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Cantonese Cuisine in Shenzhen

Cantonese Cuisine generally includes dishes from Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang. With ethnic flavors, Chaozhou cuisine and Dongjiang cuisine are very popular in Shenzhen. Here are some recommendations for you.

laurel shenzhenWith 7 branches in Shenzhen, Laurel is one of the greatest Cantonese restaurants in the city. Modern and stylish decors make Laurel an ideal place for casual gathering or lunch meeting. The dishes served here include Thai, seafood, health food, pastas and salads as well as tasty dim sum. Crabmeat with corn soup is highly recommended. With most of the dishes under 50(RMB), the prices are quite reasonable. Besides delicious food, Laurel has a well-stocked cellar with
over 40 varieties, including French reserves,
moderately priced Australian and Chilean wines. Continue reading