Sing It—Hangzhou KTV

KTV is probably the place that people usually go, sometimes the frquency is even higher than the hotel. Singing is a good leisure way to relax, not only can make friends, but also can enperience a feeling of singer.

1. Inlove KTV  (Yong Jin Branch)(银乐迪  涌金店)

Inlove KTV is the largest famous KTV chain enterprises in Zhejiang province. Headquarted in u=309912470,4280963799&fm=21&gp=0_副本Hangzhou, it takes company-owned model. Currently it has 14 stores and plans to add 4-6 stores. In 2010, it signed Qi Wei to be the spokeperson. With the luxurious decoration, healthy concept of entertainment, fashionable and comfortable environment,  better consumer atmosphere, high-quality sound, and high standards of servic, Inlove KTV has a good business .

Per capita consumption: daytime: 10-20 RMB; evening: 70 RMB.

Add:3/F,Yongjin Plaza,135 Yan’an Road,Shangcheng District,Hangzhou

地址: 杭州上城区延安路135号涌金广场3楼

Telephone: 0571-8777 0108/8506 8998

2. Hao Le Di (Jiadei Plaza Branch)(好乐迪 嘉德广场店)

Haoledi is a chain of Taiwan KTV company, founded in 1993, was known as Taiwan’s first KTV company that uses VOD system.  The headquart is located in the Taipei. In 1997, it won the “Best Logo Design Award” issued by China Ministry of National Economy. Now, it has 55 branches. haoledi

Shanghai Haoledi Music Entertainment Ltd. was established in October 1998. As the first company to introduce “discount KTV” into mainland, it was very popular among the major urban centers. There are many cities having Haoledi, including Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Ningbo, Xi’an, Suzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Kunming.

Per capita consumption: 44 RMB.

Add:3/F,Jiadei Plaza,118 Qianchun Road,Xiacheng District,Hangzhou


Telephone:0571-8721 8866

3. Mago Happy World( 唛歌时尚KTV)

Mago Happy World is a discount KTV with the collection of health, leisure and  fashion. With the business philosophy of “customer-oriented, people-oriented, honest to your”, it can provide special 唛歌boxes that can accommodate 30 people or more, leisure active party boxes, romantic couple boxes and so on. In Mago, you can sing, enjoy buffet cuisine, watch films… Here, you can record you beautiful song and make into your ringtone. Mago will take you to experience the fashion tour with cheap consumer and high quality service.

Per capita consumption: 45 RMB.

Add:144 Shuguang Road,Westlake District,Hangzhou


Telephone:0571-8998 8883

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