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Shenzhen Crackdown in Longhua Area

The Shenzhen police carried out the crackdown on prostitution in Longhua area on the early morning of 19th, May. It’s said that most of the places were hidden under massage parlors and night clubs, but some were moved to residential areas which caused much dissatisfaction from local residents and finally reported to the police.

69 people were arrested in this action, including staffs and some clients.  They occupied half of the basketball court when they were brought there. According to the research, many escort girls came from Dongguan. Due to the crackdown in Shenzhen, a growing number of escort girls have been moving their business to Dongguan since the first half of this year.


One journalist had a deep search of Longquan Huayuan Community.  As it is a little bit far away from the city center, there are few people in the daytime, but when the night falls, it will be much lively. It’s noticed that more than 10 escort girls offering special services in a small place hidden in an alley. They standing outside to attract clients. Once someone is interested in their services, they will show him to the secret place where is not easy to be found. There are many massage parlors offering special services in Longhua Road with girls sitting outside.

Wei Wei Leisure Club is located on 3-4/F of Yinglun Hotel on the Qingquan Road. When a customer walked into their secret room, the staff will introduce some erotic services for him. However, if you call the police to report it, usually nothing will happen.


Leisure Clubs Conceal Erotic Services in Shajing

The erotic services of all kinds are banned by explicit order in any leisure or entertainment places. However, one insider revealed that some leisure clubs in Shajing offer HJ( handjob) to guests openly. One journalist investigated in secret today.

Today (21st September 2013), the journalist came to the Taoyuan Spa Club located near the Shajing Civil Square. The manager told journalist they could not provide special services now as their “superior departments” manage them strictly but they are able to play the “edge ball”.  Continue reading


Local Festivals in Shenzhen

Heavily tinged by lingnan culture, Shenzhen, the first immigrant city in China, has distinctive folkways. The city has its own specialized festivals.

荔枝Litchi Festival
Ever year from June to July, a variety of activities themed at litchi are held in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. Going to the litchi park with family and friends and picking those fresh litchis has become a tradition among the citizens here. You can taste the luscious litchis while feasting your eyes on the beautiful scenery. Litchi Festival has now become the City Festival of Shenzhen. Continue reading