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Great Massage Treatments via Group Purchase at Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center

Heng De Tang Healthcare Massage Center (click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)  hopes to give you a chance to get pampered and keep you away from the stressful life, now, you can have a great package with only 55RMB for a quick release.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:

Traditional Chinese head/shoulder massage

Medicinal oils cupping/scrapping/traditional chinese acupuncture

Service time: from 2014-02-27-2014-05-05

Appointment: You just need to show your password without prior appointment.

Notes: One coupon is allowed to be used by one person once. You have the chance to enjoy shower, packing, WIFI for free. And it can’t be used with other coupons.








Traditional Chinese Massage Treatment at Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center

Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) now gives you a special offer to enjoy yourself to the fullest with their professional massage treatments  which only cost you 58RMB. It presents clean environment and great services for a relaxing enjoyment.


Here is the Group Purchasing Link:

Group Purchase Details:
Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage 68RMB/60mins
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hot Compress 38RMB
Physical Therapy 48RMB

Service Time: from 2014-03-18 to 2014-09-30

Appointment: You should make an appointment 1 hour in advance and show your coupon number, remebering to telling the staff your password during the consumption.

Notes: Male and female are both welcome, and one coupon can be used by one person once. It is not allowed to be used with other coupons.

Pictures of this massage parlor






Zhi Kang Healthcare Massage Center specializes in therapy of treating sub-health with specific ways to examine body pains professioanlly. Some traditional therapies such as acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and micropuncture are skillfully utilized, combining with traditional technique to give you a relief.


The Special Massage Treatment at Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center with Reasonable Price

You are invited to Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address) for their special massage treatment which is a great value now, you can get relaxing massage services here with only 78RMB, and it is definitely a tranquil place to make you released and melt away your stress from daily work.

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Group Purchase Details:

Service time: from 2014-02-13 to 2014-05-13

Booking informations: You are required to make an appointment at least one day in advance.

Usage Rules: One coupon is available to be used by one person one time and the longest experience time is 1.2 hours. Men and women are both welcome, shower is concluded, technicians are randomly assigned.


Your coupon, ID card should be showed when you arrive, and it is not allowed to be used with other coupons. If you want a group purchase invoice, pls raise it.

Product Presentation

Guo Shi Healthcare Massage Center is able to improve the health condition by relieving your body pains from the stressful work and daily lives. Now, relaxing and comfortable massage treatments are presenting for you with reasonable price that you just need to pay 78RMB to have a deep sense of relaxation here.

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Group Purchasing at Ci Yun Tang

Massage Parlor: Ci Yun Tang(click here and you will get the contact information and detailed address)

Here is the Group Purchasing Link:


Detailed Information:

Ci Yun Tang has a special offer for you to enjoy professional massage therapies which only costs 49RMB

Group Purchase Details:
-Choosing one from the following three
Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage
Full body healthcare relieve massage
Medicinal liquor Tuina

-Free gift
Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy
Full body cupping
Meridian scrapping
Lamp physical therapy
A cup of scented tea

1.The validity of the coupon: 2014/03/13-2014/09/19
2.Service time of the coupon: 9am-12pm
3.Making an appointment at least one day in advance to guarantee the service quality.
4.Not allowed to share with other coupon
5.Unlimited purchase per person, but only one coupon can be used once.
6.No invisible service.
7.Free WIFI is available.

-Soothing channels and collaterals, bringing you a pure pleasure from body to soul.
-The healthcare therapies will be performed under accurate manipulation.
-A-level caring service are guaranteed.




Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage




Bloodletting puncture and cupping therapy



Ci Yun Tang is a professional massage parlor approved by the government, run by an experienced Tuina Therapist. It sticks to pare down to the essence but concentrate on crucial points to improve body function by combining with secret prescription. It is a great place to make you relaxed with the elegant decoration and accurate massage manipulation.



Hotel Massage in Shenzhen

While choosing a hotel, those with more recreational facilities are much preferred. Recreational facilities will make your stay more enjoyable, and also, they help chase away the stress and tiredness caused by travelling. Most of the hotels in Shenzhen feature massage, spa and sauna facilities so that guests can enjoy their leisure time while staying. Following are some leisure venues in some budget hotels in Shenzhen where you can find massage services available. 

mei-er-kang-leisure-ce_副本Mei Er Kang Leisure Center
The Mei Er Kang Leisure Center is located on the second floor of the Hua Yan Hotel in Luohu District. The environment of the Mei Er Kang Leisure Center is comfortable and the service here is satisfying. Providing a variety of services such as oil massage, Chinese massage, Thai massage, Japanese massage and others, the leisure venue is a nice place for young people to go and have fun. The most popular service here is the French perfume oil massage, though the price is a little higher. palm-springs-sauna_副本


Palm Springs Sauna
Located in the third floor of the Liyuan hotel, the Palm Springs Sauna is a good place with the integration of sauna, foot bath, massage and so on. The well trained masseurs here are young but professional and authentic. The price is as followed: foot bath is 18 RMB; traditional Chinese massage is 68 RMB.


Guang Ji Leisure Center

蔡屋围大酒店_副本Lying near the imperial business district and the subway station, the Guang Ji Leisure Center enjoys convenient transportation. Featuring brand-new luxury decoration, clean and bright guest rooms and well equipped facilities, the leisure center creates a comfortable environment for guests to unwind. Services provided here include Thai massage, traditional Chinese massage, foot massage, Chinese medicine treatment, chess and card, free accommodation, etc.



Hui Kang Sauna
Located on the 5th Floor of the Overseas Chinese Hotel, the Hui Kang Sauna owns a clean and tranquil environment. The catering and entertainment facilities nearby are all in readiness and the transportation is quite convenient. The sauna venue possesses buffet restaurant, massage room, VIP area, rest area, guest room and cafeteria so that you can enjoy various kinds of services there.

Yuan Leisure Center
The Jian Yuan Leisure Center on the third floor of the Hoi Wan Hotel is located in the intersection between Wenjin middle road and Hubei road. The environment here is comfortable and clean. Adopting new management and new concept, the leisure venue provides the guests with high quality service. Masseuses are young and beautiful, each of who has been chosen and trained seriously. They are professional and their techniques are good enough to make every guest comfortable. Food, drinking, cigarette are supplied for free.

海富_副本Haifu Hotel Sauna
The Haifu Hotel Sauna is situated on the second floor in Hafu hotel, a 12-story building in Luohu District. Featuring professional therapists, soft light, nice ambiance and enthusiastic staffs, the sauna venue provides services such as foot bath, bathing, sauna, and others. Free fruit is also provided. Private rooms are available.

you-yi-sauna-_副本Youyi Suana
Youyi Suana, also known as Friendship Sauna, is located in the 3rd to 5th floor of the Youyi hotel in Luohu district. Enjoying convenient transportation, the Youyi sauna is a large health leisure place with the integration of spa, sauna, massage, traditional Chinese massage, Thai massage, Japanese masssage, beauty, lymphatic drainage, Chinese medicine therapy, foot massage and other health programs. Occupying a total business area of over 5500sqm, the place houses cold and hot massage pool, wet and dry steam sauna, and about 140 massage rooms in Chinese, Thailand, Japanese-style, which can accommodate 400 guests at the same time.

Lotus Sauna center_副本Lotus Sauna Center
Lotus Sauna Center is located in Lotus Hotel and it has the large supporting services, it has the elegant and comfortable environment which is designed by experts. New high-grade facilities and humanized service will make you feel very comfortable, you can enjoy the happy time in this sauna center. The masseurs in this sauna club are also very beautiful and professional.

l刘安堂_副本Liu An Tang
Located on the B1 of the Xindu Hotel, the Liu An Tang Xindu branch enjoys nice ambiance and neat environment. Enthusiastic receptionist, professional therapists and great services have made this venue one of the most professional massage places in the city. With tasteful and classical decorations, the place provides services such as moxibustion, Tuina Massage, liniment, cupping and others. Take public bus 204, 211, 220 and get off at the Sandao Center Stop.


Best Spas in Shenzhen

As we all know, living in a bustling city where pressures are everywhere, it is necessary to manage a way to unwind oneself. You can definitely go to bars or karaoke with your friends, but why not try something that is calmer and relaxer. A spa treatment will be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Enjoying the water flow while you are relaxing your body and mind, the spa is a true bliss.
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