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Finding the Girls in the Best Massage Escort Agencies in Shenzhen

Shenzhen as a very popular destination for tourists in China, it is not only entirely preserved for its rich and famous, it does also have its special style and elegance. Because of this, there are many rich and famous people would like to come to this city to enjoy the all aspects of this city, If you are one of these people, you probably already know what better to do than enjoying the company of an elite escort? So the first step to explore this unusual city is that you need to book a top class escort during your travelling time.

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Enjoy the Body to Body Massage From Beautiful Massage Escort Girls in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a popular place for many people to go to enjoy a massage service both for a normal massage and special massage. In recent years many large spa and massage parlors have appeared in Shenzhen. Most of them are 24 hours for business, you can enjoy the different kind of massage services in a private room, Masseuses and masseurs are from various regions around China and are listed with pictures and details in catalogs and can be selected by number.

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Most Popular Girl Friendly Hotels in Shenzhen

Do you want to book a hotel to bring your lovely girls to your room but don’t want to pay for extra charges? In Shenzhen, you will find that there are a lot of girl friendly hotel for your needs if you would like to take a girl into your hotel, just as its name implies, the girl friendly hotel is a hotel that doesn’t charge you a fee for an extra lady to stay with you, such as a lady that you met out at a disco or a bar girl.

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The Prostitutes in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a large and beautiful city in China’s Guangdong Province, it is situated immediately north of Hong Kong, so it become one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones (SEZs). It has attracted both Chinese and foreign nationals invest enormous amounts of money in this city. As the fastest-growing and most popular cities in the world, Shenzhen is also famous for its sex industry.


The Common Price of the Prostitutes in Shenzhen:

The standard price for a session from a prostitute is 150 RMB for short time. They will normally start with higher, but just type 150 on the mobile phone and they should agree. For that price they will take you up to their room and you can fuck them there. You should not expect their room is clean and appealing. You can also take the girl to a hotel. The price is about RMB 200, but sometimes 150rmb is also OK. If you would like to book 2 hour session, the price is about 300RMB.

You may need to pay 500 RMB for some Outcall agency prostitutes, these girls are pretty mediocre, and you can let her away at the door if you don’t like her, but usually you may need pay the taxi fee.


700 RMB is for those solo prostitutes. They do their own advertising, and you contact them on QQ. They don’t want to waste time. If they do waste time, it means they’re desperate for business and not in demand. If you look for the Sauna prostitutes, the price is about 600RMB-1500RMB, 1500-2500+: KTV prostitutes.

Many men think that It is better to take the girl to the hotel room, where you can ask her to start get a shower before starting the session. The girls usually will agree to BJ without condom, the price is about 150 RMB.

Where to Find the Prostitutes in Shenzhen

In many areas in Shenzhen, you will find that there are lots of shops with prostitutes who would like to provide the sex services for the people from all over the world, almost all are young and sexy.


–Red Light Districts in Shenzhen:

Shenzhen as a city near Hong Kong and Macau city and also closer to the Dongguan, currently there are many city villages have a lot of red light area, Hong Kong media reported that Shenzhen “three sand”(三沙): Shazui(沙嘴), Shangsha(上沙), Xiasha(下沙) has attracted a lot of people to look for the sex services, so it is also called “Shenzhen Pattaya,” said. You will see that there are a lot of sauna, KTV, massage places and leisure club at these red districts, there are more than 900 entertainment establishments in these area. You have to walk into a dark alley to find these prostitutes before 7 pm as they will sit or stand along the alley for your choosing.

–Find Some Street Hookers in Shenzhen:

You can find street walkers in Luohu area at anytime, even during the daytime, most of them provide full sex, one time, condom on. After you choose one of the girl, she will take you to the barbershop where you may can’t see any hair products, and just a bunch of skimpily dressed girls standing around. You then get led to the second floor for the sex.

It is a fact, there are a lot of street hookers in Shenzhen(in Luohu district or in Dongguan), these girls make their living outside of shops, clubs, etc. touting for business. They normally have to hold down a day job too in order to make ends meet. Most streetwalkers are those girls who can provide independent sex work.


–Some Erotic Massage Parlors in Shenzhen:

You can also find the prostitute in some special massage parlors which can provide full service,  offer sex, offer poor massages. These massage parlors are called Erotic massage Parlor, So if you want sex, just go to these erotic massage parlors where you can enjoy a happy ending massage services.

The telltale sign of these massage parlors is pink lighting, and frosted glass doors. Often the frosted glass will have a clear strip so you can see the girls inside. They’re typically sitting on a red couch doing absolutely nothing.

When you enter, A supervisor will ask you what kind of girl you want. Then they’ll send anywhere from 3 to 20+ girls and have them line up in front of you and let you choose.


Some Erotic Massage Parlors in Shenzhen:

1. Xinganjue Health Center

This massage health center is located in Nanshan district, it is in the Gongye 8 Lu about a 10-15min stroll from Walmart. The place looks OK from the outside and the lobby is big, clean, and well lit. When you step into the massage room, you will find that it is a large room with a big bed and a private bathroom with shower. there are more than 10 massage girls in this health center, they are beautiful, young and professional, they can provide full service, Blow job, TY(Push oil) happy ending massage and any other special service if you like. The price is not very high, the average price is about 600rmb.

2. Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club

Sakuraen Lavipeditum Leisure Hall(AKA Sakura Massage) is located in the Sea World tourism zone in Shekou manufacturing district. It possesses advantaged environment with a food street and Shenzhen Sea World surrouded. Since it bagan to operate, it has been well received among foreign visitors. Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club is a comprehensive parlor with leisure, business and massage. With delicate, elegant, and distinctive decoration, Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club will provide you a tranquil and comfortable massage environment to make you experience the charming of massage.

3. Long Yuan Foot Massage Leisure Center

This massage center has been opened for 5 years, situating on 2F OF Hai Hui Ge. The environment is good and the technicians are well-trained with accurate massage manipulation and tender toutch, making customers feel quite comfortable, removing all the tiredness in work and daily lives. The lobby has 18 seats all equipped with televisions.


The Popular Escort Website in Shenzhen—Shenzhen Escort Find

You can find the most popular escort ads on Shenzhen Escort Find which is an English classifieds and Yellow pages dedicated to escort services in Asia. The mission of this website is to provide a trustworthy place, service with high quality information for the visitors to find all the detailed escorts information. When you entering the website, you can choose the Shenzhen section,you will find that there are a lot of ads from escort girls or agencies in Shenzhen who can provide very professional escort service.

There are also some other nice websites such as which is also a popular online destination for arranging for dates, escort service or other special service, you can find many escort massage service in Shenzhen by searching this website. is also a classified advertising website, you can choose the Body rubs section where you can get a good massage escort information that exactly meeting your personal needs.

Some Ads From Reputable Escort Girl in Shenzhen:


1. A’yue

Hello, everyone, my name is A’yue, I’m 30 years old now, I think I’m a mind reader, know what you think, so just give me a look. when you see me, I will surprise you, I can provide you different kind of special service just based on what you like, The best service is my special massage, whatever the need, my massage experiences and outgoing personality are sure to make our time together spectacular, and our conversation stimulating. So if you are truly interested in a quality escort massage service from someone who is pretty, passionate, then you can give me a call.

2. Bobo

Hello, everybody, my name is Bobo, if you want to pursue private and confidential escort services, you can give me a call, I think I will be the best choice, I can provide very special and professional escort services for gentlemen, I have nice curvy body with full 34C breast with silky skin waiting for your touch. Just try once, and I guarantee you will never forget this relaxing and most pleasant experience. You can believe me ,you will fall in love with my special full service, If you are truly interested in a quality service from someone who is pretty, passionate, out-going, just call me now, I will wait for your coming!

3. Xiaomeng

Hello, everybody, I’m a beautiful and young escort lady in Shenzhen, when you see me, you will be amazed, my special services can meet all your request, I like to hear your praise, I will be excited. I can perform different kind of special service for you, let me be your playmate and we can have fun together. If you want we can try what you want. Believe me ,you will fall in love with my services, I will completely relax you with passionate, sensual caressing, massaging, and special touching over every part of your body, using my skillful hands and perfect breasts. So if you like me, just give me a call now.

How to Choose a Nice Prostitute in Shenzhen

Besides focusing on the looks and body, you may need to watch the mood. If she is “happy” and smiling, she is probably going to be better in the bed. You will enjoy more comfortable services and will be pleased. If the girl is very serious and do not like smile, or feel tired, then it means that you will not get a good service.



Leisure Clubs Conceal Erotic Services in Shajing

The erotic services of all kinds are banned by explicit order in any leisure or entertainment places. However, one insider revealed that some leisure clubs in Shajing offer HJ( handjob) to guests openly. One journalist investigated in secret today.

Today (21st September 2013), the journalist came to the Taoyuan Spa Club located near the Shajing Civil Square. The manager told journalist they could not provide special services now as their “superior departments” manage them strictly but they are able to play the “edge ball”.  Continue reading


Hotel Massage in Shenzhen

While choosing a hotel, those with more recreational facilities are much preferred. Recreational facilities will make your stay more enjoyable, and also, they help chase away the stress and tiredness caused by travelling. Most of the hotels in Shenzhen feature massage, spa and sauna facilities so that guests can enjoy their leisure time while staying. Following are some leisure venues in some budget hotels in Shenzhen where you can find massage services available. 

mei-er-kang-leisure-ce_副本Mei Er Kang Leisure Center
The Mei Er Kang Leisure Center is located on the second floor of the Hua Yan Hotel in Luohu District. The environment of the Mei Er Kang Leisure Center is comfortable and the service here is satisfying. Providing a variety of services such as oil massage, Chinese massage, Thai massage, Japanese massage and others, the leisure venue is a nice place for young people to go and have fun. The most popular service here is the French perfume oil massage, though the price is a little higher. palm-springs-sauna_副本


Palm Springs Sauna
Located in the third floor of the Liyuan hotel, the Palm Springs Sauna is a good place with the integration of sauna, foot bath, massage and so on. The well trained masseurs here are young but professional and authentic. The price is as followed: foot bath is 18 RMB; traditional Chinese massage is 68 RMB.


Guang Ji Leisure Center

蔡屋围大酒店_副本Lying near the imperial business district and the subway station, the Guang Ji Leisure Center enjoys convenient transportation. Featuring brand-new luxury decoration, clean and bright guest rooms and well equipped facilities, the leisure center creates a comfortable environment for guests to unwind. Services provided here include Thai massage, traditional Chinese massage, foot massage, Chinese medicine treatment, chess and card, free accommodation, etc.



Hui Kang Sauna
Located on the 5th Floor of the Overseas Chinese Hotel, the Hui Kang Sauna owns a clean and tranquil environment. The catering and entertainment facilities nearby are all in readiness and the transportation is quite convenient. The sauna venue possesses buffet restaurant, massage room, VIP area, rest area, guest room and cafeteria so that you can enjoy various kinds of services there.

Yuan Leisure Center
The Jian Yuan Leisure Center on the third floor of the Hoi Wan Hotel is located in the intersection between Wenjin middle road and Hubei road. The environment here is comfortable and clean. Adopting new management and new concept, the leisure venue provides the guests with high quality service. Masseuses are young and beautiful, each of who has been chosen and trained seriously. They are professional and their techniques are good enough to make every guest comfortable. Food, drinking, cigarette are supplied for free.

海富_副本Haifu Hotel Sauna
The Haifu Hotel Sauna is situated on the second floor in Hafu hotel, a 12-story building in Luohu District. Featuring professional therapists, soft light, nice ambiance and enthusiastic staffs, the sauna venue provides services such as foot bath, bathing, sauna, and others. Free fruit is also provided. Private rooms are available.

you-yi-sauna-_副本Youyi Suana
Youyi Suana, also known as Friendship Sauna, is located in the 3rd to 5th floor of the Youyi hotel in Luohu district. Enjoying convenient transportation, the Youyi sauna is a large health leisure place with the integration of spa, sauna, massage, traditional Chinese massage, Thai massage, Japanese masssage, beauty, lymphatic drainage, Chinese medicine therapy, foot massage and other health programs. Occupying a total business area of over 5500sqm, the place houses cold and hot massage pool, wet and dry steam sauna, and about 140 massage rooms in Chinese, Thailand, Japanese-style, which can accommodate 400 guests at the same time.

Lotus Sauna center_副本Lotus Sauna Center
Lotus Sauna Center is located in Lotus Hotel and it has the large supporting services, it has the elegant and comfortable environment which is designed by experts. New high-grade facilities and humanized service will make you feel very comfortable, you can enjoy the happy time in this sauna center. The masseurs in this sauna club are also very beautiful and professional.

l刘安堂_副本Liu An Tang
Located on the B1 of the Xindu Hotel, the Liu An Tang Xindu branch enjoys nice ambiance and neat environment. Enthusiastic receptionist, professional therapists and great services have made this venue one of the most professional massage places in the city. With tasteful and classical decorations, the place provides services such as moxibustion, Tuina Massage, liniment, cupping and others. Take public bus 204, 211, 220 and get off at the Sandao Center Stop.


Several Well-known Shenzhen Saunas Near Huanggang Border

Near the border of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, there is a railway station named Lok Ma Chau Station (落马洲站). A large quantity of citizens in Hong Kong will set off to Futian District in Shenzhen from this railway station if they want to enjoy the awesome massage and sauna services there. If you are interested in the best sauna in Shenzhen, then the following sauna shops you should not miss. Continue reading


Shenzhen Metro—Allow People to Travel More Convenient

The Shenzhen Metro is the subway or underground system for the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, which is opened on 28 December 2004, making Shenzhen the sixth city in mainland China to have a subway after Beijing,Tianjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. Currently, it has 5 lines, 137 stations and 179 km of total trackage in operation. Also, there are three lines under construction.

Five Lines:

Luobao Line (Luohu to Airport East)罗宝

The Luobao Line of the Metro runs westward from Luohu to Airport East. The total length is 41 km and located 30 stations. Due to the line connects Luohu district and Bao’an district, it is named “Luobao Line’.

Luobao Line starts from Luohu station, continuing northward along Renmin South Road. Turn in the Old Street Station, westward along Jiefang Road, Fuhua Road and Shennan Road, until Shenda Station. After crossing the Shenzhen University, to the southwest of the taoyuan road, then to the northwest after Daxin Station, along Xinhu Road, Bao’an Avenue to Airport East Station.

  • 28 December 2004: Luohu-Window of the World
  • 28 September 2009: Window of the World-Shenzhen University
  • 15 June 2011: Shenzhen University-Airport East

Shekou Line (Shekou to Window of the World to Xinxiu)蛇口

The Shekou Line runs from Chi Wan to Xin Xiu. It connects with the Luobao Line at Window of the World, with the Longhua Line at Civic Center, with the Longgang Line at Futian and with the Luobao Line again at Grand Theater. Phase 1 of Shekou Line was open on 28 December 2010. The remainder of the Shekou line opened in June 2011.

  • 28 December 2010: Chiwan-Window of the World
  • 28 June 2011: Window of the World-Xinxiu

Longgang Line (Yitian to Buji to Shuanglong)龙岗

Running 41.8 km with 30 stations from Hongling to Yitian Village, Longgang line is the longest metro line in Shenzhen. Construction on Phase 1 which runs 32.86 km from Caopu to Shuanglong began on 26 December 2005. Phase 1 was completed on 28 December 2010. The entire line is scheduled to open 30 jUNE 2011. It will connect with Luobao Line at Laojie and Shopping Park, with Shekou Line at Futian, with Longhua Line at Children’s Palace, with Huanzhong Line at Buji and run out to Longgang in the northeast of the city.

The line is operated by Shenzhen Metro No.3 Line Operation Branch Corporation

  • 28 December 2010: Caopu-Shuanglong
  • 28 June 2011: Yitian-Caopu

Longhua Line (Qinghu to Futiankouan)龙华

From Futian Checkpoint to Qinghu, Longhua Line runs 20.5 km with 15 stations. Trains operate at 8 minute frequences at all times. Stations from Futian Checkpoint to Lianhua North are underground. North of Children’s Palace, an extension to Qinghu in Longhua, Bao’an District has completed construction and open to public since June 16, 2011, except Shenzhen North Station, which was open to be a transfer with Huanzhong Line since 22 June 2011, first opening day of Huanzhong Line.

This line is operated by MTR Corporation (Shenzhen), a subsidiary of MTR Corporation, since 1 July 2010

  • 28 December 2004: Fumin-Children’s Palace
  • 28 June 2007: Futian Checkpoint-Fumin
  • 16 June 2011: Children’s Palace-Qinghu

Huangzhong Line (Qianhaiwan to Huangbeiling)环中

Huanzhong Line runs from Qianhaiwan in the west to Huanbeiling in  the east. The total length is 40.1 km with 27 stations. Constructed began in May 2009 and is scheduled to be completed by June 2011. It will connect with Luobao Line at Qianhaiwan and Bao’an Station, with Shekou Line at Huangbeiling, with Longhua Line at Shenzhen North Station, with Longgang Line at Buji.

  • 22 June 2011: Qianhaiwan-Huangbeiling

Some knowledges about Shenzhen Metro:

Fares and tickets:

Metro rides are priced according to distance travelled, and varies from Y2 to 5. Children under the height of 110 cm may ride for free when accompanied by an adult. The metro also offers free rides to senior citizens over the age of 65, the blind, and the physically disabled.

Passenger information:

Before buying tickets, you should read the relevant provisions of subway and codes in detail. When passengers buy tickets, it means that the relevant provisions of which are known, and agree to abide.

Safety common sense:

  1. Advised to extinguish cigarettes before entering the station
  2. Be careful to take care of children and the elderly counterparts
  3. Heed the safety warnings, safety signs and notices
  4. Holding the handrail, stand on the right

If want to learn more, please click:

Now, in order to facilitate people to take the subway, in 28 December, 2012, Guangzhou Metro officially released APP phone software for free download. People just go to the Apple App Store and Google play and other major electronic markets, or log Guangzhou Metro official website, the official micro-Bo can download the software free of charge.

The information provided by the official APP is very rich, which provides a variety of operational information, including basic lines, site queries, real-time operations announcement, the official micro-blog links, related laws and regulations, safety guidelines, tickets species introductions, user-demand options.

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Some Popular Bars in Shenzhen

There are many bars in Shenzhen, however, not every one is wonderful.  According to the comments, today I will recommend some popular bars to you.

1. McCawley’s  Irish Pub (麦考利爱尔兰酒吧)

53Founded in 2003, McCawley has operated 4 Irish pubs successfully, and they are in Shekou Shenzhen, Futian and the peninsula as well as in the city of Guangzhou. McCawley successfully understand the reason why Irish pubs are so popular with people, that is the special Irish atmosphere, which is make the pub different from other pubs. From its wood-paneled walls to the sweeping staircase leading to  the second floor, this pub oozes old world charm, and has many features you would expect from a quality city pub in the UK  or Ireland.

Add: 1/F, Block C, Chengjian Shopping Park, 269 Fuhua Third Road, Futian District


Tel: 0775-2668-4496

Opening Hours: daily, 10:00am-2:00am

Per Capita Consumption: 101 RMB Continue reading