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Shanghai is a modern city in China, but it still has its very famous and featured local snacks street with distinctive flavor. So if you want to eat the traditional Shanghai Snack, the best way is to go to those snack streets, where you can have one-stop experience of gourmet. You can find many snacks street in Shanghai such as the Old Town God Temple Snack Street, Wukang Road Snacks Street, Huanghe food street and so on, the following are some most famous streets in Shanghai for your reference.

1. Old Town God Temple Snack Street

Shanghai Cheng Huang Miao is a famous food street in Shanghaim here is “Shanghai Snack Kingdom”. If you want to eat Shanghai Snack you can choose this Snack Stree, it is the largest sanck street, which possesses of the most famous restaurants, with the architecture following style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can find lots of famous Shanghai local snacks can be found in Chenghuangmiao Old Street. Both domestic and foreign travelers prefer to come here to have a Shanghai snack experience.

2. Wukang Road Snacks Street

Wujiang Road Snacks Street has the same status as the prosperous Business Street in Nanjing West Road, but different in style. Because of its unmatchable location, it become a very good dining place after your shopping in Nanjing Road. There are many old restaurants here, offering authentic and delicious Shanghai Snacks. You can also find that a lot of small shops in this street are so attractive to the ordinary that customers unconsciously open their hearts, and no longer remember losing weight and going on a diet.

3. Huanghe Food Street

Huanghe Food Street is very famous food Street in down town of Shanghai. In this special food road which has assembled nearly a hundred different sizes of restaurants. Most of the restaurants specialize in Shanghai food or seafood. But there are also many Hong Kong tea and food restaurants have received favorable reports in this street. Tthe price of local food probably ranging from 40RMB to 60RMB.

4. Qibao Old Snack Street

“Qibao” is a direct translation of ‘seven treasures’ in Chinese. Although none of the ancient town’s eponymous treasures are food items, the Qibao Old Street shows an extensive assortment of snacks that we consider the contemporary treasures of the town. Qibao Old Snack Street is divided into the South Part and the North Part and the south street is called “a snack street” with a length of 360 meters. In this bustling street gathers all kinds of delicious snacks from different places of China.

5. Guling Snack Street

Guling Snack Street is located between the Nanjing West Road and Beijing road, it is a specific street which is the aggregation of dining and leisure. There are many famous shops you can see when you step into Guling Road such as the Guyuelongshan Wine Shop which provides Yue Opera and Beijing Opera performance together with the tea in a cheap price, Master Jin Wonton Shop, Dama Dumpling, Kun Mountain Aozao Shop and so on.

6. Yunnan Snack Street

Yunnan Road is where the most authentic-and cheapest-street snacks are served from dark to dawn. It is located at the intersection of Yan’an Road and Xizang Road, only ten minutes’ walk from the People’s Square. Restaurants in this street mainly provide Chinese food such as Shanghai cuisines and Sichuan cuisines,Shandong or Jiangsu cuisines. It is hard to find the Western restaurants in this street, so South Yunnan Road is a good place for Chinese food lovers. In this street, you can taste a lot of delicious food such as Fried bean curd and vermicelli soup, Nian Cake with Spare-ribs, Nanxiang Xiaolongbao, Beijing Roast Duck, Tianjin Goubuli Steamed Dumpling, Shandong Boiled Dumpling and so on.

7. Zhapu Road Snack Street

Zhapu Road Snack Street is the well-known food street in Hongkou district, to the north of the Suzhou River and near the bustling North Sichuan Road Commercial Street. There are many restaurants, wine houses of different taste from all the parts of China, but this street mainly provides featured local dishes and cuisines of southern provinces in China such as Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong.

8. Xianxia Road Food Street

Xianxia Road food street boasts plenty of restaurants with different styles from hot pot restaurants to western cafes. You can easily find dishes of Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia in this road. The pleasant environment of these dining places attracts many youths and the prices are acceptable. Delicately furnished teahouses, cafes, and bars are another feature of Xianxia Road.

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