Shanghai, the “Red-light district” Top 20

Top 20th: Golden Bridge

Address: Jinqiao area in Pudong district (浦东金桥)
Verified Time: one month ago
Information resource: internet
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 50-75
Price: list 40-400

Overall assessment
Jinqiao is located deep in the Pudong new area. In resent ten years, industry’s rapid development bring up series of other business aroud there. The entertainment industries will be here along with the rapid rise of the economy. Today, it has formed a certain scale. A few years ago, the prostitution industry in Jinqiao has been noticed by its outstanding service and known by more and more people. However, a marked decline in services in recent years, the quality has deteriorated may be the location, Brothers in that region does not seem to have too much of a choice, as they can not spend a lot of time and energy to other places, it created a monopolize pattern. Therefore, the “Golden Bridge” barely squeezed into the red-light district of list, we ranked it the last.

Top 19th: “Wusong area”

Address: Wusong (吴淞) area, shuancheng Road (双城路) area
Verified time: two month ago
Information resource: network
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 50-85
List Price: 50-150

Overall assessment:
Wusong located at the source of the Huangpu River, far away from city center. It is the commercial transportation center. It sounds like not recalled in the minds of the people frequently, but the prostitution has been quietly risen in the forgotten corner of the city. Barber shops are based mainly in the region, girl’s quality varying in wide range, and occasionally catch people’s eye. Now, “Wusong area” has not yet formed the prostitution to scale, so that is why we put it only temporarily out in top 19th.

Top 18th: “Ganquan regional”–recently entered our view

Address: Ganquan Village (甘泉新村) addresses, including Zichang Road (子长路), Village Road (新村路) area.
Verified time: this year some time.
Information resource: from friends
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 50-75.
List price: 40-250rmb

Overall assessment:
Putuo district (note: not Pudong) is truly one of the main residential areas, a large population. Entertainment has been in existence a long time in this region, but from the “Red-light district” definition seems to be far away. In recent years, the constant development of the prostitution industry here will gradually established in the minds of people. More and more people know this area. We left it 18th position.

Top 17: “Rushan Road”–Pudong barber salon distribution

Address: Qixia Road (栖霞路), Rushan Road (乳山路) and surrounding in Pudong district.
Verified time: last year and this year.
Information resource: internet
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 55-80
List price: 50-200rmb

Overall assessment:
The girl was said there were essential differences between Pudong and Puxi,.Puxi girl wins in appearance and Pudong in superior service. Obviously no textual research can prove if this is the real truth. I have no better understanding of Pudong prostitution industry in the current situation. But here on the “Qixia, Rushan “Pudong district is a typical representative of this field. The advaneforum.xxxe of more convenient transportation here than Jinqiao make me rank it to 17th.

Top16: “Xuanhua Road, Zhaohua Road”–inaptly named

Address: Xuanhua Road (宣化路), Zhaohua Road (昭化路), Zuanbang Road (朱安浜路.)
Verified time: lot times.
Information resource: often pass through
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 70-90
List price: 50-600rmb

Overall assessment:
For these area, we may take it as the area to enjoy the scenery along that street. One by one it is set by, SN, BS, a nightclub, in which some of them in famous. Generally speaking the girls here have also looked good, but the content of services and the quality of services has lagged behind the trend. BSs have, for a very long time, been mainly occupied the market. But those with BJ FS service are not so much. Now it has become more open and more BSs in these roads. It seems a revolution is inevitable. I hope to see here is nothing but a brand new look. Put it on the 16th positions.

Top 15: Low prices “Nanhui town”

Address: Nanhui town (南汇镇)—suburbs in southeast.
Verified time: last year
Information resource: my former classmate
Service: HJ,FS
G quality: 25-60
List price: 20,40rmb

Overall assessment:
Reasonable say that “Nanhui town” should not have the strength to enter the top 20, but simply by virtue of their advaneforum.xxxe in price, give us a pleasant surprise. About a year ago, where the price is “xiaobei” 20, “dabei” 40 listed in public. The price estimates should not be significant changed. But basically the most of shops fully filled figures of MILF. These aunts are beyond the general ripe lady concept. Even so, the price is so cheap that it will also be difficult for us to give up, I put it on 15th bars.

Top14: characteristics “Dahua Village”

Address: Dahua village (大华新村) in Putuo district (not Pudong)
Verified time: after the Chinese New Year
Information resource: go with friends
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality:60-90
List price: 50-300

Overall assessment:
Dahua Village secluded temporary urban and rural, densely populated and the personnel situation is complicated. It is a good place to shelters evil people and countenances evil practices. Here is another cause of prostitution in the development of appropriate facts. Although there are a large number of people not accept this places as a prostitution area, but it’s really another. Especially the shop named “XinjiangMM (新疆MM)”, which is well known. We also sincerely hope that there will be more and more such places. It appears “Dahua” on the 14th or more appropriate position.

Top13: more and more prosperous “Qibao (七宝)”Address: Qibao (七宝) in southwest of Shanghai

Verified time: last month
Information resource: internet
Service: FS
G quality: 55-80
List price: 120-400rmb

Overall assessment:
Qibao proud of the success of the rapid development of its business. Centered by it’s old town for the whole region, Qibao bring itself to the core business of the entertainment industry, driven by the commerce rapidly. large and small entertainment spread out there and run out.

In recently, the young girls in Fuqiang Street(富强街) got favorable comments from brothel customer. Today it is ranked No. 13. Perhaps tomorrow it may enter top 10.

Top12: Declining “Fahuazheng Road (法华镇路)”

Address:Fahuazheng Road (法华镇路)
Verified time: half year ago
Information resource: working around there.
Service: HJ,FS
G quality: 60-95
List price: 50-1200rmb

Overall assessment:
I was witnessed this road slumping down day by day of the entire time. A few years ago, this road can be proud of the Changning district in prostitution industry. Although the majority there are BSs. But most beautiful girl are almost all collect here. Attracted person to there without discipline. Particularly famous shop chains, “Keiko (惠子)” is almost a bird’s eye view of the hills, where the girl has become a superstar potential. Today, “Keiko” left. “Fahuazheng Road” has no such a scenery. Only near the two nightclubs could barely running the business. It also confirms that the world will be a change of everything in the process. If in the earlier year, it would be no controversy to occupy the top 10. Now only empty table and comfort to its 12 locations.

Top11: “Chengshan Road,Shangnan Road”—a famous red-light district in Pudong

Address: Chengshan Road (成山路),Shangnan Road (上南路) and surrounding area
Verified time: this year
Information resource: Internet
G quality: 50-80Miss 50-80 [quality]
List price: 50-200rmb

Overall assessment:
Referred to the Pudong, the new area in the prostitution, we have to mention the “two South-roads”. Compared with Xianan Road (下南路), Shangnan Road (上南路) seems to achieve almost all of “national standards” either from the price, quantity and quality With such a generous and large tracts of land in Pudong will greatly helped the brothel customers. At present only its own characteristics and the lack of novelty, unfortunately, was passed with a strong top 10.

Top10: East Baoxing Road–Faced with crisis

Address: East Baoxing Road (东宝兴路) area
Verified time: this year
Information resource: from friends
Service: HJ,BJ,FS
G quality: 55-80
List price: 50-350rmb

Overall assessment:
Just last year, “Dongbaoxin Road” red-light district was still shining piece, but since 2006. It seems gradually fallen into a crisis. Many shops are closed, and some are dropped, people seem to feel that in the near future, this region will not exist. Prostitution is a risk industries which have greatly variable and unstable. As has a certain size “Dongbaoxing Road,” and we hope that it merely experiencing temporary difficulties. one day he will be able to resume his usual vigor and vitality, perhaps next month, perhaps next year. Today, we noticed that you still among the top 10.

Top9: ups and downs “Beixinjing”

Address: Beixinjing (北新泾) area
Verified time: many years. many times
Information resource: from former classmate
Service: HJ,FS
G quality: 55-80
List price: 50-300rmb

Overall assessment:
For many people may surprise to see “Beixinjing” in top 10. Now “Beixinjing” seems to find no better reason able to attracted. However, you must realize that it had brilliant. In the early BS time in Shanghai, those BS in Beixinjing reputation has been on the outside, Particularly the nude BS in that itme is almost unknown now. But in the subsequent large-scale urban infrastructure construction has demolished many of the shops. However, we are very happy to see the Beixinjing now have to build more beautiful, even more exciting is the cause of prostitution here is slowly recover. 9th bar, hope you can go further next year.

Top8: “new railroad station”–the area is unable to withstand sees

Address: Around new railroad station, such as Zhongxing Road (中兴路), Zhonghua new Road (中华新路), Datong Road (大统路), Hutai Road (沪太路) and Hengfeng Road (恒丰北路).
Verified time: 5 years ago,last year and this year
Information resource: everybody knows
Service: FS,BJ
G quality: 35-70
List price: 150-300

Overall assessment:
New railroad Station surrounding area basicly steps in place of lots BS, and its size and the environment is poor, high risk. It has been a long maintained a record in history. If it is said slightly exaggeration, we can say that the whole of the road where almost every building is BS. But almost all of the people in this region are very poor impression. Actually it make sense because the harsh environment here. Girls are frequently movement. The rampant black shop to be seen again and again sounded the alarm, where it encountered one unfortunate gimmick. But just like that in the worse school still have good students. The BJ shop in Datong Road is great reunification such a example, except the girl’s appearance and its quality of service, attitude, safety are trustworthy service star, named Miss Wu is now more highly skilled with a number of followers. But in such a large number of BS Group, this kind of shop has been negligible. Therefore, “Passenger Station” can be booked through 8th. it has been pretty good..

Top7: “Xianan road”—first choice if just want release.

Address:“Xianan load (下南路)” in Pudong district
Verified time: some short time ago
Information resource: internet
Service: BJ,FS
G quality: 40-65
List price: 50-100

Overall assessment:
“Xianan Road” became the most famous red-light district of Pudong, one of the main reasons is because of its price. Release here is a good place, the economic benefits, but if you are blind pursuit of service quality, appearance, please do not come here. Because it is a low level of red-light district. It has its advaneforum.xxxes, and of course as well as too many deficiencies. 第7把交椅它勉强能坐上。Article it is barely sit in 7th seat.

Top 6: West Pearl “Rainbow bridge”

Address:Hongqiao area (虹桥地区),Shuicheng Road (水城路) and its surrounding area
Verified time: several years but never interrupted
Information resource: everyone knows
Service: FS
G quality: 70-95
List price: 150-1500

Overall assessment:
Hongqiao district in the red-light district is formed under the specific time and situation, a bit special. Shanghai has been ruled for years by the industry. Here no matter the size, grade, or even blatantly extent are unique in the history since the founding of the city. There coupled with a deeper reason, we know that the senior brothers have known it. But elsewhere in the past two years due to the mushrooming of spring is rising rapidly, more and more attractive place appears. “Shuicheng Road” Red Light District has not been too much noticed. The kind of situation before dominating the world has gone forever. In the future, we will see a hundred flowers blooming in the spring, while the Hongqiao area is the history we may yearn perhaps the blessings. The 6th, a little pity, but you should have seen the development of Shanghai is so fast.

Top5: “Fengzhuang road”–on the first line in today’s red-light district in Shanghai

Address: Fengzhuang Road (丰庄路) in west of Shanghai
Verified time: last three years and coming three years
Information resource: went there lots of times
Service: FS
G quality: 65-85
List price: 150-400rmb

Overall assessment:
The prostitution in “Fengzhuang” is developed only in recent years. The cause of the steps in the development is it’s strategic location—it is a blind point of LE. The area is sit by center from “Jiande Garden (建德花园)” as the axis around to radiation. If somebody asked recommended several cool place in Shanghai, “Feng Chuang” is absolutely not omitted. Here it is worth mentioning that there is a “over night” service. Many will choose to go there to order that package. “Fangzhuang” now seems to sit in our minds is no longer a place names said that it is more of a conceptual symbol. Ranked No. 5, perhaps debatable, but there will not be much deviation.

Top4: Prostitution city “Meilong”

Address: the most of Meilong(梅陇) area. along with Xinzhuang (莘庄),Minhang (闵行)
Verified time: often be there
Information resource: was lived around there
Service: BJ,FS
List price: 100-700

Overall assessment:
“Meilong (梅陇)”, the major red-light district in the city occupies an extremely important role, even if the advent of integrated Xinzhuang, Minhang, its coverage is almost the whole of the south-western corner of Shanghai. BS, SN, entertainment bits and pieces the streets. The grades are varied. There is many very well known stars Miss arised there. If you are a brother never been there, proposals tomorrow to go. No. 4, is indisputable.

Top3: “Hanghua regional”–expansion in alarming rate

Address:Hanghua vilige (航华新村) area
Verified time: Lots times
Information resource: Everyone knows
Service: BJ,FS
G quality: 70-90
List price: 120-400

Overall assessment:
The majority prostitution in “Hanghua vilige” region is BS, Which is in almost every streets. I witnessed its speed of development in the past four to five years. Against the situation of many of the famous red-light district deterioration, Hanghua steps in the number of almost double annual increase. Made it to be famous today. We are very eager to see more such places in Shanghai. Hope that the “Hanghua” in the quantity and quality of service also will be improved to create a truly excellent red-light district. The top three ranks, this may be a bit of encouragement color, that tomorrow will be just.

Top 2: Comprehensive “Jingan district”

Address: Jingan district (静安区).
Verified time: lots tiems
Information resource: working around there
Services: HJ, BJ, FS
G quality: 70-100
List price: 200-1000

Overall assessment:
“Jingan” playing on the Shanghai can be a microcosm here encompass almost all forms, from all upscale entertainment and high “Heaven and Earth” to its low like the SW. The famous shop chains across. Jingan have beautiful girl, the high prices, good service. There are very poor too. When you played in it, you may often lose yourself, miss the exact direction. However, the major entertainment well here, given the widely endorsed by the brothel customer. Lots of famous BS chains there. SN services are almost all in high quality. Well known SY sprint SN (舒怡泉) popularity has been playing all SN friends and Yoshihara (吉原会所) arrived at the top club and is unmatched in Shanghai. Go north there is Chaojiadu (曹家渡), the top lots. Perhaps the poor live in here is not a wise choice. “Jingan” charm! It is under one but above all others.

Top 1: “Chaojiadu”–Entertainment Holy Land in Shanghai.

Address:Chaojiadu (曹家渡),Changshou Road (长寿路),Wuning Road South (武宁南路)
Verified time: none
Information resource: well known in past
Service: no limit
G quality:90-100
List price: 500-infinit

Overall assessment:
“Chaojiadu” red-light district represents the maximum area of Shanghai and even the entertainment industry. This is a small area, with only the “Imperial (帝豪)”, “Heaven and Earth (天上人间)”. “Cobra Gold believers (金色大帝)”, and a few little entertainment mall. But it is the only government granted special legal red-light district in Shanghai. The highest grades consumption in domestic. It is not appropriate to the average income of the people. Most of the girls come from China, but also from around the world. For these places, I will not tell the personal experience, perhaps you have something to add…

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