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Some Suggestions of Mongering in Shenzhen

Shenzhen will be a nice place for a man to enjoy the mongering, in this city, you will find that there are lots of places you can visit and look for a girl, while Shenzhen is not a cheap city in China to monger, this city boasts a modern, upscale nightlife and it is safe at all hours, so if you are a little luck you will find just what you are looking for in a short time. You will find all kinds of girl for mongering here, many girls come here for sex, either for money or to become a businessman’s mistress. In the evening, you can also find lots of office girls looking to add their incomes by providing some special services, sometimes they are not just for money……


In Shenzhen, Nanshan district is a big district for mongering, it is relatively easy to find and get around. Futian and Luohu districts are also not that far away by taxi or MTR, especially if you live at the OCT end of Nanshan. In these districts, you will find it is really not difficult to look for a girl, you can use Wechat or QQ to look for girls nearby, or call an escort / massage agency who will put their ads on some classified websites), it just up to you, you can try and demand some real photos of the girl you choose, and if you use Wechat, if you can’t speak Chinese, you must state it by Chinese tell other people that you cannot speak Chinese and also communicate your needs clearly.


I hope the following suggestions for mongering in Shenzhen may help you to reduce some unnecessary trouble.

1. If you are worried about getting lost when you are mongering in Shenzhen, you can use the GPS on your phone, it will help you to find way home.

2. If you use websites, E-mail, Wechat for looking for the girls, you may need to learn a little easy Chinese language for mongering

3. If you are willing to go to a bar, you can go to Coco Park in Futian, it is a good place for bars where some expats hang out and to meet girls, if you take a taxi, you can tell its Chinese name to the drivers (Gouwu Gongyuan).

4. You can choose the various places in Shenzhen and it will be adventurous.


5. If you meet a freebie girl, invite her to your place, you’d better have a good translator application on your phone or computer which will help with conversations, don’t expect freebie girls to invite you to their apartment. 95% live in dormitories, share apartment with many girls, or have a tiny, one room shitty apartment.

6. If you have some local Chinese friends, you can ask them for some good massage places and also ask them if the places have special massages or extras, if they know, they will accompany you to show you the place.

7. You can read some posts on Shenzhen and South China Forum(BBS), maybe you will find something you are interested in.

8. You can go to Shekou (Nanshan) where a lot of expats live. There are pubs there, the Snake Pit is good for socializing, they will advise local action such as red light streets.

9. If you go to massage places, you should learn some appropriate sauna words such as HJ(hand job), BJ(blow job), BBBJ( blow job without condom) and so on, check that these words are used locally.


English Speaking Independent Escort in Shenzhen

Famous for its enjoyable entertainments, especially nightlife, Shenzhen has become a city full of p622-1adventures and is definitely ideal for those who are seeking for a real pleasure from body to soul. While you are cruising here, you will find abundant escort girls in Shenzhen wherever in massage parlors, KTVs, streets and websites. However, there is one problem that shouldn’t be ignored, that is the language barrier. As most of escort girls in Shenzhen are Chinese, and a large proportion of them haven’t received high education. Finding an escort who can speak fluent English is a little bit difficult.

An English speaking independent escort can give you a great companion and leave you satisfaction. Chinese escort girls are gentle, caring and have passionate attitude hidden under the innocent beauty without a shadow of doubt, you can explore yourself and will be surprised by sure. Once the girl has English capability, even not so practiced, you can have a simple communication, which will directly lead the sexual experience without any obstacles.

imagesWith the rapid development of network, you don’t need to monger in a specific venue for some  erotic entertainments any more, also because of the raids a while ago, girls are gradually moving their business to websites, which is much more safer and convenient. Here is a website introducing Shenzhen Escort girls and intuitively showing all types of girls offering various services, incall or outcall, independent or agency, whatever you want, it will satisfy you.

After you have searched the results of English speaking girls, you may decide to choose an independent or agency girl. A agency girl will bring a lot of convenience but cost more, however, an independent girl is cheaper in a general way, and you need to make an appointment in advance personally, and independent girls can arrange their time freely, they will bring happiness for you with all they have. Overall, an independent will add much fun for your sexual experience as they are caring, passionate and warm.

When you are in Shenzhen looking for some extra fun, don’t be hesitated to find an English speaking independent escort girl who can not only be you sweet partner, but also a translator to fulfill your loneliness and lead you experience some memorable time.


Shenzhen Crackdown in Longhua Area

The Shenzhen police carried out the crackdown on prostitution in Longhua area on the early morning of 19th, May. It’s said that most of the places were hidden under massage parlors and night clubs, but some were moved to residential areas which caused much dissatisfaction from local residents and finally reported to the police.

69 people were arrested in this action, including staffs and some clients.  They occupied half of the basketball court when they were brought there. According to the research, many escort girls came from Dongguan. Due to the crackdown in Shenzhen, a growing number of escort girls have been moving their business to Dongguan since the first half of this year.


One journalist had a deep search of Longquan Huayuan Community.  As it is a little bit far away from the city center, there are few people in the daytime, but when the night falls, it will be much lively. It’s noticed that more than 10 escort girls offering special services in a small place hidden in an alley. They standing outside to attract clients. Once someone is interested in their services, they will show him to the secret place where is not easy to be found. There are many massage parlors offering special services in Longhua Road with girls sitting outside.

Wei Wei Leisure Club is located on 3-4/F of Yinglun Hotel on the Qingquan Road. When a customer walked into their secret room, the staff will introduce some erotic services for him. However, if you call the police to report it, usually nothing will happen.


Great Massage Treatments via Group Purchase at Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center

Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)  hopes to give you a chance to get pampered and keep you away from the stressful life, now, you can have a great package with only 55RMB for a quick release.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

Traditional Chinese head/shoulder massage

Medicinal oils cupping/scrapping/traditional chinese acupuncture

Service time: from 2014-02-27-2014-05-05

Appointment: You just need to show your password without prior appointment.

Notes: One coupon is allowed to be used by one person once. You have the chance to enjoy shower, packing, WIFI for free. And it can’t be used with other coupons.








Finding the BDSM Escorts in Shenzhen

Shenzhen as one of the biggest cities in China has a large number of expats who grew up in a different culture from Chinese culture. They are more open in sex and consider BDSM is acceptable. However, in China where sexuality remains mostly an unspoken and mysterious topic, BDSM is totally strange to most people. Hence, it is fact that finding BDSM service in Shenzhen, even in China,  is not as easy as other western countries. Restricted by Chinese culture, few parlors provide BDSM tools and which also results in the rare BDSM providers in Shenzhen.  Continue reading


Traditional Chinese Massage Treatment at Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center

Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) now gives you a special offer to enjoy yourself to the fullest with their professional massage treatments  which only cost you 58RMB. It presents clean environment and great services for a relaxing enjoyment.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:
Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage 68RMB/60mins
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hot Compress 38RMB
Physical Therapy 48RMB

Service Time: from 2014-03-18 to 2014-09-30

Appointment: You should make an appointment 1 hour in advance and show your coupon number, remebering to telling the staff your password during the consumption.

Notes: Male and female are both welcome, and one coupon can be used by one person once. It is not allowed to be used with other coupons.

Pictures of this massage parlor






Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center specializes in therapy of treating sub-health with specific ways to examine body pains professioanlly. Some traditional therapies such as acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and micropuncture are skillfully utilized, combining with traditional technique to give you a relief.


The Special Massage Treatment at Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center with Reasonable Price

You are invited to Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) for their special massage treatment which is a great value now, you can get relaxing massage services here with only 78RMB, and it is definitely a tranquil place to make you released and melt away your stress from daily work.

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Group Purchase Details:

Service time: from 2014-02-13 to 2014-05-13

Booking informations: You are required to make an appointment at least one day in advance.

Usage Rules: One coupon is available to be used by one person one time and the longest experience time is 1.2 hours. Men and women are both welcome, shower is concluded, technicians are randomly assigned.


Your coupon, ID card should be showed when you arrive, and it is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you want a group purchase invoice, pls raise it.

Product Presentation

Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center is able to improve the health condition by relieving your body pains from the stressful work and daily lives. Now, relaxing and comfortable massage treatments are presenting for you with reasonable price that you just need to pay 78RMB to have a deep sense of relaxation here.

thumb (1)_副本

thumb (2)_副本

thumb (3)_副本

thumb (4)_副本



Group Purchasing at Ci Yun Tang

Massage Parlor: Ci Yun Tang(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Detailed Information:

Ci Yun Tang has a special offer for you to enjoy professional massage therapies which only costs 49RMB

Group Purchase Details:
-Choosing one from the following three
Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage
Full body healthcare relieve massage
Medicinal liquor Tuina

-Free gift
Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy
Full body cupping
Meridian scrapping
Lamp physical therapy
A cup of scented tea

1.The validity of the coupon: 2014/03/13-2014/09/19
2.Service time of the coupon: 9am-12pm
3.Making an appointment at least one day in advance to guarantee the service quality.
4.Not allowed to share with other coupon
5.Unlimited purchase per person, but only one coupon can be used once.
6.No invisible service.
7.Free WIFI is available.

-Soothing channels and collaterals, bringing you a pure pleasure from body to soul.
-The healthcare therapies will be performed under accurate manipulation.
-A-level caring service are guaranteed.




Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage




Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy



Ci Yun Tang is a professional massage parlor approved by the government, run by an experienced Tuina Therapist. It sticks to pare down to the essence but concentrate on crucial points to improve body function by combining with secret prescription. It is a great place to make you relaxed with the elegant decoration and accurate massage manipulation.



Looking for Some Shemale Escort Girl or Massage Girl in Shenzhen

There are many people in the world, and we know that all the people in the world cannot have the same tastes in everything, we all have our own desires and wants in life, and we all do what we want no matter what other people say, some people would like to look for some sort of entertainment which is different from other normal entertainment when they are encountering some dull moments, for example, they may prefer to look for some best shemale/ladyboy who will also definitely offer you with everything that will fulfill your fantasies.


In Shenzhen, through the website, you can find a variety of shemales in Shenzhen who are all willing to entertain you. You can ask them what you want them to do but make sure you do it politely so you can have a nice and pleasurable time together. Looking for a shemale escort has become a very popular choice in Shenzhen if someone would like to enjoy a different taste.


There are many exotic and unique ladyboys beauties in Shenzhen . So if you are tired from youy bust daily life and want to stay home to enjoy the best different feeling entertainment, you can book some beautiful ladyboys who can bring you different fantasies, you can experience extreme fun with them as they exist to give you the best entertainment like you never had before.

The following are some ads from best shemale escort you can find in Shenzhen, so if you are willing to enjoy a different service from a special escort, just try them, you will not be disappointed.

1. Mimi

Hello, everyone, My name is Mimi, I’m a hottest beautiful ladyboy from Chongqing. I am 22 years old, 170cm, 50kg, exotic, friendly. I have lived in Shenzhen for 15 years. I am a sexy shemale with fair complexion smooth skin and slim body. I can give you a very good massage. If you need a incredibly unique and pleasurable experience, please call me at: (+86) 15013785276.

2. Tong

Hi, everybody, how are you? my name is Tong. I’m a sexy, beautiful, pure shemale who is living in Shenzhen now. If you want an unforgettable massage experience, I can make your delicious dreams come true. So if you are interested what I can provide for you, just send me a message  on QQ:2540908012.

3. Feifei

Hello, everyone, I’m a versatile transsexual escort in Shenzhen, I’m 100% feminine, luscious lips, I have lovely long legs, full breasts and nice tight behind. I have great taste in lingerie and wear only the best. I keep myself clean and have been told many times I smell like jasmine. I am a fun loving chick, who loves a glass of red wine and fine dining, when you see me, you will like me, I can provide you different kind of special escort service you like, I’m living in a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy making friends with other people.

4. Jia Ni

Hi guys, my name is Jia Ni. I am a sweet TS escort in Shenzhen. I can be sexy and cute. My pics are all real, so what you see is what you will get. I love to meet gentlemen and make friends in Shenzhen. If you want to have a beautiful Chinese girl friend with something special, you can contact me via e-mail. I am looking forward to meeting you.

5. Remarkable Time with Hot Shenzhen Shemale

Guys, are you looking for sexy escort with something special to bring you endless pleasure in Shenzhen? Looking no further. I will meet all your fantasy, desire and dirty needs. Please do not miss the chance to play with me in Shenzhen. Let’s seize the moments of joy and pleasure of our flesh. Call me and make an appointment now. Phone:+8615012905486


The Incall Service Proveded by QQ Girls in Shenzhen

Recently, a Chinese campaign against prostitution that started in the city of Dongguan which has also spread across the whole Guangdong province, the police have mounted large-scale campaigns against prostitution and the sex trade. As a result, if someone would like to find an escort girl in Shenzhen to enjoy some special services, it is really very difficult, if you can also find some girls in massage parlor or sauna centers, you will find that the quality and number of girls available are pathetic.

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