Five Renowned Shopping Streets in Suzhou

There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. Suzhou not only has the rich local characteristics and cultural tourism commercial street, but also owns the international fashion shopping street. There is a various kinds of commodities in Suzhou. If you go to Suzhou, your wallets probably will lose weight. Now, five shopping streets will be introduced in the following parts. 

1. Suzhou Shiquan Street (苏州十全街)

102Shiquan Streets locates in the north of Canglang Pavilion in Suzhou. It begins from Fengmen Amway Bridge in the east and ends at Sanyuan Lane in the west. The total length is 1800 meters. This is spotted with Suzhou Restaurant, South Park Hotel, Nanlin Restaurant and a number of star Tourist Hotel. Besides, there are a number of art and craft shops like Qinhan Hall and some tea bars such as Zi Teng Lu Bar. Wandering in the Shiquan Street, visitors can listen to Pingtan and shop at the same time. They will feel the graceful charm of Shiquan  Street.

2. Suzhou Guanqian Street (苏州观前街)

103Suzhou Guanqian Street is a commercial street which originates from Qing dynasty and has a history of one hundred years. A lot of famous shops and old shops gather together on this street. Now it is renowned at home and abroad. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, dresses, hosiery, crafts, glassware and special local products are all available here. It’s the place you should not miss when shopping in Suzhou.

3. Maple Bridge Street (枫桥大街)

104Maple Bridge Street is located in the scenic spot of Maple Bridge. It is a cultural tourism commercial street with strong local characteristics. There are many ancient style buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty which appear a classical and elegant scene. The shops along the street supply almost all the arts and goods in Jiangnan, such as silk, embroidery, painting and calligraphy, the “scholar’s four jewels”, carved rosewood and sandalwood fans.

4. Stone Road (石路)

105Stone Road is a street located in Jinchang District of Suzhou city. It is also a common name of nearby commercial district. Stone Road  is a commercial circle which share the similar reputation of Suzhou Guanqian Street. It includes walking street and food street which ensure the tourists can shop and enjoy the delicious food at the same time. The main large-scale shops are Five Star Appliance, Suning Appliance, Stone Road International Mall, Chengtai Deaprtment Store and Yongle Domestic Appliance etc..

5. Huqiu Wedding Dress Street (虎丘婚纱一条街)

106Huqiu Wedding Street is one of the famous wedding dress production bases in China. Most shops here are self- employed manual workshops. They usually earn customs’ praise for the low price and novel style of wedding dresses. The supply of wedding dresses is always not adequate to the demand in annual spring, autumn and winter. The wedding dress street also attracts a part of foreign commercial tenants to come here and make wedding dresses. Huqiu Wedding Dress Street is located in the north of Huqiu Road, near the Huqiu scenic area.

Shopping in Suzhou is a pleasant thing. There is a superb collection of beautiful things of goods waiting for you. So take you time and enjoy your shopping.


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