Some Famous Pickup Bars in Beijing

Are you having a trip to Beijing? Are you worrying about where to relax yourselves in Beijing during a long long night, undoubtedly, bars will be the best place to start your exploration of Beijing’s nightlife. You’ll find that there are many right places for after-hours fun, whether you’re going with a group or flying solo, for example, you can go to some famous Pickup Bars which is patronized especially by unmarried men and women and serves as a meeting place for unmarried people, esp. young ones in search of social, often specif. sexual, relationships, this kind of bars caters to a clientele composed chiefly of single men and women, especially those seeking a lover or spouse, so it also called dating bar.

Most of the pickup bars in Beijing will have a large selection of professional and part time working girls. Normally it will be easy to get in contact with the girls there. Just enjoy your drink, than built up some eye contact and if the girl is willing to join you, she will come over and start to chat with you.
Now, if you don`t want to stay your night alone, you can try to go out for hunting for some Pickup bars for yourself. From there, you will have many opportunities to meet some beautiful foreign girls in Beijing, on a date or having those ladies night. These are the things that get the good times rolling. The following are some famous Pickup Bars in Beijing for your reference.

1. Spark
Spark Bar_副本Hidden through mirrored hallways lit with lasers, this nightclub promises to get you dancing, chatting with the city’s beautiful people and adoring the strange, flashy lighting.

Address: B108, The Place, 9 Guanghua Road, Beijing

Chinese address:北京光华路 九号 B108.

Phone: (86) 10-6587 1501


2. Vics
Vics_副本This dance club has perfected the booty grind-to-hook up formula. The well-connected ownership draws in a hipper Chinese crowd, but doesn’t stray too far from the tried and true. With two separate rooms and dance floors, Vics is one of the largest and most impressive clubs in the capital.


Address: Inside Workers’ Stadium north gate

Chinese address: 在工人体育场北门

Phone: (86)10-5293-0333


3. Maggie`s Bar
Maggie`s is the most popular place to find some girls to take home or to hotel in Beijing. It`s a bigMaggie`s Bar_副本 club and party starts a little bit later here. They also have girls working for the bar, but this girls are not allowed to date any guest out of working time and also not allowed to go home with anyone, so better avoid to waste your budget here. Later (around midnight), a lot of working girls will show up here. A lot of girls will be from Mongolia, but you also have a chance to pick up a nice chinese or Malaysian Girl.

Address: South gate of Ritan Park (Outer E 2nd Ring Rd) in Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese address:北京朝阳区日坛公园东二环中路外

Phone: (86) 10-85628142


4. Xiu
Xiu is a good place to pick up different kind of girls. In Maggie`s or Club Cocolate you only will find Xiu Pickup Bar_副本working girls, but in Xiu you also have a chance to find a part time working girl or even a nice chinese girl only curious to have some fun with a western guy. But be careful, not every girl here is willing to spend time with you for money, so best way doublecheck, before you go into negotiation process.


Address: 2 Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022

Chinese address:北京市朝阳区建国门外大街2

Phone: (86) 10- 85671108


5. Pig and Thistle English Pub
The Pig and Thistle is located in the Lido Hotel and in this area you also find other coffee and Pig and Thistle English Pub_副本entertainment places. The Pig is a good place to start the night. Chinese working girls will start to show up around 6 pm, later at 9 to 10 pm also Russian and Mongolian working girls will come to find some customers. They close 2 pm, so starting from 12 pm the girls will move to other places, so don`t wait too long to make your selection.

Address: No. 6 Jiang Tai Lu, Outer NE 4th Ring Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing

Chinese address:东四环北路外朝阳区将台路6

Phone: (86) 10-64376688

6. Chocolate Nightclub Beijing
Chocolate Nightclub Beijing_副本Chocolate is a very posh Russian owned nightclub in Beijing. They have good food, also night program, 5 pool tables and – last but not least – a lot of sexy Russian and Mongolian girls. And a lot of them don`t want to stay the whole night alone, and if you are not greedy, you have a good chance to leave the club with a sexy accompany. If you want to spend out a really big party there, you also can rent private dance or karaoke rooms there.

Address: Northwest corner of Ritan Park19, Ritan Bei Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese address:北京朝阳区日坛北路19

Phone: (86) 10-5613988


7. Club Suzie Wong

c19fb8aedf41d692b5d7d45639de71ab_副本It is one of the best Multi-Award Winning Club in Beijing, this club has earned a great reputation in the whole world. With an ancient Chinese decor, the hottest music, fabulous theme parties, and the most “IN” crowd, Club Suzie Wong has become a melting pot of both Eastern and Western cultures. Suzie Wong as a locally run international club, was the first club to blend Chinese and Western classical decoration in the capital. When you step into this club, you may feel like an old opium den and featuring some of Beijing’s best house music. Touch on the first floor gives the crowd more room to see and be seen, the terrace above is as popular as ever while the exclusive VIP room draws in the high rollers.

Address: West Gate of Chaoyang Park , Beijing, China

Chinese address:北京朝阳公园西门



8. The Den

The Den_副本With a cheap happy hour menu, plenty of TVs showing sports and a spacious upstairs, this classic expat bar and grill is home-away-from-home for sports fans and those after reasonably priced bar fare. Open 24 hours, The Den is also a fine spot for breakfast after late-night clubbing.



Address: A4 Gongti Donglu, in front of City Hotel

Chinese address: 工体路A4号,在城市酒店前面

Phone: 86-10-6592-6290

9. Centro

炫酷The Centro is located on the first floor of the Kerry Hotel. It is close to the CCTV Tower and Kerry Centre. Featuring spacious lounging areas a stage, a private room, a good wine and cigar selection, the comfortable bar is well-designed. Beverages range from beers to martinis. Live jazz performances are available every night.

Address: 1/F, Kerry Hotel, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese address:北京朝阳区光华路1号北京嘉里大酒店1楼

Phone: (86) 10-6561 8833


10. Café del Mar

海润天缘Situated near the Chaoyang Park, the Café del Mar is a perfect place for the Lido crowd to hang out and have a couple of drinks. The spot also gathers many foreigners. Pizzas range from 50 RMB to 80 RMB. It is also a good idea to relax here on a sports night. Drinks are cheap and there is a cigar cabinet available.

Address: Hairun International Apartment, 2A Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese address:北京朝阳区将台路甲2号海润国际公寓

Phone: (86) 10-5135 7028


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11 thoughts on “Some Famous Pickup Bars in Beijing

  1. tubaozi

    No chance of getting a Chinese girl from Maggies. The only Chinese girls in there are hired by the bar to push drinks and are forbidden from leaving with customers.

    1. nijunnicknijunnick

      Take gals in Maggie’s Bar as an example, one girl for the whole night is 1500- 2000 RMB. However, you can negotiate with gals for cheaper price which depends on your personal charming.

  2. Reno

    Which are the best and easiest bars/clubs to pick up normal (non-paid) chinese girls who want to have fun with a western guy and who are not a part-time worker or professional?

    1. nijunnicknijunnick

      Hi bro, you can go to the Xiu Bar and have a try. As it is introduced in this article, some Chinese gals ( not part-time workers or professional) are willing to have fun with western guys. However, please keep it in mind that gal who are willing to have fun with a western guy who she meets for the first time might want to get sometime from you(maybe not money, or just taking use of you to achieve her goals ).


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