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Enjoy An Erotic Massage in Shanghai

There no denying that more and more foreign people like to enjoy a special Shanghai massage service during their trip in Shanghai which can bring them a certain charm for their own sexuality, most of them may choose an erotic massage which is always recommended for both men and women with strong needs and desires, the massage girls who can provide this kind of massage also have very professional work attitude, they know how to make a person feel happy and comfortable, they can help their clients practice touches on themselves without telling them how and where to touch, this kind of massage can help people create the right ambiance and enjoy the beauty of the human body.

In fact, during an erotic massage session, if the massage girls intend to bring their clients to a full sexual erection, it may also help their clients to improve some physical diseases such as experiencing any kind of impotence, so this kind of massage is also regarded as a therapeutic form of massage, not just a pornographic massage.

Now in Shanghai, there are many massage girls can provide erotic massage, they are not the prostitute, they just use their own special massage skills to help the people get a full sexual erection, the following are some massage girls in Shanghai who are willing to provide the erotic massage to gentlemen.

1. Angela

200x1394455706556Angela, a 21 years old young massage girl, she is friendly and outgoing, she also has a very tight and firm body, If you’d like a relaxing body to body erotic massage, she will be the best choice for you, you will leave with every part of your body feeling great, she can also provide prostate massage, tantric massage and escort service, just have fun together and make your fantasies come true. What are you waiting for?

2. Hu Jing


Hu Jing can offer a real private outcall massage service in Shanghai. When you call her, she can be in your hotel or apartment in a short time, you will enjoy being touched by her skilled hands, but also by great body skin, she can provide full service, but only for very special customers, while you relax, she will do best to make you enjoy the time. While the massage session, she will wear very sexy lingerie or even nothing, just give her a call now, you will like her.

3. KiKi

x200x1361952949106.png.pagespeed.ic.WyCMrvFJzjI’m very sure, if you like erotic massage, Kiki will be the right choice for you tonight. She is a sexy hot girl and also can provide may different kind of special massage you need, she worked for a health massage center for some years, so she got a very professional training for different kind of massages. So if you call her now, she can begin your session with a great professional relaxing massage, than you can go forward with everything you like.

There are so many beautiful and sexy massage girls you can choose when you search the website, when you try the charm of erotic massage from those beautiful and sexy massage girls, plunge together into an atmosphere of thin pleasure where your body, like a musical instrument, you will begin to sound with a bright scale of sensuality; you will open and learns the completeness of emotional and corporal harmony which gives the erotic massage, so just enjoy it with those lovely massage girls, just enjoy your trip in Shanghai.



20 Million Accounts of Wechat Have Been Closed

Not long after the massive raid  ”Thunder Strike” on massage parlors offering special services, another campaign operation which is targeting on messaging app industry has been carrying out recently to lock accounts that are spreading improper information about terrorism, pornography and fraud. The authorities even claimed to hold service providers responsible if they do not fulfill their duty.


And Wechat, also known as Weixin,  as the most popular messaging app in China, actively responds to the “Thunder Strike’ in order to create a “healthy cyberspace”, started from June 9 and till now, it has shut down 20 million accounts which are involved with prostitution. Wechat claimed that the cleaning up directing at official accounts is aiming to improve the user experience by protecting them from spam information and other accounts’ harassment.

Though prostitution is illegal in China, it widely exists in MPs, saunas, KTVs and other venues. After the crackdown time, escort girls have largely moved their business from those places to social medias, and Wechat attracts a large number of accounts to offer some erotic services, mostly because of its private messaging and payment services. After becoming the center of it, prostitution fraud via Wechat emerges in endlessly.


Wechat has been used to post thoughts, chat with friends and browse news by countless users in China, which makes it an indispensable part of their lives. However, in consideration of security, Chinese government has a quite strict administration of networks, not all the news or your thoughts can be post. Wechat is not the only app that involved in the criticism of offering special services, but definitely the most popular one with 396 million monthly active users. Till now, 5% accounts have been shut down.

Although shutting down accounts seems detrimental to Wechat itself,  it actually impedes the commercial extensions to some extent. Challenging Chinese political censorship is a great risk.


Enjoy the Massage Services at Yilin Blind Massage via Group Purchase

Yilin Blind Massage(Zhangyang Road)(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) gives you the access to enjoy their pleasantly relaxing massage services with caring attitude to help you get a quick release.

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Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

Full body massage/foot massage(60mins-78RMB)

Purchase Notes:
Service time: from 2014-03-19 to 2014-06-16

Notice for use: Female and male are both welcome, and one coupon is allowed to be used by one person without prior appointment

Tips: It is not shared with other promotional offers. And pls raise it if you need group purchase invoice.

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Yilin Blind Massage was founded in 1998, and has expanded into 8 branches in Gubei, Xuhui, Pudong, Zhangyang Road, Luwan, Changning, Changshou and Hongkou areas. As one of the earliest established and largest massage parlors in Shanghai, it aims to offer you A level blind massage services with their warm and caring services.


The Business of the Sex Workers in Shanghai Old Alley

The most sex workers in Shanghai lane are not from Shanghai, they mostly from various provinces and cities in mainland China, and it is said that the most famous porn alley in Shanghai is called Shanghai Hongzhen old street.


The Shanghai Hongzhen old street(上海虹镇老街) is an old alley in demolition, before the officially demolished, no matter day or night, there are a lot of sex workers in soliciting business in the alley. Like this old alley, you can see many in Shanghai, but the business of the sex worker are not as good as Hongzhen old street.



The sex workers in Hongzhen old street



There are stools in the alley, and this is their seats.


Just like the Siheyun of Beijing, Shanghai alley can also be called the unique regional culture symbols of Shanghai. as the changes of The Times, many Shanghai old alley have been demolished, a lot of familiar alley, even in the eyes of the old Shanghai people, seems to have disappeared already, in the existing pieces in a few Shanghai alleys, it is active with a lot of old Shanghai “tag”, such as sex workers in the erotic service industry.



A sex workers are waiting for the customers.



According to information, there are many sex workers in Shanghai Hongzhen old street and they are not like the sex workers in other places to choose night work time, they like to choose the daylight time to work, and the people living in this area, also seems to be accustomed.


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley


The sex workers in Shanghai alley



Great Value at Jing Ting Blind Health Massage

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) offers a great value which only cost 59RMB, and you have a chance to experience their relaxing full body and foot massage sessions with professional therapists taking away your stress.

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Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

You can choose from the following contents
A: Full body massage/foot massage(60mins,59RMB)
B: Essential oil foot massage(60mins, 60RMB)
C: Full body massage+ foot massage(120mins, 112RMB)

Purchase Notes:

Service Time: from 2013-09-28 to 2014-09-28

Reservation: You should make an appointment at least one day in advance

Notice for use: One customer is allowed to use the coupon one time

Note: You have access to use free WIFI and parking, barley tea is available. However, it is not shared with other promotional offers. And pls raise it if you need group purchase invoice.

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Massage Parlor Introduction:

Jing Ting Blind Health Massage was founded in February, 2007, it aims to offer affordable massage services to the public in its clean and comfortable environment. You are welcomed to enjoy their professional massage treatments which have great help to sooth your mind& body.


Enjoy the Relaxing Massage Service at Ganzhi Blindman Massage via Group Purchasing

Massage Parlor: Ganzhi Blindman Massage (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Ganzhi Blindman Massage is a famous massage chain with branches locating in business centers. It has been offering healthcare massage services with caring, warm and professional attitudes. Now, it has developed into a multifunctional leisure club with massage, Tuina, foot bath, beauty spa and sauna. It aims to provide job opportunities for blind person, hoping to lead them experience the true meaning of making work pay.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Now, the special healthcare massage package only cost 49.9RM(the original price is 246RMB), it offers you a chance to experience the professional massage sessions, A-level service and is definitely a place to get you rejuvenated.

Group Purchasing Details:
Either-or Packages
A(60mins): Aromatherapy Milk Foot Bath(40mins)+ Special Cervical Vertebra Massage(20mins)
B(60mins): Full Body Massage(30mins)+ Cervical Vertebra Massage(10mins)+ Shoulder Massage(10mins)+ Head Massage(10mins)

Useful Informations:
Service Time: From 2014-0402 to 2014-07-31 and you should come before 16:00.
Booking Time:At least 4hours in advance
Usage Rules: It should be used by one person, and is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you need the coupon invoice, please raise it up.

Service Informations:

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An Upcoming Theme Park Resort –Shanghai Disney Resort

Basic Information of Shanghai Disneyland Park:

Chinese Name:上海迪士尼乐园(Shanghai Dishini Leyuan)

English Name: Shanghai Disneyland Park

Area: 3.9 million square meters

The Date to Build: On April 8, 2011

The Date to open: On December 15, 2015


The Price of Shanghai Disneyland Resort:

In April 2012, the people who are familiar with this restore said, Shanghai Disney tickets initially priced at 300RMB, but this price actually have not been confirmed by the relevant departments

The geography of Shanghai Disneyland Resort:

Shanghai Disneyland is located in Chuansha Town, Pudong new area, Shanghai, China, the first phase covers an area of 390 hectares, including an area of 91 hectares of Disneyland park, theme hotel which provide 1220 rooms, retail catering entertainment, artificial lake and parking facilities, etc.


The Main Introduction of Shanghai Disneyland Resort

The Shanghai Disney Resort would be the first Disney park in China, the other being the existing Hong Kong Disneyland, this is a Magic Kingdom-style park which include the Shanghai Disneyland Park, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a lake and associated parking and transportation hubs, this large theme park marks the start that new sectors are being opened up to a whole new level. Shanghai Disneyland will have significant impact on economic and social development of the Yantze River Delta Region, optimizing tourism layout in the Region, improving capacity of modern service industry and facilitating development of the Yantze River Delta Region into a world-class urban agglomerate with strong global competitiveness.

The Main Features of Shanghai Disneyland Resort


1. Most BeautifulArtificial Lake

When the people have not entered the Shanghai Disneyland, they may be attracted by a pool. Shanghai Disneyland project specially built an area of 400000 square meters of artificial lake, perhaps this is one of the largest waterscape platform in the history of Disney. It is said that it will operate boat business there in the future; the visitors can watch the Disney romantic fireworks on the water.

2. Highest Castle in Shanghai Disneyland Restore

Maybe the most impress sive picture is towering stands in the sight of the princess castle. According to the introduction from the Disney President: each Disneyland will have a fairy tale castle as a landmark, but Shanghai’s castle will be the highest of all the Disney World, on the other hand, the castle in Shanghai Disneyland Resort will also set up large numbers of tourists interactive activities and performance.

3. The Chinese Botanical Garden

Shanghai Disneyland is a theme park has the “magic kingdom” style. In the Center of theme park covers an area of about 46000 square meters of a beautiful garden, the idea is derived from the Chinese elements, when designing the Shanghai Disneyland restore, the designer think the Chinese garden style should be applicable for Chinese tourists, According to introduction, in the garden there is a lot of green landscape and water, there’s also very rich entertainment elements.

4. Digital Paradise

Shanghai Disneyland could see the world’s most cutting-edge technology for tourists with maximum convenience, there are also some very exciting high-tech facilities in the park, and basically every place, every corner you can see.






Looking for Escorts Who Have the Shaved Pussy in Shanghai

The Shanghai escorts are well known in China, so if you are visiting in Shanghai, It will be a nice choice to employ an escort girl, you can get a lot of selection of escorts who are experienced gorgeous and are well enough to make your lust fulfilled in every respect. When you select escort, you must hope she can satisfy you in every respect, so you may need to review her profiles, in the profiles you will see her age, height, the color of hair, the color of eyes, the size of boobs, whether her pussy was shaved or not, as an important selection, there are many people who want to choose an escort girl like to pay close attention to the pussy of the girl, most of men prefer the girl who is pussy shaved,

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Enjoy the Special Services From Shanghai Incall Escort(QQ Girls)

QQ is a very popular chat software in china, most people in China are conversant by using this software, so if you are a man and would like to look for a girl for enjoyment, Using QQ will be a good choice, then, for the foreign people who is visiting Shanghai and want to enjoy some special services from those QQ girl, there is website called Shanghai Escort Find can be introduced where you can find the QQ girls who can offer special service. Most of these QQ-Girls will have a apartment where you can visit them and most them only provide incall service,


Why Does Incall Girl(QQ girl) So popular in Shanghai?

Recently, the terrorist attack in Yunnan and the vice clampdown all across china has led to daily checks on all hotels and entertainment outlets all across china, especially in some big cities, as a result, the hotels in Shanghai are becoming not safe, the police is literally checking every hotel room in Shanghai, then it will be a good choice for all man to go to the girl’s rented room or apartment for overnight,

Another reason is that if the hotel is safe, whether the girl the clients called can go to his room directly without any checking if she visits the hotel in midnight. There are actually some girl friend hotels, but not all hotels can allow to do that, So some customers will prefer to have an in-call girl, you just need to tell the taxi driver the address and no need to worry about your safety.


Because of the above reasons, there are more and more people would like to book an incall service by a QQ girl, the following are some beautiful and sexy QQ girls for you reference, you should be able to write and speak some Chinese, because most of these incall girls will not be able to speak English.

1. Sisi

Hello, everyone, how are you, my name is Sisi, I’m a beautiful and lovely escort girl in Shanghai, As you can see on my pictures, I am a slim natural girl with very tight and sexy tits and long legs, so let us meet and I will show you the rest, so please date me now and give me the feeling, I am the woman you need now. I know how to make a man feel very happy and I can provide you different kind of special services, so if you are interested in what I can provide for you, just send me a message by QQ, I will tell you more details.

2. Xiaowei

Hello, everyone, I’m a lovely and beautiful escort girl in Shanghai, I’m elegant and with a great figure. I provide high quality escort service for the distinguished gentlemen in my place. Let me relax your body and soul with my soft, warm and tender hands. I provide fantastic massage service for you, any requires I can meet you, when you see me, you will like me, my service is very professional and I know how to make a man feel very happy, I will give you a most wonderful and relaxing experience, I’m waiting for your appointment. I will make all your wishes come true!

3. Beautiful Mature Lady Mi’er

Hello, everyone, are you looking for a beautiful escort lady during your trip in Shanghai? Then you can come to find me, I think I will be your best choice, I’m sure my special service will make you forget everything. My service is 24 hours open. You can experience different kinds of special service with me in the bed, maybe I’m a little shy, but I can make you fresh, so if you like me, and would like to know more details of my special services, just send me a message.

4. Young Mature Lady Zi Xuan

Hello, everyone, my name is Zixuan, I’m a beautiful and sexy escort girl in Shanghai now, I have beautiful face, sexy body, long legs and natural boobs, when you see me, you will like me, my pictures are all my real pictures, when you are really ready to get a special service, then I will give you the ultimate climax you need, and then you will feel really spent and ready for a good night sleep. I also have very nice and warm personality, just tell me what you like, I will try my best to serve for you.

5. Tingting

Hello, everyone, I’m a sexy and beautiful young girl who is living in Shanghai now, I’m also very lovely and with a great figure. I provide high quality escort service for the distinguished gentlemen in your hotel or apartment, just let me relax your body and soul with my soft, warm and tender hands. You will enjoy my fantastic special service, just tell me what you like, I will try my best to serve for you. so if you like me, just send me a message by QQ, I hope we can have a nice time.



Knowing the Escort Service Rates in Shanghai

As one of the largest and most developed cities in China, Shanghai has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to have a visit, because of this, there is a really big industry is rising in this city which is called Escort, the escorts in Shanghai are specialized in helping the people to enjoy the city and enjoy themselves. These ladies are ready to give you everything that you can ever ask for. You can make your own unforgettable experience with some beautiful and professional Escorts, they are the women who can not only give your body something worth remembering, but also as a guide to take you visit this modern beautiful city,

But when you are planning to spend some nice time with these girls, you may need to know more about them, especially for the Rate of these girl, just make a budget, the girls at different level will show you different rate, not all escort are expensive and not all are cheap. The following are a list of the approximate price of different kind of escort, just for you reference!

The Price of a Sauna Escort Girl in Shanghai

Sauna Escort Girl in ShanghaiIn Some large sauna center or massage places in Shanghai, you can choose an escort in a girls selection area, this type of escort girls are also called sauna girls or massage technician, After you select the girl you want to spend the time with, you will come to a private massage area where you can have fun with these girl for around 60 to 90 minutes, these girl can offer some very erotic and special massage service, The rate of these Sauna escort will be around 450 to 900 RMB. Most Sauna Clubs also will offer a second girl for around 250 to 400 RMB.

The Price of the Girl in Escort Agency in Shanghai

the Girl in Escort Agency in ShanghaiIn Shanghai, the level of escort rates is usually determined by the attractiveness of the escort and her or his popularity with clients. It mot mean that the best looking escort always command the highest rates. In many cases, the level and intimacy of the service can justify higher rates, in an escort agency in Shanghai, The common industry standard for dividing the money is 60% to the escort, 40% to the agency, through an escort agency in Shanghai, you can select different services from a normal massage up to full service, the shanghai escort agencies only provide outcall service, you can ask for a escort girl you like and then they will send her to your place, the price starts from RMB 600 for 1 hour, just based on what extra service you would like to enjoy.

The Price of Independent Escort Girl in Shanghai

Independent Escort Girl in ShanghaiIf you check Shanghai Escort Find or other escort websites, you will find thousands of independent escort girls existed in this city, it is not easy to find the real independent private escort girls in Shanghai, because many of them do not like to use the real pictures, You can never be sure how the shanghai independent escort girl will look like, it is usually more expensive than pickup or sauna girls in Shanghai, but if you choose a nice and real independent girl, it is usually safer to enjoy their service and there is no time rush, you can also get the girlfriend experience with these girls, The common price of the independent escort girl in Shanghai is One hour: RMB 1000 or more, Two hours: RMB 1500 or more and Overnight: RMB: 2500 or more.

The Price of the Girl in barber shop or small massage shop

Girl in barber shopThe escort in a Barbershop is also called barbershop girls, most of them are from massage parlors, saunas and similar establishments to constitute their sex trade with non-sexual services, like washing hair, washing feet and giving massage. Most of them are coming from countryside or not young. Usually they are paid some low basic salary and their income directly depends on the number of clients served during day, the common price can starts from 100rmb. A hand job(HJ) is 30rmb-80rmb, blowjob(BJ) 50rmb-150rmb, even you would like the full service, the rate is about 200 RMB.

The Common Price of the Streetwalker in Shanghai

Streetwalker in ShanghaiThe streetwalker is a type of an escort who solicit their customers outside of hotels, bars and other recreational places. Chinese streetwalkers usually work without pimps. In Shanghai, you will find some red light districts where you can find many streetwalkers working at there when darkness fall, Most of these girls try to earn money by themselves. Often they combine prostitution with a regular daytime job. The price of a streetwalker is based on what service they can provide, the appearance, the age of them and which district they are working in, the common price is about 50rmb-200rmb(full service). They will take you to short time hotels to have fast sex.

The Price of QQ Girl in Shanghai

QQQQ is a very popular chat software in china, so you can also through QQ to find the escort service, Most of QQ-Girls have their own apartment and most of them only provide incall service, but if you want to choose QQ girl as an escort, you may need to write and speak some Chinese, because most QQ girls can not speak English, the common rate of the QQ girl start from RMB 200 and goes up to RMB 800 for the whole night.

The Rate of KTV Girls in Shanghai

vNow in many Shanghai KTV clubs. you may that there are a lot of girls who are willing to provide escort services, You can rent a room for a night, sing there, drink and enjoy the party with sexy girls. The rate of KTV with the girl will start with 1000 RMB for overnight, and for a stunner in a KTV you can nearly nowhere expect to find a overnight for less than 2000 at the moment (than you have to pay all the KTV Fees, so all together your cost will be more than 3000 in Shanghai.