Shanghai Terrace Bars Overlooking the Human in the Sky

The most beautiful scenery in Shanghai is absolutely not on the ground. Viewing the Shanghai in the high sky you will see a different beautiful Shanghai. It would be an unforgettable experience to drink a little wine and overlook the charming Shanghai in a terrace bar under the intoxicating starry sky. Now, let’s find out some wonderful terrace bars in Shanghai

1. Flair

1Among all the terrace bars in Shanghai, Flair should be awarded “The Most Unique Landscape”. Distinguishing from other bars in the skyscrapers in Pudong District, Flair, which is located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, is the highest terrace bar and famous for its best high landscape in Shanghai. Standing on the terrace, you will have a panoramic view of Shanghai.  The Bund, the Oriental Pearl and the beautiful night scene as if reach out to you.

3With the European wooden style well-designed by the Japanese top design company and concise terrace, you can enjoy the Asian snacks, seafood and sashimi while viewing the curtain of night and the Oriental Pearl close to you. When the weather is good, you can get a good view of the panorama. While it’s not, you still can enjoy the beautiful scene through its French sash.


Address: 58F The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai IFC, 8 Century Avenue, Pudong District.


2. Vue Bar:The landscape of The Bund

4Appearing in the movie “The Tiny Times II”, Vue Bar is situated on the top two layers of Hyatt On The Bund. It is one of the landscapes of The Bund for its distinguished wooden decoration, luxury Spa pool and its supreme geographical location where you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scene in Pudong District.

5With the charming scene, comfortable environment and the bustling atmosphere, Vue Bar is absolute a great place to go with your best friends at weekends. Besides, the admission fee is only 100 Yuan on the weekend and the drinks there are free, so that you should not miss the opportunity at weekends to relax there.

Address: 32F west building of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 199 Huangpu Road, Hongkou District.


3. Char

6Char is a restaurant and bar on the 29th to 31st floor of Hotel Indigo on The Bund. It not only possesses the landscape restaurant which is famous for the senior steak, but also has the landscape corridor. The elegant and comfortable restaurant is designed by a well-known local artist. With sweet fruit cocktail, vodka and famous chateau’s  top red wine, you can either drink inside Char or viewing the beautiful scene of Huangpu River and The Bund on the terrace of the 30th floor.

Address: 29th-31st Hotel Indigo, 585 Second East Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District.


4. M1NT

1The more you consuming in the M1NT, the more you earn in the M1NT. It sound like a fallacy, but the fact is that the members here are both consumers and investors so that Richard Li and Fok Kai Shan are the Members and shareholders of M1NT.  ”A good brand can be applied in many fields.” Said by the founder od M1NT, Alistair Paton. “What we’ll offer the guest is not the economy but jet, the performers are not under-rated groups but rock stars.” He continued. Owning the 24th horizon of the city center, M1NT is only a small station here, but it expresses the temperament of elites and celebrities.

Address: 24F Pidemco Tower, 318 Fuzhou Road, Hunagpu District



2Yu Bar is located on the 28th to 29th floor of Marriott Hotel with a capacious terrace. You can see the Shanghai World Expo Park and Lupu Bridge from here. Its designers mixed the mellow wood and steels together and created an exquisite space. The collection of white and black lines, symmetrical and mapping effects adds the charm of the whole bar. Apart from the wonderful scene here, you will go through to the future in those vertical and horizontal lines and say ,” Hi, stranger!”

Address: 28th-19th Marriott Hotel, 99 Jiangbin Road, Luwan District.


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