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Massage Scams in Shanghai

shanghai massage scam2In Shanghai, like most of big Chinese cities, foreigners are ideal targets for some few scams. They are all very common and very effective. The foreigners must be careful to them, It mainly take place in touristic places such as Nanjing road, the Bund, Xintiandi, Huaihai road or some other strange streets. In general, Chinese people would not come up to you in the street if it is not for money. Then, watch out for attractive strangers with promises of drinks deals or massage deals at authentic places it usually result in big bills. Scams rarely get violent. But sometimes, the police will not handle such cases because they are frequently happened in Shanghai. The following scam example I would like to say is the most common scam -Massage Scams. They are really often happened in Shanghai this modern city.

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Popular Places You Can Have a Visit in Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s largest and richest city: China’s biggest and most prosperous city oozes an atmosphere of vitality and rival New York and Paris in terms of modernity. There are many places that Western tourists can find in Shanghai which can offera cosmopolitan atmosphere with a rich Chinese culture. This blend of old and new offers tourists a wide variety of experiences that are sure to be memorable. The following are some sights and attractions that Shanghai has offered for people from all over the world.

1. Yu Yuan Garden

1Yu Garden is an important traditional tourist resort in Shanghai, which enjoys the reputation of “the crown of beauty in southeast China”. Most exquisitely decked out, the garden offers charming and pleasant views. With noble flora and exotic rocks setting off each other, it serves as a perfect model of “famous garden of Jiangnan”. Inside the garden there is the site of the famous uprising of Shanghai’s Small Sword Society in Qing Dynasty. On the 440 anniversary of the establishment of Yu Garden, comrade Jiang Zemin brandished his writing brush and left the inscription of “Famous Garden above the Sea”. The famous scenic spots of the garden include the Wall of Cloud Piercing Dragon, Spring Transforming Hall, Yu Linglong (Jade Exquisite), Moon Appreciating Pavilion, Ancient Performance Stage, Grand Rockery. Continue reading