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China Folk Culture Village

56Situated in the beautiful city in south China, Shenzhen, China Folk Culture Village covers an area of more than 200 thousand square meters. With the collection of national folk art, folk customs and residential buildings, it is the first large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot, which contains 25 villages of 22 ethnic groups that constructed according to the ratio of 1:1. By ethnic style performances, folk arts and crafts exhibition and organizing big folk activities regularly, such as Chinese nation big temple fair, water-sprinkling festival, torch festival, Xishuangbanna customs months, Inner Mongolia customs week .etc, China folk Culture Village shows  our various authentic and colorful ethnic customs and folk culture to us, allowing visitors to fully experience the nation’s soul and charm. China Folk Culture Village win the good reputation of ” Chinese Folk Museum” in the world for the rich implication of “twenty-five villages, fifty-six ethnic customs”. Continue reading