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Shenzhen Housing Rental Market Is Heating Up

Reporters learned from the 2013 housing rent guidance published by Shenzhen rental integrated manager office that the Shenzhen’s rents will continue to grow slowly. Compared to last year, the rents of house rose by 3.7%, office building rose by 2.6%, business class rose by 0.5%, factory warehouse class rose by 1.9%.

The official of the Shenzhen rental integraated manager office said that 2013 house rental rent guidance will be divided according to administrative regions, each management area will be divided into several sections according to the rent standard, set up data collection points in order to reflect the real level and change trend of the rent price in different areas; take the vertical and horizontal combination way and multiple sampling  method,  collect depend on different floors and orientations, to ensure that the rent is more representative.

” Rent Guidance” classifies all rental homes by residential, office, commercial, plant and warehouse.

Insiders pointed out that this year, the Shenzhen housing prices remained at a high level, the primary trading market is better, but the trading volume of the secondary market decreased significantly. Residential rents showed a general upward trend, in addition to the impact of national policies, urban renewal of some sections of the old city is in process,  the majority of relocated residents hope to find rental housing in the vicinity area, all of these caused some areas imbalance between supply and demand.  What’s more, affected by the students of the first grade and  junior middle school need to apply for enrollment in the first half of the year,  residential rental housing surrounding the school has become a hot, which promotes leasing volume and at last, it led to rising rents.