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五道口Wu Dao Kou(五道口)

Address: 1-4F, B Jinma Mansion, 38 Xueqing Road, Haidian District
Address in Chinese: 海淀区学清路38号金码大厦B座1-4楼
Tel: 010-82838028
Opening Time: 9:30am-7:30pm
Transportation: 355, 392, 398, 419, 425, 438, 466, 478, 484, 490, 609, 617, 628, 630, 632, 635, 691, 693, 753, 85, 913

The Wu Dao Kou is located at the intersection of the Qinghua East Road, near the Wudaokou Cinema. The environment of the 4-story building has been changed a lot. Most of the cloth here are of Korean style. If you are a big fan of Japanese or Korean style, this is the right place to be. The quality of the cloths here are mainly okay, but the price is pretty high. Remember to bargain hard.

西单华威7层7F, Huawei Mansion(西单华威7层)
Address: 130 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District
Address in Chinese: 西城区西单北大街130号
Tel: 010-66028888-7331
Opening Time: 10am-9pm
Transportation: 22, 83, 46, 88, 102, 105, 109, 603, 626, 690
Subway: Metro Line 4, Xidan Station.

The seventh floor of the Huawei mansion gathers the coolest clothes. If you have sharp eyes, you will be very pleased. There are a wide range of styles, ranging from chic, Japanese, Korean, trendy, visual to alternative. The place gathers the most of the trendsetters in the city. If you have never been to the Huawei Mansion, you’ll be regretting yourself.

动物园The Zoo(动物园)
Address: Beijing Zoo, Xizhimen Waidajie, Xicheng District
Address in Chinese: 西城区西直门外大街北京动物园
Tel: 010-68312001
Opening Time: 5am-4pm
Transportation: 107, 103,102, 334
Subway: Metro Line 4, Zoo Station

The zoo is close to the White Stone Bridge. On the second floor of Letian, there are many foreign trade surplus goods, which is really cheap. If you are good at finding what you need, you will harvest a lot. For those who like Korean style cloths, try the third floor of the Tian Hao Cheng Market(天皓成市场) near the Zoo. Recommended place include Shiji Tianle(世纪天乐), Tian Hao Cheng(天浩城) and Tian Le Gong(天乐宫).

Dong SiDong Si(东四)
Address: East of Dongsi North Street, Dongcheng District
Address in Chinese: 东城区中部,东四北大街东侧

The cloths in Dongsi North Street are mainly casual, as well as very personalized, while the garments in Dongsi South Street are more elegant and vocational. Sales of some shoe stores are available from tome to time. With different stuffs, the shops are concentrated in the same area, though the price is a little bit expensive.
Boutiques includes:
Blue Hat(蓝礼小屋): Selling Indonesian wooden carving handicrafts(RMB159-299), Bamboo wind chimes(RMB69), interesting lamps and others.
Address: 421, Dongsi North Street (东四北大街421号)

Qian Long Tang(潜龙堂): Specialized in Silver jewelry and amber jewelry. Though the place looks no different than other stores, it is said that the workmanship and materials are from Nepal, India and Tibet. This is the only store that sells Sari. The owner if this place is an Nepalese. The price ranges from RMB30 to RMB1,000.
Address: Yanyue Hutong, 104 Dongsi South Street(东四南大街104号演乐胡同口)

万通商城Wan Tong(万通)
Address: 2, Fuchengmen Waidajie, Xicheng District
Address in Chinese: 西城区阜成门外大街2号
Tel: 010-68046283
Opening Time: 9am-8:30pm
Transportation: 101, 102, 103, 121, 13, 335, 336, 42, 489, 603, 612, 61, 650, 714, 746, 814, 823, 846
Subway: Metro Line 2, Fuchengmen Station

The Wan Tong is opposite to the Hualian. Many locals considered going to Wantong as an important weekend activities. As one of the well-known wholesale market, the places houses many categories on each floor, including Jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, stationery and others. With variable quality, the price is pretty high. Remember to bargain hard.

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