Some Famous Sauna Center in Shanghai

Sauna is also known as Finland bath, it means using the heating wet air to have a physical therapy to the human body in a small and closed room. Usually the temperatures may reach above 90 . Sauna is originated in Finland and has a history of more than 2000 years. It make use of the hot and cold stimulation of the whole body to make blood vessels to expand and contract, it can increase the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent hardening of the arteries. It also has certain health care function for arthritis, low back muscle pain, bronchitis, neurasthenia.

Where can you find the Sauna centers with urban style in Shanghai and how about their own characteristics and services? The following are some famous sauna bath center in Shanghai you can have a look.

1. Shanghai Urban Style Aromatherapy Sauna Center

Features: Sweet fume, it can not only nourish the skin, but also promote the metabolism of human body cell.

都市风情香薰桑拿中心This sauna club is different from any other bathing center, while enjoy the sauna, there you can see people’s square, centre for the performing arts, modern metropolis, such as high precision. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the window glass perspective to spring leaks, This club can provide you a special massage which is called Aromatherapy massage that can help you improve body cell metabolism and also can nourish the skin, the perfect service here is also well-known.

2. Dalangtaosha Sauna

Dalangtaosha SaunaFeatures: there is WenYu ground, when bare feet on the ground of the jade, you may feel warmer than tread on the carpet.

Introduction: when you step into the baths, whether on the first floor bath area or on the third floor entertainment area, you will find many baths, ground and even room are made of jade. There are many bathing type you can choose in this sauna spa such as jade pool room, sun experience room, fire jade experience room, etc.

3. Hailanyuntian Garden Bathing Center

海兰云天花园浴场Features: The bath is open-air baths, water is from the bottom up, really like the hot springs.

Introduction: it’s human nature is reflected in a large scale, such as the fifth floor of the lounge, sofa feet are low, you can make your feet straight and you may feel comfortable; there is a DiaoYuChi on the third floor where the pool is shallow and you can see the fish at the bottom of water.

4. Haikuotiankong Bathing Center

Features: Fire jade experience room which is located on the third floor is a room with 50 square meters, it is made of natural jade inlaid and built by laying bricks or stones under the high temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius, it can release a large amount of jade qi and far infrared ray.

海阔天空大浴场 Introduction: there are four floors of this sauna club, each layer of the building is worth almost ordinary floor of two layers. Spacious hall can accommodate 1000 people or more, it is really very spectacular. In order to make the guest who come to this sauna at different time can wash with the clean water, this bathing center can replace the water for every four hours. On the second floor there is a big restaurant and six rooms and there is a circular arena, when you have dinner there, you can also enjoy the elegant music of the cello, the violin.

5. Xiaonanguo Tangheyuan Bathing Center小南国汤河源浴场

Features: the Food and hot springs are very famous.

Introduction: Xiaonanguo is a very big, very handsome, very famous restaurants in Shanghai, it also has their own bathing center, the total square is tens thousands square meters. The biggest character of this place is that you can both enjoy the delicious food and comfortable bathing. As for Japanese hot springs, whether it is authentic or not, don’t too truer. In addition that it is also one of the most reputable bathing centers in Shanghai.

6. Yundu Hot Spring Baths

Features: the place is large but the consumption is not expensive.

云都温泉浴场Introduction: The price of this sauna club is relatively cheap, the place is big, you can play, eat, and rest at here, you will find it has numerous branch stores in Shanghai, and it is really a comprehensive big baths in Shanghai. Yundu airport shop, caoyang shop, jiading shop has been evaluated as the most reputable baths in Shanghai. In addition that Yundu bath products is also very famous.

7. Qiancao Hot Spring Baths

Features: Hot spring swimming pool, basketball court, open-air hot spring.

浅草温泉浴场Introduction: Although this Hot spring baths is a little old, but it is still a fairly distinctive baths. From its spacious reception hall, you can see nearly 900 square meters’ heated swimming pool. On the weekend, you can come here with several friends together and enjoy the food and entertainment here, when you are tired, you can sleep at the rest room, you will feel very convenient and comfortable. It has an outdoor pool which you may haven’t seen in Shanghai before.

8. Oriental Roman Baths

Features: luxurious with Roman sculpture.

东方罗马浴场Introduction: It is one of the Shanghai’s leading European luxury baths. Its overall building area is about 13089 square meters, green area is 3000 square meters, owns 200 ground parking space. The project is from bathing, dining to the performing arts, fitness, beauty, hairdressing, Chess. Bathroom parts with Finnish sauna, the bath include body bath, fitness bath, ginseng bath, aloe bath and so on. This sauna club can also provide guests the table tennis room, gym, golf courses and any other new facilities, and specially hired five Hong Kong chef who can provide cantonese catering services for 600 guests at the same time. but the price of this sauna club is not cheap.

9. Qingshuiwan Leisure Center

Features: Luxury facilities.

清水湾休闲娱乐Introduction: It is called as one of the best and luxury baths in Shanghai. Leisure Center has the area of 18000 square meters, there are 6 floors in this building, the environment is nice and the decoration is modern and luxurious. In the spacious bathroom, it is decorated with a huge pillar of aquatic animals box, where all kinds of leisure activities is complete, there is even a warm water swimming pool and a very big opera style stage. As the same as Oriental Roman, the consumption is very high here.

10. Swan Lake Baths

Features: Luxurious and beautiful Gardens

天鹅湖_副本Introduction: It is a very large sweat evaporate square and ultra-luxury high-grade club. Shanghai swan lake business club business cover an area of nearly 30000 square meters, it cost 120 million RMB to elaborate. Swan lake business club includes the exhibition services, bath, sweat evaporate, catering, entertainment, guest rooms, fitness, leisure, it is a large scale, high grade and super luxury club. Club has independent dance theater with a large variety show at 21:00-23:00 every night.

11. Shanghai Yudechi Sauna

上海裕德池_副本Features: It is an old and famous shop in Shanghai.

Introduction: This shop has a long history in Shanghai, it was founded in 1917, some famous people always come to this shop to do some massage; because this shop is too old, both in space and facilities, it can not compare with current big luxury baths. but the business area is about 7000 square meters, so it is also a large leisure clubs. 

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