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The Nightlife in Clarke Quay in Singapore

Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore that is located in the Singapore River Planning Space. The marina is located upstream from Singapore River and Boat Quay. The Clarke Quay location is a key nightlife and leisure places. There are numerous Clarke Quay motels, a lot of Clarke quay restaurants and bars, clubs and there is a also Clarke quay boat for the sightseeing journey.


This area has bought a very beautiful look and it generally loaded with people who come to benefit from the delightful food and good talks. It’s really an excellent place to dine with all your specific friends and close to place in which you can dance the evening absent or just watch men and women and chat in the evening. It is a fully-guided three several hours tour that shows you another side of straight laced Singapore. From heartland district to suburban town, avenue fruit market to red light district, this can be a night tour like none other.


The Clarke Quay and Boat Quay spot is the colonial core in Singapore. It absolutely was here the tiny fishing village thrived and created into the cosmopolitan town that we now are. You will now find the location is filled with museums, theaters, a lot of eating places, and there’s also plenty of popular bars and club on this area. You’ll never ever have challenging time finding the most beneficial spots because the area by itself will be calling your consideration.


Red Light district in Boat Quay

There may be also a red light region in Clarke Quay that is termed Circular Road at Boat Quay, it’s a rapidly starting to be red-light district. In the quick span of 1 12 months, fifteen new nightclubs with names like Kriselle and Mambo five have opened from this spot.


When the night screen has hung down, you can see a lot of sexy hostesses exposing their bras and bearing their legs in short skirts and fishnet stockings can be seen soliciting openly outside these nightclubs. Some call out alluringly to passer-bys with affectionate names like “darling”, tempting them to “come in for a drink, you won’t regret it”. Some even resort to using force to drag them into these clubs.


In the evening, Some night club and bars are right over the river, you can see some restaurant about several meters off the riverside with open air live music every evening, style is form salsa to rock, from Chinese music to Latino, plus plus, there are a lot of busy nightspot in this area. The growth of the nightclubs has caused much annoyance to the other businesses in the same area.


Popular Pubs, KTV and Music Lounge in Geylang

In Geylang, Pubbing and clubbing is a must if you want to feel the night-pulse of the city, when you visit this area, you will find it is really one of the most widely visited tourist attractions in Singapore because it is regarded as one of the most active night life area in Singapore. You will be crazy by those glittering lights of pubs and night clubs which have attracted visitors coming from all over the world. The following I will show a list of some popular Pubs, KTVs and music lounges in Geylang. Hope you can get a nice experience in this beautiful and modern city.


Popular Music Lounge in Geylang:

1. Golden House Music Lounge

Address: KIM’S building, 306 Geylang Road, Geylang

Phone: 67423156, 67471686

Opening Hours: 2:00 PM – 2:00 AM

2. Hello Music Lounge

Address: 258 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389314, Singapore

Phone: +65-67443639,+65-67444019

Opening Hours : 2:00 PM-2:00 AM

3. Paramount Music Lounge

Address: 298/300 Geylang Road, S389343

Phone: 68460113

4. Shanghai Music Lounge

Address: 1A Lorong 13 Geylang, S388639

Phone: 67457989

5. Amrise Music Lounge

Address: 680 Geylang Road, S389605

Phone: 67485863

6. Sin Kim Leng Music Lounge

Address: 68 Lorong 25a Geylang, S388254

Phone: 68442110

Popular Pub/Club in Geylang

1. Club V2 Pub

Address: No.749 Geylang Road, S389655

Phone: 67486490

2. Her Majesty Pub

Address: No. 281 Geylang Road, S389329

Phone: 68480090

3. Pub 150

Address: 25 Lorong 13 Geylang, S388668

Phone: 67455833

4. Jazz Bzz Pub

Address: 674 Geylang Road, Singapore, 389601

Phone: 67473588

5. U2 Ktv & Pub

Address: 01-01, 511 Guillemard Rd, Geylang

Phone: 67496343

6. New Beijing KTV Pub

Address: 192 Geylang Road, Yin Lie Building S389257

Phone: 67483029

7. Golden Coin Bar

Address: 370 Geylang Road, S389382

Phone: 67442569



The “Legal” Brothels You Can Find in Geylang

Actually, there are no officially Legal brothels you can find in Singapore; however, there are quite a number of brothels in Geylang are ‘approved’ by the Anti-Vice Branch, CID for operating but under strict control. They operate without license as long as they have proper travel paper and go for their regular checkup. they will be issued a yellow card for record of bi-weekly medical examination. All clients patronized these places have to use condoms provided by the brothels, failing which, the brothel concerned will be penalized in the way of suspension. These brothels are mostly located in Geylang area.



When you get into the Geylang, you can see many small streets called Lorongs located on either side of the Road. we can also see a large number of freelance Chinese girls overcrowding the these small streets in Geylang.


Most brothels in Geylang are the legal brothels. Their girls are mostly 20-29 year old from Thailand or China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and even from Spain and Russia free lancing soliciting themselves there. Current rates for a short service session is S$50.00/ 20 minutes. If the girls are beautiful and young, the they will cost up to $150 or $200. You can also book multiple sessions if you like your girl or wish to have more time.


These brothels are usually in bright red, so it is easy to find out and there is usually a pimp(OKT) outside beckoning you inside. When you step into this brothel, there is a fish tank of girls for you to choose. When you finished your selection, give the pimp money and the you can take the girl into room, the girl will take a shower with you before the service begins. Rooms are usually normal room sizes with decent comfy beds. Most of the girls will add a personal touch.


So, In fact, if somebody ask you which part of Singapore has the most vibrant night life, it’s not better than Geylang.



The Streetwalkers in Talma Road in Singapore

talma road_副本

Talma Road is next to Fragrance Pearl and is located in has a length of 0.22 kilometres. This road is also well known for its red light area, You can find many Indonesian and Chinese streetwalkers in this road. Most of these streetwalkers at here are beautiful, young and sexy, especially those Chinese streetwalkers. But you may also need to pay attention that these Chinese streetwalkers are also the most expensive and the standard of service is also very high standard.


The photo was taken in 2009.

In Talma Road, those high quality Chinese street girls are time watchers who will rush you to finish the special service so that they can do the next business. So the service quality will be not very high or may be not very professional, but if you really like the beautiful face girls to serve for you, you can have a try, maybe they will be better than what I said. In general, The price you pay is only for 1 shot and they will usually expect you to get over it and done with. Once you have released, they will wash, dress up and go.


The Price You May Need to Pay:

- $80/$100 for the Chinese streetwalkers

- $38/$40 for the Indonesian streetwalkers


How to Deal with the Service?

You must need to now some tips which can usually ensure you get a better service than others.

1. You can first ask for her number and make an appointment in the afternoon.

2. Negotiate the price down. Tell her you are on a budget and girls on this road are too expensive. Most of the time, they are willing to go down to 80 or they say they will pay the hotel room fee.

3. You may need to ask what services you can get from her. Some services they will not provide such as kissing; Frenching.

4. You can also take some money to the hotel and you can tell her you will tip her if she gives you good service. Then you may get a better service.

5. You should pay attention to your personal hygiene.


How To Get There?

1. Nearest Bus Stop

Bus 2, 13, 21, 26, 51, 62, 63, 67, 80, 100, 158, 853# and NR7

Walking 3 mins from bus stop B80069

2. Nearest MRT station

Kallang MRT (EW10)

Walking 10 mins from Exit A to here



Have a Visit in the Red Light Area in Singapore–Geylang

Singapore is a high priced destination in the world. Everything is expensive in this city, but there is no denying the fact that the quality of most things in Singapore is real good. Singapore is famous for many things – safety, cleanliness, a really big airport, but like in any countries, there are also the dark sides: prostitution, gambling and so on. In Singapore, Geylang is the unofficial Red Light District which you will never find in the official Singapore tourism website.

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The Gay Bars Guidance in Singapore

The majority of Singapore’s gay nightlife is concentrated in the T in Chinatown, easily accessed by taxi or the Chinatown or Tanjong Pagar MRT stations. You may never know that homosexuality was technically illegal in Singapore by visiting any of Singapore’s gay bars or gay clubs. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Chinatown in Singapore, there are pockets of quieter areas that are somewhat removed from the maddening crowds in your typical party spots. Such places tend to be the preference for many who want a good night out surrounded by eateries, bars and even karaoke joints – and all within walking distance, if that’s your bag. You can find a plethora of entertainment nightspots in Singapore where the gays can lay their hat down and enjoy a night out without any concern.

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