Cosplay Service

Like the nuru massage, also the shanghai cosplay scene is imported from japan. here you will have a chance for a roleplay with the girl(s). for example you are the boss, the room will be decorated like a office and the girl will play like she is your secretary and willing to do everything you want. it is better, if you can also speak some chinese for it, but to be honest, most scenes will also work, if you don`t understand what she is talking about.

In Shanghai a cosplay service will be served for example in: Hai bin sauna

What will happen in a typical Shanghai Sauna Session?

1. It could be they will ask you, if you like to have massage. they will confirm, if you really know what kind of location you are.

2. The next room you have to take of (all) your clothes and they will lock your belongings in a wardrobe. (tip: if you are smoker or you want to keep your mobile phone, they will give you a plastic envelope for it). after they locked the wardrobe, you will get the key, with number. tip: very often they will ask you something. normally they want to know your “number”, so just show your key, than they know where to bring you. some clubs will first bring you together with the girl, so that you can take shower together.

3. Then you will have to take a shower. a good location also will provide shaver, toothbrush a.s.o..some places also will have a nice spa area with whirlpool and so on. japanese business guys also use that for relaxed business discussions.

4. Next room you will get chance to towel yourself off, than they will give you boxershort and a shirt. tip: some locations you will find guys, they offer a body peeling service, that means they will dry you with towel on a massage bench. if you like, you have to know this service will charged extra with 50 to 100 RMB

5. Now they will guide you to a relaxing room with recliner seats. you can have some (free) drink there, watch tv, talk with your friends or colleagues. some places also offer food, included in the massage price, sometimes charged extra, so better ask. if you are alone, could be they bring you to a big room with a lot of seats and some more customers, if you are with friends, they will bring you to a private room with two, three or more seats. tip: sometimes very pretty girls will come to you and offer you a “ear-cleaning-service”. this is exactly that and nothing more, but charged with RMB 200,- to RMB 300,-, so you have to think, if you really need it. if there is no business or it is allready very late and you are alone, could be they will also skip this step.

6. After some waiting time, the real massage will start. some cheap place the girl will come to your relaxing room. if you don`t like her, say “no”, than they will introduce another girl to you. better places you will be invited in a room with a lot of girls and they will ask you to select one by a number on her dress. best places have a “fishbowl”, so you can stay relaxed outside and watch the girls inside for selection ;-)

7. Now the girl will go with you to a special massage room. some places offer very special service with a included bathroom, mirrors, toys and so on.

8. For the next hour you will get a massage with a lot of service. tip: when you enter the room, check the time (there will be a big wall clock there), because you typically book one hour, so if you are not “finished” in time, could be they will try to persude  you to a additional booking or the massage will be stopped before you really want them to stop. tip: if they have less customers, the girl will try to persuade you to take a second girl (will be charged with additional RMB 300,- to 500,-). if you don`t like, stand firm, than she will not go on to ask soon.

9. After one hour, massage is finished. normally the girl will ask for your number, than call someone and forward the phone to you. they will ask you now, if massage was ok. we don`t know what will happen, if you say no, so if you know that, please leave a comment! tip: the girl will try to make clear, that you should ask for her number next time, because if you ask for her at the entry counter, the massage center know you like her service. this is quality control of this business, so if she has not enough “recalls”, she get mutch less money. so if she think you want to come more often and know about the number system and she will understand, there will be a chance, that you “recall” her, she will invest much more effort to satisfy you.

10. After youl left the massage room, you will be guided back to you relaxing room or to take a shower. if you want to go home, tell them “go home”, they will normally understand and bring you to the locker room.

11. After you got back your belongings and dress, you have to pay at the counter. if you only did massage with one girl, should be between 300,- to 1000,-, good places will be around 700 to 800 RMB. tip: some places have special offer in afternoon time, so you can save 100 to 200 rmb for the same service.

What Kind of Sauna Club Can More Easily To Attract People to Consume in Shanghai?

1. Service Quality: this includes the quality of the service, attitude and comfort level of the massage technician and the attitude of the staff service.

2. Time: Totally 100 minutes will be the best time

3. Price: the cheaper, the better, this is the view of the most customer.

4. Appearance of the Girl: the more beautiful, the better, if the price is low, but the girl is very ugly, it will be a terrible experience, no man would like that. So the face and figure of the girl is very important.

5. Environment of the Place: it is a subordinate aspect, not many people like to care this, but, the clean and nice environment can more easily make people comfortable.

6. Safety: this sauna club must be safe, there may need some additional exits for the clients.

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