Some Famous Girl Bars for Enjoy Yourself

There is a wide spectrum of entertainment, nightclubs, bars, lounges and karaoke shops in this beautiful and modern city. When the night is coming, you will find all bars with employed sexy girls who are hired to drink with the guests. The girl will wait you for inviting them for drinks. An important part of their salary is commission based on the drinks they get, so the girls are high motivated to order as much drinks as possible. They do this profitable job and they come from all over the country, they like to make quick cash in these girl nightclub or bars in Shanghai. In general, if you drink with more than one girl, it can be very expensive, you should remember that these bar girls in Shanghai are no prostitutes, so don`t expect this girls will go home with you later. But still be nice to the girls, sometimes they are generous which will make you feel that it was not a waste. The following are some famous and reputable Girls Bars in Shanghai, just for your reference.

1. Excalibur Girl Bar

Excalibur Girl Bar_副本This is a girl bar, but if you are looking for a girl bar, there are lots of nice and not so nice girls, but definitely an interesting mix. Big thing is you don’t get cheated at the bar so you can relax and have some fun.

Name in Chinese:神剑酒吧

Address: 905 Julu Road in Jing’an District in Shanghai, near Changshu Road

Chinese address:静安区巨鹿路905号,靠近常熟路


Opening Hours: 9pm-4am

Price: Less than Y99

2. Blue Sky Girls Bar

Blue Sky Girls Bar_副本Blue sky offers a nice service for chill out. if you look for club girls shanghai, than you should visit this bar. the girls are not so greedy than in other bars, but only less of the girls there will offer more than a normal talk. but if you spend enought, you can have a great party with a lot of nice drunken girls.

Name in Chinese:蓝色天空酒吧

Address: corner of Tong Ren Road, Nan Yang Road

Chinese address:铜仁路 南阳路口

Price: 125rmb

3. Siva Lounge

Siva Lounge_副本Candlelight and incense greet you at this north Jing An bar. Live music is often on offer – there’s a stage set up permanently, but on week nights expect loungey beats and simple, unobtrusive downtempo stuff. Drinks are standard and not too pricey, expect to hand over RMB35-40 for beers, RMB35 for basic cocktails and RMB50 for martinis.

Name in Chinese:粢饭

Address: 888-1 Changping Road, Jing’an district, near Jiaozhou Road.

Chinese address:静安区昌平路888-1号,靠近胶州路

Phone: 139-1825-4545

Price: Y100-Y199

4. Cats Girls Bar

Cats Girls Bar_副本Cats Bar is the first girls bar in Hua Shan Lu, located near to the old tong ren lu opposite site to the Hilton Hotel. It is also a “old” bar, that means decoration is not the best, but the girls are not bad. In may 2012 the owner changed, so now they have 8 Girls (some very sexy) and in the second floor you have a small pool table and some special sofa lounges, so you should find a good chance for fun in the bar.

Name in Chinese:猫酒吧

Mobile: 0086-13585965118


Address: At the corner of Yan’an west road and Huashan road.

Chinese address:延安西路和华山路的路口

5. Focus Club

Focus Club_副本This lala bar is a cafe by day, but at night the C-shaped space transform into a lounge whose main clientele are Shanghai’s les girls. Compared to the sticky floors and fist-fighting at Red Station, Focus is clean and more sophisticated. Run by a Chinese lady who recently moved back from Germany, Focus has an air of feminine maturity. Styling itself as the most romantic lesbian bar in town, it offers lesbians (and their friends) a candle-lit atmosphere and live Chinese pop songs on Saturday night.

Name in Chinese:福克斯俱乐部

Address: Focus Coffee, 1st Floor, Harbour Ring Plaza, 730 East Yan’an Road, (18 Xizang Zhong Lu)

Chinese address:延安东路730号,港陆广场一楼

Phone: 152-1685-7806


6. Flying Dragon Girl Bar

Flying Dragon Girl Bar_副本For all the guys who still remember Flying Dragon from “old tong ren lu”, the bar now moved to the neighborhood of the Manhattan Club again. The Flying Dragon was legendary for the sexy girls and the nice athmosphere. They still have a high “beauty-level”. You should not miss to visit the location. They also provide free pooltable and a good soccer table. On the second floor you can enjoy privat lounge places also and they now serve some small food, so a great place to start or end your manhattan club evening. The location is near the manhattan club, between portman hotel and big bamboo, so it is easy to find.

Name in Chinese:飞龙酒吧

Address: No. 99, at the corner of xi kang lu, near Nanyang road.

Chinese address:西康路99号 近南阳路

7. Bar Log Cabin

Bar Log Cabin_副本Directly at the corner of Chang Yi Lu and Dong Fang Lu, you will find the first Girlsbar of a long line. Bar Log Cabin is a nice place with around 10 Girls (and some of them are really sexy). They have a small pool table, but much more interesting are the sofa lounges on the second floor. For a hot party, they also offer a leatherbed on the second floor.

Name in Chinese:木屋酒吧

Phone: 0086-21-20222619


Address: No. 527, Chang Yi Road, near Dong Fang Road.

Chinese address:昌邑路527号,靠近东方路

8. Hilda Bar – Shanghai Girls clubs

Hilda Bar_副本You can find a lot of shanghai girls clubs opposite side of the Hilton Hotel. Some owner thinks it will be a upcoming place, but Hilda Bar is one of the “older” locations there. The Bar provides a second floor with a sofa lounge area, so if you like to spend some more “private” moments with the girls, you can check it out. On a normal day, you will find 8 to 10 Girls there. They also just opend a second bar near Hong Mei Lu pedestrian street.

Name in Chinese:希尔达酒吧

Mobile: 0086-13818380907

Address: No.271, Huashan Road. Near Yan’an Road.

Chinese address:华山路271号,靠近延安路

9. Temptation Bar

Temtation Bar_副本When you walk along the Chang Yi Lu, you will pass the Happy Sisters Pub, than you have to pass also some other buildings before you will reach the Temptation Bar. The Bar is owned by a german boss, so you will find a lot of german football decoration there. They have 8 to 10 Girls that can drink with you.

Name in Chinese:诱惑酒吧

Phone: 0086-21-58795803

Address: 575 Chang Yi Road, near Dong Fang Road.

Chinese address:昌邑路575号,靠近东方路

10. Red Station

Red Station_副本The permanent settlement of a formerly nomadic tribe of dykes who organized parties at a different location every weekend, Red Station is probably our best option. This would be a good thing if the music was at all decent and more of the crowd was above legal drinking age. Don’t let my bitter rantings hinder your desire to do a bit of investigative partying though–Red Station is still a fun place to visit with a curious newcomer. And, since ending its itinerant hopping, this bar has become Shanghai’s most consistent bash. It also presents opportunities for entertainment: the girls occasionally get drunk and take swings at each other, a novel sight to see until someone gets blood in your drink.

Name in Chinese:红色加油站

Address: 4/F, 200 Taikang Lu, Fuxing Park, near Sinan Lu

Chinese address:泰康路200号4楼,近思南路

Phone: 021-6415 -8695

Price:Less than Y99

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