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Its been awhile since I’ve been on this site as I’ve migrated to local forums for Beijing action. However, I wanted to update everyone on what’s going on in Yanjiao. A couple of years back after Beijing cracked down on service providing saunas, Yanjiao was the place to go for sauna action before going through a similar crackdown itself.

I had a buddy in town over the weekend who wanted to check out the Beijing sauna scene so we decided to make the trip down to Yanjiaotown (my first trip as well) based on previous reports here (the last one was from February 2012) and local sites. We didn’t know what to expect as alot of local sites were reporting that FS was no longer available at most places. We made a list of formerly popular saunas that we would go visit to see what the actual story was. We decided we would go visit Fucheng, Red Sun, Roman Holiday, Silk Road Flower Rain (SRFR) , Swallow Middle Swallow, and Bihai in no particular order.

We took the bus (930) from Jijiayuan Bus Station, which is between Guomao and Dawanglu. Its about a 5RMB ride and if you can’t speak Chinese, its highly advisable that you use a Beijing public transportation card to simplify things. After an hour and a half bus ride, we got off at the Yanjiao Train Station bus stop and started our Yanjiao adventure. After spending 8 hours wandering through Yanjiao on foot, this is what we discovered:

Targeted Saunas

SRFR. Pretty standard sauna fare. Turn in shoes, shower, go into secure area and into a room with a lineup of about 15 girls. The girl I selected ending up being from Yanjiao. 20yo. 8 facewise. 5’6ish, super skinny body and noticeably flat once all her clothes were off. Chit chat with her for a bit and she asked me what level of service I would like. I don’t remember the exact pricing details but FS started at around 400RMB and progressed all the way to 1000RMB. I decided to try the 1000RMB level to see what it was all about. The girl went to get her kit and after she came back and took off her clothes, there was a knock on the door with another girl popping in to ask if I would like to have a threesome.

Both girls tell me how awesome the threesome would be, that they work well together, and that I could have the 1000RMB service from the second girl for only 600RMB. Curiosity got the best of me so I said yes. The second girl was from the northeast. 24yo. 5 facewise. 5’6ish as well, nice body with full C cups and a really nice ass. Both girls start giving me a catbath at the same time, then the 20yo ends up lying there for a bit while the 24yo does some AR followed by BBBJ. The BBBJ was good as she first started with fire and ice, followed by jelly, followed by pop rocks, followed by normal sloppy BBBJ. She then hops on for some cowgirl while the 20yo started sucking on my nipples. After a bit of this, I ask to switch up to the 20yo, change condoms, enter in mish, and after a bit of that was pretty much done. Chatted for a bit and then everyone got dressed and that was it. Total damage. 1600ish. I should have asked for 2 shots given the cost.

My friend got the 400RMB service and the girl he picked was rushing him with the service being lackluster at best. Based on our experiences, at this place, opt for the middle level service around 600RMB, without the threesome, and it should be OK.

SWALLOW MIDDLE SWALLOW. If there is going to be an example under “local sauna” in the dictionary, then this place would be it. After exchanging our shoes for shower sandals, they just left us alone. We had to go find the shower area by ourselves and finally found it after wandering around a bit. There were a bunch of fat naked Chinese guys chatting and smoking in the locker area while the shower area was just one giant common room with more fat naked Chinese guys smoking and showering. In the middle of the shower room were some dudes lying on tables getting handwashed by other dudes. The entire area smelled pretty awful as well. After washing up and getting a set of paper PJs, we went upstairs and towards the secure area, which I wasn’t allowed in unless I removed my watch. After returning back downstairs and placing my watch in the locker, we entered the secure area to a lineup of around 25 girls.

The lineup here was much better than that at SRFR. I picked a girl that was wearing eyeglass frames and smiling (#19). This girl was supposedly 26, from Jiangsu. 5’6ish, average body, and B cup tits. She leads me down to a room, takes off my clothes, takes off her bra and panties and starts sucking on my dick while asking me which level service I wanted. Similar to SRFR, full service started at around 400RMB and went up to 1000RMB. Being an idiot or curious or whatever you want to call it, I went for the most expensive service again after she said that I could do two pops. She then asked if I wanted to have a threesome with her and her natural sister for only 200RMB more. It doesn’t happen very often where you can do two sisters at the same time so I agreed. She calls her sister in who looks just like her in every single way except for a slightly prettier face. Sister 2 takes off her bra and panties and starts sucking on my dick while sister 1 is sucking on my nipples.

After a minute or two of this, sister 1 tells me that if I would like sister 2 to stay, I would need to pony up another 1000RMB for a total of 2000RMB and I was like NO. Both sisters start coming up with various reasons why I should just pay more but I wasn’t buying it. After a minute or two of this, sister 2 gets dressed and leaves. Sister 1 starts BBBJ again while using a vibrator on my balls before starting some light AR. She then takes my hand down to her pussy and pushes a finger in. After a couple of minutes of this, we switch to mish, during which she asks me if I would like to have her mentor come in for another 200RMB but I was really sick of the upselling so I gave a firm NO. However, she kept on persisting and finally after like 10 NOs, she finally gave it up. Switch to doggie and finish in doggie. After I finished, she started getting dressed and I asked her about the second round and she said she would make it up to me next time. I started arguing with her and she kept saying that I was too much for her and that she was too tired and would make it up to me next time. It was getting late and I was really tired of arguing and just wanted to go home so I just let it be. Total Damage. 1300ish (including a massage I got in the lounge area) + being super effing annoyed.

My friend went for the 600RMB service here and decided to do the threesome after he negotiated it to 800RMB. Afterwards, he didn’t really feel like the threesome was really worth it either. While he didn’t get the AR or the vibrator on the balls, I don’t think the extra services I got justified the additional cost. Just like SRFR, if you don’t opt for the most expensive or the threesome, it should be OK. While the general selection and quality of the girls was alot better than SRFR, the constant upselling and failing to deliver on what was agreed upon really ruins the experience here, but then again, we’re up in the North.

ROMAN HOLIDAY. Operating under a new name and is completely legit now.

FUCHENG. Completely legit now.

BIHAI. Couldn’t find it.

RED SUN. Open with a stated lineup of 4 girls but didn’t try it out. This place is along the main street but is really difficult to spot as there aren’t any exterior signs.

Other Observations

Yanlinglu had some BBS operating with up to 5 girls each as well as a sauna with a stated lineup of 16 girls. All places wanted 150RMB for FS but didn’t try them out.

We popped into several saunas with fancy looking exteriors along the main street and they were all legit. If you’re going to do your own sauna adventure down there, avoid the fancy looking places along from the main street.

We ended the night after Swallow Middle Swallow and caught a legit cab back to Beijing for 120RMB negotiated. If you’re planning to take the bus back, the last bus leaving Yanjiao for Beijing is at 6:45PM so plan your trip accordingly.


Perhaps not as awesome as its glory days, FS is alive and well in Yanjiao. If you’re looking for a cheap to moderately expensive piece of ass from a decent sized selection of girls and don’t mind up to 3 hours of round trip travel, then this is the place for you. If you’re looking for nice facilities and good service, then these places are definitely not it. They are super rundown, extremely local, and service quality varies greatly. Living up here, I really miss the quality of Shanghai. If someone would open up a Shanghai-style sauna here with Shanghai quality and service levels, they would absolutely corner the market, but we have to make due with what we got.

If you do decide to go, the best way to get around is by private car as everything is kind of spread out. If no such option is available to you, cabs are cheap starting at 5RMB and going up by 1RMB. However, they may not know exact sauna names.

In previous posts, people have posted where these places are so I won’t elaborate. With a quick use of the search function and Google Maps, you should be able to figure it out. Otherwise, I hope this post helps why’all who are brave and patient enough to wander down to Yanjiao. Good luck and have fun!

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