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Scam in XinTianDi/Shanghai

Hello, I wanted to give all of you a heads up on what I guess is a running scam in Xintiandi/Shanghai.
It is a nice area full of restaurants and expats. I arrived had a beer at a german place then went for a walk amongst the restaurants. I pretty Chinese girl grabbed me from behind and started chatting with me. We walked for a bit chatting then sat down for a bite to eat. The whole time I waited for the offer of “FUN”, she talked about her girlfriend and doing two
girls and asked if I would like two girls. She called a GF a few times and she kept telling me about her GF’s big boobs. Anyway she showed and they said we should go to another
place for drinks. I said ok, thinking another restaurant. Next thing we are on the street they are hailing a taxi…. hummmm…. (bells going off in my head!!) 
We stopped in front of a non discript place that ended up being a shabby KTV???? More bells!!! What the hell am I doing? But two nice girls…yeah right!! I had two beers set in
front of me and then 3-4 people popped in and out of the room. They don’t seem very happy. I am thinking of leaving and so they start playing with my LB… 
So, I start playing with titties… then I ask ok how much are we talking? They ask how much I have. I said only about 800, they asked to see. I showed them they snatched it up and in the purse so fast my head spun … 
But… I thought oh well we are starting to get naked so 800 2 ladies GREAT DEAL!!   Whoops, time to leave, pay for the beer and into another cab. I start to figure out they are taking me somewhere to find someone they are going to pay to fuck me. NOPE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!! Long argument ensued! Me KICKING myself…You freakin idiot!  I started to loudly tell the taxi driver to take me to police!! and CONTINUED!!! Little bitch w/boobs eyes got HUGE she was not happy hearing the police word. The original
bitch said she was going to call the police as well. GOOD. The little one was getting scared as I managed to get the driver to pull to the curb. I started yelling at some folks outside
the taxi to call the police. I ripped the little one’s purse from her hands and started digging for my cash. She was very angry but she was scared and a fight started in the back seat. I
told little girl I would give them each 100 just give me my money. Original girl was yelling no you will give us 400, while threatening to call her brother. I got my hands on the
money dove for the door across original girl and got the fuck out. WOW!! Give us our 100!! Yeah right!! I walked quickly a few blocks and hailed a taxi. Lucky for me I had some
written instructions in my pocket with how to get to Xintaindi.
I was lucky to get away with a bloody scratched up arm and my cash. 


Be safe out there men!!

The above information is from SEX141 eForum:



Couple recent tidbits / price checks from Jinqiao and Pudong


Jinqiao BBSs

Went to check out some Jinqiao BBSs lately to see if things have changed. I haven’t gone much since my two regulars moved away from Yinshan Lu.

The four BBs on Yinshan Lu (between Yunshan Lu and Zaozhuang Lu) have not really changed much. The girls there are a bit older overall but recently there are a couple fresher girls who are passable. Banged one of them and will try to be a repeat customer of hers since her attitude is good. Overall the girls on this street are not as good looking as a few blocks over on Yintai Lu (Yintai Lu & Yunshan Lu) , but I still find their attitude and willingness to please much better. A couple of the older girls on this street do anal, but you need to get to know them first, and price is 300rmb with the anal (can prob haggle 200rmb if you pushed it after you get to know them).

Over on Jintai Lu, the girls in the three or four BBSs are on average much younger and prettier that the Yinshan Lu ones. However, I tested out two shops over the last couple weeks and it is much more ‘business’ over on this street. On Yinshan I still feel it’s easier to get a GFE, which I enjoy. Also, one of the girls on Jintai would only do covered BJ – I prefer uncovered. Again, YMMV with each particular girl, but that has been my experience.

Asking prices on both streets are 150FS. 200 FS+BJ (some girls on Jintai may only do covered).

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Pudong Mongering & Other General Info

33Want to share my personal mongering info and experiences in Shanghai with the community. I’ve lurked on this and the other semi-defunct site for a while, so it’s time to give some info back again. I made a rundown post of sorts on the other site a couple years back so figured I’the update that (some new info and some info that hasn’t changed) and share directly with this community since this site has provided me so much invaluable info. Most of this is just personal experience in Shanghai. I don’t claim to be an expert, so please feel free to correct any misinformation on locations, prices, etc. If any of my info is wrong.

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Shanghai Famous Streets

Shanghai is one of the most flourishing commercial and cutural centers in China, the famous streets with characteristics like Nanjing Road, Duolun Road and any other famous streets retain the finest of the old and new Shanghai, when you walking on the streets and smelling the aroma of the gardenias, the pedestrians are endued with an agreeable and leisure feel.

1. Snack Street – Wujiang Road

21Wujiang Road is one of the most popular snack street in Shanghai. It is located in the southeast of Jing’an District and it is a good dining place for you to rest and relax after your tired shopping in Nanjing Road. There are many Chinese and foreign restaurants are clustered here, providing you with various choices. You can try various kinds of western food in Wujiang Road and feel home in the city. Continue reading