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The Low-end Eed Light District in Singapore-Desker Road

Singapore was a fine city, when you come to this city, you will find hat you could be easily to find almost everything interesting in Singapore. Foe example, the Desker Road in Singapore will be a famous redlight area you can have a visit. it is within easy walking distance of the City Hall MRT station. But it is also pretty seamy. Desker Road, in the words of one source, is “the classic low-end red light district.”


Actually, the prostitution in Singapore is restricted to designated redlight areas (DRA’s); There are a total of about 400 brothels in the city with an estimated 10 to 20 prostitutes each. That’s about 6,000 prostitutes in the city.


The sex industry in Desker Road in Singapore seems to be part of an low desire to make being “sensible” as controversial as possible. But for tourists who are not part of the Singapore, the situation can become confusing. Many of Singapore’s prostitutes in Desker Road are imported from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


If you want to find some girls Desker Road, it means you will not find them just on Desker Road, but on a back alley between Desker and Rowell Rd. Here you will find a teeming mass of humanity milling along the alley, looking in at all the doorways. Inside the doorways you will see 1 to 6 women sitting around looking bored and contemptuous in a bare room with cane chairs.


In general, in the afternoon, about 5 o’clock, 10 store fronts left their doors open and you can see each having 3-5 women staring back. they will not talk anything until you enter to negotiate prices. The service is provided in small rooms inside the store. The rate is about SGD $12, really very cheap, and most clients are construction workers from India/Thailand, but it is very safe to walk around here.


The locations for some of other famous city’s Designated Redlight Areas(DRA) is a little surprising, you can see many red light area are located in the heart of the city’s commercial and historic districts such as the following:

1. In Geylang: some streetwalkers were very pretty. But the price of those girl for a tourist is about SGD$80-100. There are white women, pretty Chinese girls and Indian/Malaysian girls, just loitering in this area.

2. Clark Quay:it is classy tourist area. During the night time, you will find some independent girls around the street, nothing special.

3. Orchard Towers: very expensive at the 4th floor, it will cost about SGD $200-300 for one person.: 1st floor are cheap women, 2nd floor are pretty girls, 3rd floor are very nice girl. You can also see many girl bars in the Orchard Tower such as Angel’s Disco in Orchard Towers is a sister-club to the Angel’s Disco in Bangkok’s notorious Sukhumvit area. Ginivy’s – an Orchard Towers bar with a Country & Western feel. Or FB’s, which has an English Pub atmosphere. And there’s also a karaoke bar in Orchard Towers.


How to Get There?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 131, 139, 147, 857 and NR6

Walking 2 mins from bus stop B07111

2. Nearest MRT station

Farrer Park MRT (NE8)

Walking 3 mins from Exit F to here








Popular Pubs, KTV and Music Lounge in Geylang

In Geylang, Pubbing and clubbing is a must if you want to feel the night-pulse of the city, when you visit this area, you will find it is really one of the most widely visited tourist attractions in Singapore because it is regarded as one of the most active night life area in Singapore. You will be crazy by those glittering lights of pubs and night clubs which have attracted visitors coming from all over the world. The following I will show a list of some popular Pubs, KTVs and music lounges in Geylang. Hope you can get a nice experience in this beautiful and modern city.


Popular Music Lounge in Geylang:

1. Golden House Music Lounge

Address: KIM’S building, 306 Geylang Road, Geylang

Phone: 67423156, 67471686

Opening Hours: 2:00 PM – 2:00 AM

2. Hello Music Lounge

Address: 258 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389314, Singapore

Phone: +65-67443639,+65-67444019

Opening Hours : 2:00 PM-2:00 AM

3. Paramount Music Lounge

Address: 298/300 Geylang Road, S389343

Phone: 68460113

4. Shanghai Music Lounge

Address: 1A Lorong 13 Geylang, S388639

Phone: 67457989

5. Amrise Music Lounge

Address: 680 Geylang Road, S389605

Phone: 67485863

6. Sin Kim Leng Music Lounge

Address: 68 Lorong 25a Geylang, S388254

Phone: 68442110

Popular Pub/Club in Geylang

1. Club V2 Pub

Address: No.749 Geylang Road, S389655

Phone: 67486490

2. Her Majesty Pub

Address: No. 281 Geylang Road, S389329

Phone: 68480090

3. Pub 150

Address: 25 Lorong 13 Geylang, S388668

Phone: 67455833

4. Jazz Bzz Pub

Address: 674 Geylang Road, Singapore, 389601

Phone: 67473588

5. U2 Ktv & Pub

Address: 01-01, 511 Guillemard Rd, Geylang

Phone: 67496343

6. New Beijing KTV Pub

Address: 192 Geylang Road, Yin Lie Building S389257

Phone: 67483029

7. Golden Coin Bar

Address: 370 Geylang Road, S389382

Phone: 67442569



Keong Saik Road in Chinatown in Singapore

Keong Saik Road is a one-way road located in Chinatown within the Outram Planning Area in Singapore. Its Chinese name is called 恭锡路. The road links New Bridge Road to Neil Road, and is intersected by Kreta Ayer Road. The road has seen itself transformed from a residential area to a red-light area to the current commercial area over the years.


Keong Saik Road- Red Light District

Because of its proximity to Smith Street, which was a notorious red-light district at the turn of the century, Keong Saik Road evolved into to a red-light area in the 1960s as many brothels came to be situated in the three-storey shop houses that lined both sides of the street.


Keong saik road used to have a concentration of clan associations where well-to-do merchants and businessmen would meet for recreation in the forms of food, gambling and entertainment by women. Some of these women eventually became mistresses of these rich businessmen and were housed in the rooms above the association premises. some would stay with an servant, hired by their businessman lovers, to serve them. So, keong saik road is also known as the mistresses avenue.

With rapid urbanization of Singapore after its independence, the road shook off some of its notorious past. Since the 1980s, most of the brothels have moved out of the area, though about 10 are reported to be still in operation there in 2003.


Some Popular Bars in Keong Saik Road

Chinatown’s Keong Saik Rd is the new Bar and restaurant place to be seen. Now, some young businessmen have taken over many street’s shophouses, transforming them into classy cocktail lounges and high-end eateries. The following are some very popular bars or restaurants in this road.


1. The Library

One of the stand-out venues is The Library Bar, styled in the spirit of the illegal speakeasy bars in prohibition-era United States. From the outside, it looks like a small, innocuous glass fronted room with a bookshelf at one end. But walk up and tell the bookkeeper the secret password (you can get it from Keong Saik Snacks next door) and you enter the bar – a dimly-lit with some truly imaginative and spectacular cocktails.

Address: 47 Keong Saik Rd

Tel: 62218338

2. The Retrospective

Get transported back in time with this 80s and 90s-themed bar and restaurant. From the ancient arcade games to the menu, everything about this place will conjure some memories decades past.

Address: 21 Keong Saik Rd

Tel: 6223 1334

3. Taratata Bistrot

Charming Parisian bistro decor, an impressive wine list, and French classics like escargots ($24) rich with butter and garlic as well as Burgundy-style beef simmered in red wine ($37) make a meal here a special treat.

Address: 35A Keong Saik Rd

Tel: 6221 4506

4. Keong Saik Snacks

A joint project by British celeb chef Jason Atherton and famed local hotelier Loh Lik Peng, this casual eatery serves up a selection of simple, if sometimes underwhelming, bites like shaved asparagus, beet and radish salad ($18) as well as grilled bone marrow with London gentleman’s relish ($19). They’ve also just launched a weekend Punch Brunch menu (Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm).

Address: 49 Keong Saik Rd

Tel: 6223 0660


How to Get Keong Saik Road?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 80 and 145

Walking 1 mins from bus stop B05241

2. Nearest MRT station

Outram Park MRT (NE3/EW16)

Walking 2 mins from Exit H to here




The “Legal” Brothels You Can Find in Geylang

Actually, there are no officially Legal brothels you can find in Singapore; however, there are quite a number of brothels in Geylang are ‘approved’ by the Anti-Vice Branch, CID for operating but under strict control. They operate without license as long as they have proper travel paper and go for their regular checkup. they will be issued a yellow card for record of bi-weekly medical examination. All clients patronized these places have to use condoms provided by the brothels, failing which, the brothel concerned will be penalized in the way of suspension. These brothels are mostly located in Geylang area.



When you get into the Geylang, you can see many small streets called Lorongs located on either side of the Road. we can also see a large number of freelance Chinese girls overcrowding the these small streets in Geylang.


Most brothels in Geylang are the legal brothels. Their girls are mostly 20-29 year old from Thailand or China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and even from Spain and Russia free lancing soliciting themselves there. Current rates for a short service session is S$50.00/ 20 minutes. If the girls are beautiful and young, the they will cost up to $150 or $200. You can also book multiple sessions if you like your girl or wish to have more time.


These brothels are usually in bright red, so it is easy to find out and there is usually a pimp(OKT) outside beckoning you inside. When you step into this brothel, there is a fish tank of girls for you to choose. When you finished your selection, give the pimp money and the you can take the girl into room, the girl will take a shower with you before the service begins. Rooms are usually normal room sizes with decent comfy beds. Most of the girls will add a personal touch.


So, In fact, if somebody ask you which part of Singapore has the most vibrant night life, it’s not better than Geylang.



The Streetwalkers in Talma Road in Singapore

talma road_副本

Talma Road is next to Fragrance Pearl and is located in has a length of 0.22 kilometres. This road is also well known for its red light area, You can find many Indonesian and Chinese streetwalkers in this road. Most of these streetwalkers at here are beautiful, young and sexy, especially those Chinese streetwalkers. But you may also need to pay attention that these Chinese streetwalkers are also the most expensive and the standard of service is also very high standard.


The photo was taken in 2009.

In Talma Road, those high quality Chinese street girls are time watchers who will rush you to finish the special service so that they can do the next business. So the service quality will be not very high or may be not very professional, but if you really like the beautiful face girls to serve for you, you can have a try, maybe they will be better than what I said. In general, The price you pay is only for 1 shot and they will usually expect you to get over it and done with. Once you have released, they will wash, dress up and go.


The Price You May Need to Pay:

- $80/$100 for the Chinese streetwalkers

- $38/$40 for the Indonesian streetwalkers


How to Deal with the Service?

You must need to now some tips which can usually ensure you get a better service than others.

1. You can first ask for her number and make an appointment in the afternoon.

2. Negotiate the price down. Tell her you are on a budget and girls on this road are too expensive. Most of the time, they are willing to go down to 80 or they say they will pay the hotel room fee.

3. You may need to ask what services you can get from her. Some services they will not provide such as kissing; Frenching.

4. You can also take some money to the hotel and you can tell her you will tip her if she gives you good service. Then you may get a better service.

5. You should pay attention to your personal hygiene.


How To Get There?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 2, 13, 21, 26, 51, 62, 63, 67, 80, 100, 158, 853# and NR7

Walking 3 mins from bus stop B80069

2. Nearest MRT station

Kallang MRT (EW10)

Walking 10 mins from Exit A to here



Fortune Center in Singapore

Fortune Center is a interesting center in Singapore which is located in 190 Middle Road, you can there are many different kind of shops in this building, but sometimes, it also could easily be by-passed as an outdated mall with not much of interest. But still many people in Sinagpore think that Fortune Centre is a pretty fascinating place.

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Kenko Reflexology & Spa

Kenko Reflexology & Spa has been a distinctive and unique brand over the years in Singapore. In order to stand out from fierce competition, Kenko has always aimed to be the most innovative and attractive wellness spa in Singapore. Being innovative, Kenko further enhanced their business by introducing fish spa services in year 2008 which has been welcomed by both local and foreign visitors. Here is going to introduce some outlets of Kenko Reflexology & Spa in Singapore. Continue reading


Relaxing Fish Spas in Singapore

The Garra Rufa is also called a doctor fish and Spa fish. By eating dead skin cells that exist, then your feet will be cleaner. Fish spa brings many benefits, such as improving blood circulation and skin health, providing relaxing foot massage. Seeing the fish suck the dead skin and create a feeling of relaxation must be a unique and comfortable experience for everyone. Here is going to introduce some good fish spas in Singapore. Continue reading


The Ladyboys Service in Singapore Red Light District

Singapore is a very beautiful city which is well known by people all over the world, it definitely has two faces. The first one is that it is really the most powerful and affluent country in South East Asia with large number of shopping malls filled with designer clothes and diamonds, basking in super clean streets. The second one is that it is very famous for its red light districts, with a lot of small house and apartment, different kind of street food, streetwalker and Thai ladyboys.


In Singapore, there is a road in the largest red light district you can see many ladyboys are doing their business. Actually, when you visit the red light district in Singapore, in some small street, you can see some attractive and tall girl walking on the streets emitting an air of feminine allure, they are always beautiful, tall and sexy and they are called a ladyboy. So you do not be overly frightened when you talk with the girl but you are replied with a man voice.


In general, the ladyboys in these red light district start appearing from about 8.30pm. They usually hang around at both ends of the road and charge anything from S$40 to S$60 for between half an hour to an hour’s service. They might also quote you S$30 for “ice cream” meaning blow job only.  Some of the ladyboys are not willing to provide full sex service. Of course it might also depend on how clean you are or how you look.


Besides finding the ladyboys in some famous red light street in Singapore, you can also find there are many ladyboy like to introduce themselves on the website. The following are some Ladyboys’ ads in Singapore you have a look.


1. The most exotic and beautiful transsexual

My name is Aya, an independent shemale, with long hair, beautiful 36c breasts, long legs and a shapely body. I am interested in meeting a mature, open-minded, well-groomed confident male who appreciates the company of a beautiful transexual girl. I’m sure I can be a perfect fit for you.  I can do incall and outcall service. The most exotic and beautiful transsexual now is your choice for the best time of your life! I promise you will be glad you met me and I am worth it. I’m here to offer you the ultimate chance to fulfill your fantasies.

2. Embrace your real desires

I am Kara Star, a very beautiful and feminine Filipina/Spanish transsexual woman who will be the key towards opening the box of all your hidden fantasies. I am sugar, spice and everything nice, and on the top of the world and hottest of the hottest girl out there. I will give you the best girlfriend experience you’ll ever have and most men come back for more.  I am sure that you will find me as a real sweetheart.

3. Get high and wild with Gina

I am Gina Lee, an Asian Latina transsexual, good hearted, nice, warm, and sweet. I am well educated, well breed and knowlegdeable to many various fields of life.  I am fluent in English and Filipino, and able to carry a good conversation in both languages. I like to deal with someone who is capable to understand me and have willingness to listen. I can give you a non-rushed, relaxing, sensual experience. And you’ll feel very comfortable with me.


Adept Therapy – Singapore’s Reflexology and Body massage Company

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