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With delicious flavor and appealing look, traditional snacks in Beijing are irresistible. There used to be over 300 types of snacks back in the days, but only about 100 of then are still in existence now. Those existing snacks passed the test of time. They are part of the attractions in the city. Here are some snack restaurants serving the most authentic snacks in Beijing.

Nine Gates Snacks

Opened at the end of June 2006, Nine Gates Snacks (Jiumen Xiaochi) offers traditional Beijing snacks. Located in a hutong at Shichahai in Xicheng District, the courtyard covers an area of 3,000 square meters. This famous snack center got its name from the nine gates that surrounded the Forbidden City. Inside the traditional courtyard are 12 time-honored brands, which include Xiaochang Chen, Baodu Feng, Naolao Wei, Chatang Li, Yue Sheng Zhai, Xianbin Zhou, De Shun Zhai, Niangao Qian, Yangtou Ma, Doufunao Bai, En Yuan Ju and Dalian Huoshao.

Address: No.1, Xiaoyou Hutong, west of the Former Residence of Soong Qingling, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-6402 5858 / 6402 6868
Opening Hour: 10.30am-1.30pm, 5pm-8pm daily
Price per Person: 30-40 RMB / US$4-5

Huguo Temple Snacks Restaurant

Huguo Temple Snacks Restaurant gathers all street snacks in Beijing. The restaurant has attracted thousands of visitors from home and aboard with over 80 snacks, including Fried glutinous rice balls with sesame, Fried doughnut, Flour tea, Gut soup, Sweet flour cake, Deep-fried date roll, Stewed ribs with ginger juice and Fried sugar cake. With exquisite and appealing shapes, reasonable prices and delicious tastes, Huguo Temple Snacks Restaurant is very among customers.

Address: No. 93, Huguo Temple Street, Western District, Beijing
Tel: 010-66181705, 010-66181805
Opening Hour: 5.30am-900pm daily
Price per Person: 30RMB

Longfu Temple Snack Restaurant

As an old and authentic snack restaurant, Longfu Temple Snack Restaurant is decorated with old and traditional tables, chairs and washbasins. Many locals rush to the place in the morning in order to get a bowl of Mung bean milk, classic Fried dough rings and fritters and Sesame seed flat cakes. In summer, the delicious traditional Glutinous rice cakes and Cold bean jelly are definitely worth to try. Other dishes such as Fried cream cake, Pea flour cake, Quick-fried tripe and others are also available.

Address: No.1, Temple Front Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-64060668
Opening Hour: 6am-8pm daily
Price per Person: 10-30RMB

Nanlaishun Restaurant Nancaiyuan Branch

Founded in 1937, Nanlanshun Restaurant is known for its flash-boiled tripe. The time-honored restaurant is one of the three most famous Muslim restaurants in Beijing. Covering an area of 1300 square meters, the restaurant has in magnificent interior featured ancient and exquisite decorations. You can also see a view of the Grand View Garden from here. Famous dishes here include Soy milk, Seasoned millet porridge, Sweetbread soup, Mending meat pie, Glutinous rice balls, Fried ginger-slice cake, Fried cake with cream, Fried dough twist and Soybean-flour cake.

Address: No.12, Nancaiyuan Street, Xuanwu District (near the west gate of the Grand View Garden), Beijing
Tel: 010-63534720, 010-63547846
Opening Hour: 10.30am-10pm daily
Price per Person: 50-100 RMB

Jinfang Snack Restaurant 

Established in 1926 and reopened in 2009, Jin Fang Snack Restaurant is famous for its Sweet glutinous rice dumplings (Yuan Xiao), Fried creamy cake and Mooncake. This time-honored snack restaurant was originally named “Rong Xiang Cheng”. Chefs cook 80 kinds of snacks in the “open” kitchen, including Seasoned millet porridge, Soy milk, Pea flour cake, Glutinous rice cake, Sugar-roasted sesame buns, Ai Wo Wo, Matuan, Fried sugar cake and Fried cake.

Address: No.12, Nancaiyuan Street, Xuanwu District (near the west gate of the Grand View Garden), Beijing
Tel: 010-67169788
Opening Hour: 6am-10pm daily
Price per Person: 20-40 RMB

Wonton Hou Guangqumen Branch

This time-honored restaurant has existed for over a century. Wunton Hou serves wuntons with thin skin and tasty fillings. The balance between the delicately cooked wonton soup and authentic taste of the wontons is perfect. Chefs here can make over 100 wontons in one minute in the on-site kitchen. Famous dishes here are Wontons with pork stuffing, Wontons with shrimp stuffing, Roasted sesame seed buns, Steamed pork dumplings.

Address: 1/F, 36, Xingfu Jiayuan, Guangqumennei Dajie, Chongwen District, Beijing
Tel: 010-67145521
Opening Hour: 7am-10pm daily
Price per Person: 30 RMB

Ruibin Lou Restaurant Fengtai Branch

Ruibin Lou Restaurant is famous for its delicately cooked Dalian fried buns. The bun is filled with different fillings, such as pork with fennel, pork with cabbage, lamb with green onion and multiple vegetarian options. Fried in the baking pan, the bun has a golden brown and crispy skin. There are other branches at Nice Gate Snacks, Dazhalan area and Shin Kong Place. Recommended dishes include Pork-and-leek-filled Dalian fried bun, Millet porridge, Hot and sour soup, Luzhu Huoshao, Fried stuffed chitterlings and Fuick-fried tripe.

Address: Address: Building 7, Zhaogongkou, Fengtai District, Beijing
Tel: 010-87263302
Opening Hour: 10am-2pm, 4.30pm-9pm daily
Price per Person: 30-50 RMB
Tel: 010-87263302

Xiaochang Chen Restaurant Fangzhuang Branch

Xiaochang Chen offers the best Luzhu Huoshao in the city. Ingredients such as baked wheaten bread, tofu, pork chop and chitterlings are cut into pieces and then boiled in the preserved meat broth. With over 100 years of history, this place is welcomed by locals. Try the Luzhu huoshao, Luzhu hot pot, Chinese cucumber salad, Crispy shell pork intestines and Luzhu.

Address: Building 11, Area 3, Huandao Nanfangqun Garden, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District, Beijing.
Tel: 010-67620251
Opening Hour: 10.30am-3pm, 4pm-10pm daily
Price per Person: 50-100 RMB

Dongxing Baodu Zhang Qianhai Branch

This time-honored restaurant is stationed in an antique house in Shichahai area. Baodu Zhang is famous for its Baodu (Fried beef tripe). Cooked beef tripe or lamb tripe is served with oil, sesame sauce, vinegar, chili oil, soy sauce, fermented tofu juice, coriander, spring onion and other seasonings. The texture is tender and crispy. Other dishes include Lamb haggis soup, Roasted sesame buns, Beef lung and others. The line is always long at dinnertime, so go early.

Address: 17 east side of Front Lake, Shichahai, Xicheng District, Beijing.
Tel: 010-64057412
Opening Hour: 11am-2pm, 5pm-8pm daily
Price per Person: 30 RMB

Qingfeng Baozi Pu Fuyou Branch

Qingfeng Baozi is famous for its large-size Baozi (steamed, stuffed buns) with considerable amount of fillings. The Baozi offered here includes Pork with three delicacies baozi, Pickled vegetable baozi, Minced pork and leek baozi and Shelled fresh shrimp with cabbage baozi. Apart from Baozi, this restaurant also servess traditional dishes such as Fresh fried vegetables, Fried mushroom with cucumber and cauliflower, Fried liver and others. The price is reasonable and the food is delicious.

Address: No. 85, Xi’anmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.
Tel: 010-66175487
Opening Hour: 6.30am-9pm daily
Price per Person: 30 RMB

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