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20 Million Accounts of Wechat Have Been Closed

Not long after the massive raid  ”Thunder Strike” on massage parlors offering special services, another campaign operation which is targeting on messaging app industry has been carrying out recently to lock accounts that are spreading improper information about terrorism, pornography and fraud. The authorities even claimed to hold service providers responsible if they do not fulfill their duty.


And Wechat, also known as Weixin,  as the most popular messaging app in China, actively responds to the “Thunder Strike’ in order to create a “healthy cyberspace”, started from June 9 and till now, it has shut down 20 million accounts which are involved with prostitution. Wechat claimed that the cleaning up directing at official accounts is aiming to improve the user experience by protecting them from spam information and other accounts’ harassment.

Though prostitution is illegal in China, it widely exists in MPs, saunas, KTVs and other venues. After the crackdown time, escort girls have largely moved their business from those places to social medias, and Wechat attracts a large number of accounts to offer some erotic services, mostly because of its private messaging and payment services. After becoming the center of it, prostitution fraud via Wechat emerges in endlessly.


Wechat has been used to post thoughts, chat with friends and browse news by countless users in China, which makes it an indispensable part of their lives. However, in consideration of security, Chinese government has a quite strict administration of networks, not all the news or your thoughts can be post. Wechat is not the only app that involved in the criticism of offering special services, but definitely the most popular one with 396 million monthly active users. Till now, 5% accounts have been shut down.

Although shutting down accounts seems detrimental to Wechat itself,  it actually impedes the commercial extensions to some extent. Challenging Chinese political censorship is a great risk.


Looking For Sex in Shanghai

The Sex in Shanghai is gentle and colorful as well as the nightlife in this city, At night, the whole spectacle is lit up in the best Chinese fashion, with neon everywhere and night markets spilling off onto the side streets. Most Sex activity in Shanghai are not legal, there are many visible public venues for sex workers in this city, especially for tourists, you can see many massage parlors and the so-called night clubs” where you can find the special sex service. Those independent escort girls or massage girls also advertise for sex service through the Internet and local classifieds. So during your trip in Shanghai, you may find that there are many different kinds of Sex you can get through the different way.

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Let’s Start the Christmas Shopping in Shanghai

The Christmas is coming, you should definitely not miss the chance for a crazy shopping. Shanghai owns hundreds of shopping malls, and this year, they are holding many bargain activities, such as gifts and reduction in price, it is really a nice opportunity to go shipping that moment. The following article is going to give you a brief list for reference.

Huangpu District外滩十八号_副本

Bund18 外滩十八号

Address: The Cool Docks, Wharf 1846, 421 Waima Road, Huangpu District


Time: Dec 12-Jan 5

Description: Bund 18 has been holding a Splendor Shopping Wonderland for customers. For every purchase you get one Neuhaus Cafe “Free Americano” coupon and 20% off of purchase (not including chocolates and set meals). Also every purchase over 8888rmb will receive one Bund18 special customized gift. For further information contact Bund18 front desk.

Hongyi Plaza 宏伊国际广场宏伊国际广场_副本

Address: 299 Nanjing East Road, Huangpu District


Time: Dec 5-31

Description: During Dec 5-31, Hongyi plaza is holding a Merry Choco-max for customers, once you reach a single consumption of 299RMB(including all the restaurants), you can get one free ticket for Happy Choco Paradise.

Orient Shopping Center(Huaihai Branch) 东方商厦淮海店东方商厦_副本

Address: 755 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District


Time: Dec12 -Dec 25

Description: You can enjoy 30-70 off of purchase in Orient Shopping Center that time, and reaching 500rmb consumption for free parking. VIP members can exchange gifts by consumption points and get packaged freely. Also every purchase over 2000rmb can get a Wagas cash coupon cost 80rmb(only to VIP members).

Parkson Shopping Center(Huaihai Middle Road) 百盛购物中心(淮海店)

Address: 755 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District百盛_副本


Time: Dec 16,2013 -Jan 1,2014

Description: For apparel goods, over a consumption of 99rmb can get 60 for free, and the second cosmetic can enjoy 40 % off of purchasing for the same brand. From Dec 21-25, over a cunsumption of 800rmb can get 100 for free(membership card only), it also give you a chance to get iphone5 and ipad mini.

Pudong District:新梅联合广场_副本

Shinmay Union Square 新梅联合广场

Address: 999 Pudong South Road, Pudong District


Time: Nov 29 -Dec 29

Description: Since now to Dec 20, you just need to take a picture with the christmas tree at Shinmay Union Square, it gives a chance for lottery draw. And until Dec 25, any consumption can give you a pot of green plant.

Paris Spring(Pujian Branch) 巴黎春天(浦建店)巴黎春天_副本

Address: 118 Pujian Road, Pudong District


Time: Dec 18 -31

Description: During Dec18-31, customers can get 525 discount point card by 500rmb cash, which can be used for apparel goods on the basis of original discounts. Jewellery enjoys the privileges too.

Jiangan District:

Plaza 66 恒隆广场恒隆广场_副本

Address: 1266 Nanjing West Road, Jiangan District


Time: Dec 21-25

Description: Every purchase over 20000rmb can give you a chance to extract a gift at the concierge. Who got the highest consumption will receive vocation products in Singapore and Batan Island.

Changning District


Address: 1438 Hongqiao Road, Changning district


Time: Nov 20-Dec 25

Description: TAKASHIMAYA has been holding a Brilliant White Christmas for over a month, aims to create a warm Christmas for customers. You can get one TAKASHIMAYA Christmas Bear Commemorative Edition(limited 40 every day) from Dec1-25 if you reach the single consumption of 600RMB. From Dec 11-25, VIP member can enjoy 10% increase of consumption points, and 300 consumption points can exchange for 300 cash coupon.

Xuhui Districtb8e53f2b-cc37-4e24-8466-c08d58f676d3_副本

Pacific Department Store 太平洋百货

Address: 932 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District


Time: Dec 13-25

Description: Pacific Department Store will provide you with a happy Christmas of presents. You can receive gifts once over the consumption of 1500RMB, +1500rmb can get a set of toughened glass fruit bowl, and +3000RMB can get a set of toughened glass lunch box.

Putuo District:

Yaxin Living  Plaza 亚新生活广场亚新_副本

Address: 401 Changshou Road, Putuo District


Time: Dec 9-25

Description: From Dec 9-25, every customer can enjoy the special offer of 60% off of purchase, only in apparel goods. And from Dec 14-15 and 21-22, every purchase over 2000rmb can get a 1500rmb coupon in a five stars hotel-Andaz Hotel(3 persons only every day).







Some General Scams Example Happened in Shanghai

Shanghai is actually one of most fashionable and modern cities in the world which has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to visit, Although Shanghai is generally an extremely safe city in terms of violent crime in China, but when you are staying in this special city, there still will be some bad people with an intention to scam you, mostly these scams can be happened around areas commonly frequented by unsuspecting tourists, such as East Nanjing Road or People’s Square.


In Shanghai, there are many similar scams and they all start with a tout taking you to his ‘secret’ place full of the things you may be interested in. As for scams, there are many foreigners have shared some of their experiences of being scammed in this city. Generally speaking, it’s like anywhere else in the world – if something seems too good to be true, it usually is! The following are some scam examples you can have a look which may help you avoid a lot of troubles during your trip in Shanghai.

1. The Nightclub/KTV Scam

When night falls, there are a lot of scammers appearing in East Nanjing Road if you are walking alone. For example, there will be a strange boys or girls invite you to a nearby club or KTVs where there are beautiful Asian women, it could possibly be a scam, These guys are out to scam tourists by overcharging for drinks. Then they will run up a huge bill and then leave you to foot it. and if you can’t pay, they will take you to a nearby ATM to withdraw money. Avoid these guys at all costs and just walk by them. The first warning sign you should see coming is that they speak fluent English. Generally speaking, any time when you are going to a bar with strangers, you should always pay for drinks as you go. Running up a bar tab with people you don’t know can be a dangerous exercise.


2. The Tea Ceremony Scam

Chinese tea is certainly a popular beverage, and there are plenty of tea houses around the city where you can sample many different kinds of tea. Those bad people will approach the tourist and invite them to a traditional Chinese teashop or ceremony, If you agree, they’ll take you into a room where some old Chinese man or woman will serve you a few couple of different teas, then later hand you an extortionate bill totalling several hundred even thousands of RMB and many foreign people end up paying the bill in full, even though the tea is probably worth a handful of RMB at most. The first warning sign: Someone approaches you on the street. The second warning sign: They speak fluent English. Basically they will try and make small talk and in the end, they will invite you to a Tea Ceremony at a traditional Tea House.

3. English Leaning Scam

When you are walking in a street and there may be someone want to take you somewhere so they can practice their English, you should refuse and walk away. Many western travelers are friendly and they may agree, it is a wrong begin, they will take you to a small room and ask some money from you, and you may have no other choices. It’s no bad thing to want to make new friends, but be wary of those who would take advantage of your gregarious nature.


4. The Massage Scam

Massage parlors are all over Shanghai, Basically, the girls are all dressed up in the lobby with low cut blouses and high heels, these are prostitution, but it is actually safe and won’t scam you. The real scam is where someone approaches you from the street in front of the establishment. it’s a scam. If no one approaches you and you freely walk into the massage parlor, it is not a scam.

5. The Taxi Scam

There are a lot of illegal taxis or cars in Shanghai. You may first encounter them at the airport upon your arrival, where many men will approach you asking you “where are you going” or saying “taxi” to you. You should refuse them and try to take the bus, light rail, or metro. A common Taxi scam is for dishonest taxi drivers to take your legitimate 100 RMB note, subtly exchange it for a fake one and pocket yours. He will then make a show of ‘checking’ it, before telling you that he can’t accept the note because it’s a fake, and hand it back to you. Not all taxis are scams, but as a rule of thumb, you need to know if you’re being long hauled. You canyou’re your GPS on your Phone to see if the Taxi driver is taking the shortest and fastest route.


6. The Counterfeit Goods Scam

If you’re buying brand name merchandise from the streets of Qipu Lu, Nanjing Road, or anywhere in Shanghai, it is most likely counterfeit. So you should not listen what those shop owners said. If you want the real stuff, you can visit the IFC Mall where you can purchase from the luxury retailer’s own retail store.


7. The Uyghur nut cake scam

In some shopping or snack street, you may find a stall selling what looks to be a huge cake made of fruits and nuts, wrapped in cling film, it is called as cut cake(切糕 qiē gāo). First the seller will generally show a price list – for example, showing prices for 1kg, 5kg and 10kg. If a foreigner wants to buy some of the cake, they generally just want a little piece to try it. However, no matter what you ask for, they will always cut off a huge slice and the cake is very densely packed, meaning that even a thin slice will invariably weigh far more than you’d expect just from looking at it. So, it is becoming scam.

8. Cheap Tours Scam

These tour prices are really cheap, but they will take you to shopping places that are not listed on your itinerary, and you may spend more time at these places than at the places that you intended to visit. for example, and you will stop on the way there at a very touristy shopping stop for 45 minutes to an hour. There is nothing really wrong with taking these types of “join-in” tours as long as you know what you are getting yourself into.


The above is a list of some of common scams which often happened in Shanghai – generally, scams are best avoided simply by ignoring the scammer and moving on. To avoid these scams, you may need to see the following general tips for to be safe.

1 Never carry more the enough money that you need for your day.

2. Do not trust the strangers.

3. Do not take the credit card with you.

4. Tell them you are waiting for a Chinese friend.

5. Only one form of ID(such as passport, licence).

6. Keep your bag in front of you, and don’t keep your wallet in a loose, outside pocket.

7. Never give anyone you don’t know your real name and address

8. Always call your hotel to calla cab for you.

9. If you have aware that you are in a scam, you can answer a fake call on your mobile and walk away.
You should be cautious when going out during night time.

11. Don’t carry all your valuables around with you, or at least do not keep them all in the same bag or pocket.

12. If you want a massage you can often get this at a proper and safe massage center in your hotel or if not, at a regular massage parlor with published price lists.

13. Do not tell them your real name or where you are from and where you are staying.

14. If something happen, Report it to Shanghai police. Call 110 24/7 and ask for the English speaking operator.




Enjoy the BDSM Service in Shanghai

What is BDSM Service?

BDSM is a variety of erotic services include dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamism which can be provided by the shanghai escort mistress who are usually very young, sexy and hot with big round boobs and sexy ass. they know how to give you a totally different experience, In general, A BDSM scene can take place in private between two or more people, and can involve a domestic arrangement, such as servitude or a casual or committed lifestyle master/slave relationship. When you feel you are very satisfied and happy. You will know what the BDSM stands for.


Where Can You Enjoy a BDSM Service?

A BDSM scene can also take place in a club, where the play can be viewed by others. When a scene takes place in a public setting, it may be because the participants enjoy being watched by others, or because of the equipment available, or because having third parties present adds safety for play partners who have only recently met.


The Benefits of the BDSM Service

The BDAM can really bring high climax to you, it can help a man find his aspect of a real man since it really exciting and passionate. All the supplier of BDSM service are young and sexy shanghai escort girls. They will try their best to give their clients the perfect service and make them happy, They will wear the special costumes to match the different clients’ different desire and expectation.


Who Can Provide the BDSM in Shanghai?

So, if you would like to get an exciting feeling from exotic Escort girls, shanghai will be a golden place for you. There are many beautiful and sexy escort girls in Shanghai can provide BDSM service, the flowing are the ads of some of them.


1. Rain

How are you, I’m a beautiful escort lady in Shanghai with much elegance, glassy, warmth, I have sexy body, smooth skin, soft long hair and good manners. I hope I can provide an amazing escort massage experience for you what you never experienced before, you can believe me, I would love to give you a Soothing body to body Massage, when you see me, you will love me, I have the easy-going and friendly personality, so If you want a good quality service, you cam call me and you will enjoy the great service! I speak Chinese and English and look forward to speaking with you. You can call me at +86 1340 2077 830


2. Yuki

Hello, everybody, I’m a warm south Korea escort girl in Shanghai, I am a trained masseur so if you like a good massage during our time together I will take care of you., I’m attractive, sensational, sexy and natural charm. I offer out-call massage service, I can come and treat you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room, I’m very clean and maintain the highest levels of hygiene. I hope we can have a nice experience together, so if you are interested in my ad, hust give me a call, I will try my best to serve for you. My price is also reasonable, when you see me, you will know. You can call me at +86 135 2459 3183.


3. Irene

Hello, boys, I’m a Thai escort in Shanghai for a short time, if you want to enjoy the special service from a sexy and romantic escort girl, I will be your choice, I can provide special massage at your own and hotel, I can also provide you very professional Thai massage service. I’m a sincere, kindly, open mind Thai attractive girl, just call me and let me massage you, you will be amazed by my special massage service, my soft hands and sexy body only add to the experience, helping melt stress and provide naughty feeling. So if you like my service, you can give me a call at +86 156 1887 8897.


4. Kim

Hello, gentlemen, I ‘m a South Africa escort in Shanghai who is willing to provide you the special escort service for you, I have a wealth of experience in pleasure. I am well cultured and have good manners. I like singing and dancing, so I can also singing for you if you feel depressed and make you escape all the unhappy things. ,if you like enjoy very special and professional sex service, you can believe that I can do what ever you want and really give you the girl experience. just give me a call at +86 135 2445 3007 if you are interested in my service.


5. Angelitazamora

Hello, boys, how are you, I’m a beautiful and sexy escort girl from Latin America. I have traveled many countries, now, I’m in Shanghai, and will stay for a long time,  My personality is very outgoing and fun. I can offer you a wonderful massage, I think no one can give you as much that i can give you, so if you want a nice and good service in Shanghai and would like to talk with a nice  woman who can give you a nice massage, you can come to find me, I will your best choice, I will be a Elite Courtesan for your needs with a touch of elegance and class. Just call me at +86 138 1716 5941.


6. Mistress Alice

Hello, everybody, I’m a Chinese top mistress who are providing you most special service during your trip in Shanghai, I’m a sexy, hot and young escort lady in Shanghai and also a real lifestyle dominant woman in shanghai. I have very warm and friendly personality and my world wide BDSM experience made me become what I am now, if you are interested in what I can provide, just give me a call, I will try my best to serve for you! call me at 15900748863.


7. Mistress Queen

Hello, everybody, I’m a professional mistress who are living in Shanghai now, I like SM very much and also has many years of BDSM experience. Patron like servility strong slaves. I am extremely passionate about my work, and I will do my best to make sure that your time with me is an experience that you will never forget. I can be soft and sensual, whatever your heart desires,I guarantee an unforgettable experience and a pleasure filled liaison that will brighten your day, so if you are interested in my service, just give me a call at 15800358602.


8. Mistress Jean

Hello, everyone, I’m a Chinese Dominatrix who is living in Shanghai now, Ilove being a dominant lady, I had a professional training for that, so you will get a very good domination service in my dungeon, I can be sure that you will be very crazy during the time with, we can finish with a very hot happy ending, so if you are interested in domination, you can give me a call, I am looking forward to show you, what my magic hands can do with you. call me at 13611768456.


9. Mistress Cat

Hello, everyone, I’m a Shanghai native mistress. I have over six years of experiences as professional dominant, I can speak very fluent English and Japanese and conducted numerous sessions for slaves from Europe, Japan, America and many other countries. If you like to be a slave, you must come to meet me, th epicture are my real picture, I like beautiful slave, you can enjoy the sessions in my dungeon or in your hotel. My dungeon is equipped with training clothing, tools, and a full range of equipment. So if you are interested in, you can give me a contact.


The T-Cock Service(三通) in Some Sauna Centers in Shanghai

Enjoy a massage is a great way to alleviate the countless pressures and stresses of modern life which can relax one’s body and mind while re-energizing them at the same time. Now, massage has also been another way to meet some people’s special needs, in Shanghai, there are more and more massage parlors, Sauna club are offering some special massage services for their customers, for example, a special service called T-Cock(三通Santong) is appeared more and more in some sauna center service list.

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Negotiating or Bargain at the Price in China

Negotiating or Bargain in China can be a tremendous challenge. The key to price negotiation in China, and probably in any negotiation is knowledge. If you know what the price “should” be, you are already half way there. In this article, I present some useful example for people who like negotiating with the Chinese.


Example One

One of my friends said that he had a surgery before, and it only takes about 15 minutes and she can go home immediately. But, the doctors admit her for more days which means she should pay the hospitals and doctors more money. So, she sit there and negotiate with the doctors as to the price of the surgery and the length of time to stay in the hospital. After a lengthy negotiation the doctors finally realized what my friend is talking about, and they began to lower the price and number of days. My friend finally told them that I also had the same exact surgery in the Philippines two years ago, that the price was minimal, and she also told them that the Chinese must be more clever than Filipinos, and that she was confident that the Chinese could do better. At last, the price instantly falls to 300 RMB and she was walking out of the hospital 5 minutes after the surgery was finished.


Example Two

In a retail situation, many visitors to China will be offered a very inflated price, which they successfully negotiate down – e.g. a leather bag from 3000RMB down to 1000RMB, they think they have got a bargain where in actuality the retailers cost was perhaps 50RMB and they could have sold it for 150RMB. My American colleague did that before, This was slow time for here, nobody else around. He said that really threw all his western shame aside and gave really low offer, and raised in small steps. After he failed and left and refused all her offers with polite attitude, the boss came 100 feet down the street and dragged my colleague back inn and gave my colleague the price he likes.


Most Advanced Bargaining is Time:

The biggest advantage is TIME. No one is forcing you to make a decision on the spot, you’re free to leave and comparison shop. Also, you always have the option of coming back later and deciding to buy. So avoid the “one-off” bargaining scenarios, especially for expensive items.

Assuming that you can find a similar item elsewhere and aren’t leaving town immediately you can often get a better price by actually walking away in order to “test” his walk-away price, in other words, haggle with a few different sellers by literally walking away to get a better sense of the “local price”.


The Most Important Negotiating NOTES as Following:

1. You should be confident in the Negotiation

2. You should be better to present your position

3. Knowing your bottom line

4. Making concessions

5. Confidentiality in the Negotiating environment.


When You Can Have a Negotiation At the Price, When You Can Not:

1. Some street vendors, family-owned stores or small businesses, then you can bargain.

Large malls, corporate chains, there is no bargaining.

2. You can bargain on material items only gift items, clothing, jade and so on.

3. Sometimes at small stores you’ll see signs that say “All prices final” or “No bargain!” — disregard these signs, they mean nothing and are only meant to trick the unknowing.

4. Never bargain on food at a restaurant or on the street.

5. You cannot negotiate prices on automobiles in China. You’ll be hard pressed to have them throw in free floor mats.



The Afrodyn (Aphrodisiac) in China

What is Afrodyn (Aphrodisiac)?

0000Afrodyn (aphrodisiac)壮阳药 is a kind of drug to help men with “erectile dysfunction” achieve an erection so they can have sex. It is most helpful to men who may have medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Sometimes drugs prescribed by doctors for these and other conditions may also cause the erectile dysfunction and the Afrodyn (aphrodisiac) may help in this situation. This kind of drug causes a chemical reaction in the brain and it increases blood flow to certain parts of the body. Continue reading


The Outcall Service Note Points

In general, outcall service simply means the massage therapist is going to the place where the clients live in, instead of the client coming to the massage parlors or Spas. Outcall service may be provided in the client’s own home, hotel or any other private places, sometimes, the massage therapists also utilize outcalls to provide their special service for their clients, their clients can include those who are homebound, less-abled and terminally ill. Providing outcalls to the consumers can be both rewarding and economical. Outcalls can help to save the time and energy of clients. However, the outcalls service can also have the most potentially most hazardous danger between massage therapists and the clients.Shanghai Outcall Massage

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How to Use WeChat (Weixin) Correctly

Throwing out some information on Weixin to the locals has become another way to meet girls / women (normal and working) in Shanghai. Many of people who are living or traveling here a lot probably know about this already.

34wechatWeChat (Weixin) is a mobile-only social networking app (smart phone platform) that released at the beginning of last year in China as Weixin by Tencent. Basically it’s like Whatsapp, but with many more features added such as the typical Chinese style, take something proven and then add features.

It’s free to download and use for now, although the bastard telecoms have gotten involved since it has put a huge dent into their SMS business. But they will be charging small fees for sending messages and making social ‘moments’ posts later in the year, but for now it is still free.  Continue reading