Some Japanese Recreation Places in Shanghai


Differing from common KTV, Japanese KTV has a total fresh feeling. It is full of Japanese songs, you may easily find your theme songs in certain Japanese serials. Besides, the decoration is quite Japanese, bring you to a new world.


Address: Building B1 Meilihua Garden, 79 Shuicheng Road, Changning Districtagaha


Tel: 021-62706900

Description: Ageha is a japanese KTV located in the Meilihua Garden in Changning District. Inside Ageha, you will be served by beautiful and sexy girls. The inner environment is clean and cosy. You will get lost in the excellent services of waitresses. Besides, the traffic nearby is convenient and fast. The parking there is for free.

Yuan Jie KTV缘结KTV缘结

Address: Anlong Road near Honggu Road, Changning District


Tel: 158-0180-3020

Description: Yuan Jie KTV is located in the Anlong Road and has opened for several years in Changning District. When the night curtain falls, there will be a group of girls gathering together to provide you with the excellent services. All there girls are sweet, good at dancing and singing with fluent Japanese. In Yuan Jie KTV, you will experience an unforgettable night.

Club 109 KTV109

Address: 311 Xuanhua Road, Changning District


Tel: 021-62123666

Description: Club 109 KTV is a Japanese KTV shop located in the Xuanhua Road. It has clean, cosy and elegant interior environment. Drinks are not allowed to take into the shop beacuse you can enjoy the drinks for free their. With decent price and comfortable environment, Club 109 KTV is a nice place to go.

Xin Xin Japanese KTV新新日式KTV新新

Address: 4F Haixing Plaza, 1 South Ruijin Road, Huangpu District


Tel: 021-64221881

Description: Xin Xin Japanese KTV is located on the South Ruijin with clean and cosy interior environment. The decoration is fashionable and luxury. The songs in Xin Xin updates with a rapid speed. In additional, it has good sound insulation facilities. The service is considerable and the price is decentand economical.

W. Y KTV胡蝶蘭蝴蝶

Address: 398 Changle Road, Huangpu District


Tel: 021-62565180

Description: Located on the Changle Road, W. Y KTV is one of the branches in Shanghai. It possesses 30 to 100 young and beautiful waitresses who can speak Japanese and will offer you considerate service. Various kinds of Japanese songs are available here so that you can get your favorite Japanese songs easily. The average consumption level here is about 350 RMB.


Japanese sauna contains the services of massage and sauna, the technicians are mostly young and beautiful, offering special services for customers.

Tang Zhi Gong Club汤の宫会所汤之功

Address: 3/F, No.820,Hongjin Road, Minhang District

地址:上海市闵行区虹井路820号 3楼

Tel: 133 -6182 -2888

Description: This sauna club is located in Hongjin Road, it is also called Youting Club(尤亭会所)before, it is a Japanese style sauna club, this club include sauna service, normal massage service, Chinese massage, foot bath service, the decoration of the club is very nice and comfortable, the environment is also very good, the oil massage and foot massage is 788rmb/130 minutes, the service attitude of the Massage technicians is very professional, they are also very beautiful and young.

Hai Lang Sauna海浪会所(海浪休闲会所)海浪

Address: West Zhongshan Road 1277, Changning District


Description: Gokurakuyu is this colossal place out in this huge industrial park area on a motorway in Pudong. It’s one of the best bathhouse in Shanghai. You enter into a spotless hall of eye-scouringly bright marble, hand in your shoes and receive a lump of wood in return. Everything’s clean and there are fresh towels everywhere. Gokurakuyu has a pretty solid family vibe. There are some kids running around. Most of the guests seemed to be Chinese. Keep going upstairs and they have a large restaurant with Asahi on tap (28rmb for 500ml), as well as Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western food off a point-at-me menu (most dishes around 38-68rmb).

Nanfang Sauna Chamber 南方桑拿会所南方

Address: No.7580,Humin Road, Minhang District


Tel: 18616957041

Description: The geographical position of this sauna club is superior, the transportation is convenient, this is a Japanese style sauna center, the environment is elegant, the services are considerate and the massage technique is professional, The decoration of this club may be a little old because it has been opened for 7year, the public praise is OK so it is still is a good place for leisure. The price is a little expensive. they can provide you some free food and drinks, when there are things you want to ask server, you can call them timely.

Dong Jing Wan 968 Sauna Club东晶湾968桑拿会所968

Address: No.928,Pudong Avenue, near Yuanshen Road, Pudong District


Tel: 152-2158-4969

Description: This sauna club is located in Shanghai Pudong Avenue, it covers a total area of 5000 square meters. There are boutique massage technician who can provide Japanese service for 90 minutes the store is new opening, you can enjoy membership price 750rmb, they can also provide free food such as chaos, dumplings, noodles, dumplings and free drink such as black tea, green tea, coffee, orange juice, the environment is very nice and clean, there are luxurious lounge, high-quality goods rest rooms, spacious and luxurious dressing room.

No 89 Japanese spa 89号日式水疗会所89

Address: No.89, Songyuan Road,Changning District


Tel: 15316510343

Description: 89 club is a Japanese management of private membership sauna club, it has improved the full range of spa facilities, the environment of this club is quiet and tasteful, there are many VIP private rooms in the club, the massage girls will provide the Dongguan type service for the clients, whether any service or pretty girl is absolutely true, their service is absolutely make you not picky. After the massage, you will feel very happy and be satisfied with their service.


If you want to have a comprehensive enjoyment at one place, then Japanese club is definitely your best choice. It contains KTV service and bar, you can also have some beautiful waitresses to company. The strong Japanese flavor will give you fresh moments.


Address: Room 102, 2073 Yanan Road, Changning District


Tel: 13916149608

Description: As a Japanes Club in Yanan Road, Sanfurawa provides high-quality services for customers. It has exquisite decoration, creating an authentic Japanese feeling. You can have a one-stop enjoyment here, many beautiful waitresses are here to be you company. Kinds of drinks and KTV facilities are available too.

Neruton Japanese Club NERUTON日式俱乐部neru

Address: 5F, 321 Xianxia Road, Changning District


Tel: 139-1857-2925

Description: Located on the Xianxia Road in Changning District, Neruton Japanese Club follows the rule of credit first and guarantees you an unforgettable experiene. With neat and cosy environment, it possesses many beautiful and friendly waitresses who will offer you tailored service in accordance with your needs.

Hua Du Japanese Club 花都日式俱乐部花都

Address: Inside the Japanese Village No.1, 98 Pu Huitang Road, Xuhui District


Tel: 021-64383118

Description: Hua Du Japanese KTV is located in the center area of Shanghai, Xuhui District. It is close to Hengshan Road and near the Shanghai Gymnasium. Hua Du Japanese KTV is a large-scale Japanese club which is comprehensive with dining, entertainment, KTV and Bar. Near Hua Du, there are various Japanese, Chinese and Italian restaurants and foot massage parlors. Besides, Hua Du Japanese KTV is the unique Box-type KTV club in the Japanese Village No.1 which is the first and best choice for successful men.

Ni Moni mo

Address: B1, 445 Gubei Road, Changning District


Tel: 021-52896292

Description: Located on the Gubei Road with Tianshan Road and Maotai Road nearby, Ni Mo is a Japanese Club which was newly decorated recently. It has 7 guest rooms and the largest one can contain 30 people. The average consumption level is about 350 RMB. Ni Mo welcomes each friend who like Japanese songs and culture.

Xin Ding Hui International Business Club新鼎会国际商务会所新鼎会

Address: 1148 Changshou Road, Jingan District


Tel: 13818557681 13764636597

Description: Xin Ding Hui International Business Club is located on the Changshou Road with cosy and elegant interior environment. It is newly decorated and has luxury decoration. The waitresses there are sexy and beautiful who will provide you with excellent services. With considerable service, elegant environment and reasonable prices, Xin Ding Hui International Business Club is a good choice for you and your friends to have fun.

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